1st News Letter- Summer 2016

Dear Homeowner’s:


In May we received the City of McAllen proposals for the land acquisition from Adobe Wells required to allow the widening of Daffodil Avenue. The Board members reviewed the proposals and determined the compensation offered by the City is inadequate. We were given 30 days to accept their offer or provide a counter offer.   We requested and received an extension of 60 days.   After gathering estimates for some parts of the proposals, such as moving the #8 green, fencing, and tree removal, we found the City’s offer to be low. We decided to retain the services of an attorney in San Antonio to develop our counter offer and represent Adobe Wells in negotiations with the City.     After the attorney, reviewed the City’s proposals, he agreed to represent us. His law firm deals solely with land acquisition and imminent domain cases. The firm’s fees are based upon the amount of compensation he secures for us.   The firm gets the first 30% of anything over the City’s offer. If they cannot get the City to increase its offer, we owe the firm no fees.   However, we will have to fund the appraisal company he hires to perform an independent appraisal and write the reports to be used in negotiations with the City.   The appraisal and reports will require a $7,500 retainer, up front, with an additional $7,500 upon completion. While this appears to be a lot of money to spend, we think we need to commit these funds to protect the interests of Adobe Wells. We may be able to recoup these funds from the City as a cost that we were required to incur to protect our interests.   We do not intend to inform the City that we have retained legal services until we have the appraisal and reports completed for use by legal counsel. Our response to the City’s proposals is required in August. We will keep you apprised of any further developments.


Beto and his crew have been busy making improvements to the course and performing required maintenance. Beto has been documenting his efforts so that we can determine what is working well and what is not.   The results are coming to fruition as the greens are in much better shape. We have installed the sprinkler systems for Tee boxes and Greens. Rather than having Beto install the systems, we hired First Choice Irrigation and Landscape LLC to install the system. We got a licensed and bonded professional to install the system at the same price Beto quoted to us.



We had compressors fail in two of the roof A/C units for Wertz Hall. Fortunately, the parts were under warranty and we were only responsible for the labor to install them.  All units are back in service. We also replaced ballasts for the lights in the card room plus a couple more in the hall.   We used the same electrician that installed the outside floodlights on the hall.


We recently had the electrician install motion detector lights and a new combination lock for the North Side pool after an incident involving a nighttime break-in at the pool in which beer cans were left in the pool area and items were tossed into the pool.   We also installed a new combination lock to replace the old key lock at the North Side pool. We are currently in the process of getting the emergency phones at the pools operational.   AT&T had to replace the defective service drops.   We are in touch with the Lower Rio Grande Development Council who is responsible for the 911 system for Hidalgo and Willacy Counties.   They have offered to send a community education team to give us a presentation on the 911 requirements and assist in determining options to fully meet our 911 emergency phone service needs. We will schedule the presentation for the week of 18 July.


The building has been completed with a concrete floor. We signed the contract failing to notice that it did not include the concrete pad in the construction.   Including the pad in the contract would have resulted in exceeding the $8,000 the Association approved.   Rather than wait until fall when the homeowners return, donations were provided to pour the concrete and complete the project.

Information provided by :

Adobe Wells Officer’s,

Gary Montgomery, President

Michael Manning, Vice President