Adobe Wells Board Minutes, February 3 ,2020 Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting

Monday, February 3, 2020

This was a closed Mic meeting with audience input on agenda items allowed with time limits.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President Arnie DeJoode.


Officers: Arnie DeJoode, President; Mike Manning, Vice President; Howard Harmon, Treasurer

Section I Directors: Jim Stevens, Greg Weekley

Section II-III Directors: Harry Dellinger, Anna Hartwig, Pat Mulvaney(absent), Joyce


RV Section Directors: Pat Fladeland, Margie Glaesemann (absent)

Secretary: Sonya Bush

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary Report:  A synopsis of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of January 6, 2020, minutes was read. The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was given by Treasurer Howard Harmon.

  • General Fund:
  • General Net Operating Funds Available: $301,300
  • Total YTD income: $245,123
  • YTD Expenditures: $63,725
  • Net Income YTD: $181,398
  • Total Activity Funds Available: $57,219
  • Rental Property: $10,676
  • Memorial Fund: $2391

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business

  1. Officer/Director Election Results: The following officers and directors were voted into office on January 13, 2020, by the Adobe Wells Homeowners:

President: Arnie DeJoode

Vice President: Mike Manning

Treasurer: Howard Harmon

Section I Director: Jim Stevens

Section II/RV Director: Margie Glaesemann

Section II/III Directors: Harry Dellinger & Anna Hartwig


  1. January 20, 2020 Annual Homeowners’ Meeting(HOM) Voting Results:


The 2020 budget without a dues increase was passed.


All eleven items on the Activity Fund Pre-Approval List of Expenses passed.


Capital Expenses – New Projects for 2020

  1. $2,000 Maintenance Building Lunchroom
  2. $2,500 Adobe Wells Tower
  3. $3,000 19th Hole Improvements

Note that the budget is posted in the Business Office  and the Activity Fund Pre-Approved  List can be seen in the minutes of the January 20, 2020, Adobe Wells Homeowners meeting.


  1. Audit Report: The final audit report for the year ending December 31, 2019, was submitted to the Board of Directors by the Audit Committee on January 10, 2020. An oral report was given by the Audit Committee at the January 20, 2020, annual HOM and documented in the minutes from that meeting. The written audit report is on file in the Adobe Wells Business Office.  Concerns expressed about Current and Fixed Assets are being addressed.  The work on reconciling QuickBooks asset accounts has been completed.  The development of documentation regarding our assets has begun.


  1. Bank Change: Treasurer Howard Harmon reported on Bank Changes.

Two CDs have been opened at NavyArmy Credit Union (NACU).

A CD at IBC will mature in October 2020 and will be switched at that time so we won’t have to take a 90 day loss on interest.

Five accounts have been opened at Lone Star National Bank (LSNB).

The Business Office has a lot of IBC check blanks from the general fund remaining, so to not waste money on new check blanks,  that account will be switched over to Lone Star National Bank when the check blanks are used.


  1. Harvey – Azalea Park: Joyce Venker gave a report from the committee consisting of Greg Weekley, Pat Mulvaney, Joyce Venker, Lloyd Bratland, and Ray Parrott.  The consensus was that it would be in the best interest of Adobe Wells to not do anything at this time. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to cease the investigation of future modifications of anything in Harvey – Azalea Park.


  1. Cypress Trees: Mike Manning took soil samples from both bad (trees dying) and good (trees okay) and had them analyzed. The soil samples came back and there were no obvious differences between good and bad areas which will be discussed with the testing lab.  The problem might be the watering system where the bad areas are receiving too much water.  The possibility of modifying the water system to limit watering time will be investigated.

New Business

  1. Policy for Feeding Ducks & Geese in AW Common Areas & Golf Course:

Currently there is no policy in the Rules and Regulations (R&R) about feeding waterfowl on Common Areas and the Golf Course.  Because of a homeowner, who continues to feed waterfowl after being requested to stop, a policy needs to be established and put in the Rules and Regulations and a fine amount established. An amendment to the R&R has to be approved by a majority vote at a Home Owners’ Meeting.


A motion was made, seconded, and passed to bring the following amendment to the Homeowners for a vote:

The feeding of waterfowl on Adobe Wells Homeowners’ Association common property is prohibited. Violators will be fined $100 for each occurrence.


  1. Adobe Wells Donations to Auction: A motion was made, seconded, and passed to donate approximately 55 brown chairs to the auction. There will still be 50 brown chairs kept in Wertz Hall storage for homeowners to borrow. The extra new red folding chairs in the shed behind the rental unit will be kept for replacements.


  1. Rental Unit Management: Harry Dellinger has agreed to manage the rental unit with respect to maintenance.  There was unanimous approval for Harry to bid on furniture at the auction to replace worn furniture in the rental.


  1. Storage Organization at Wertz Hall and Shed Behind Rental Unit: We are in the process of forming a committee to survey, remove unneeded items, and manage the storage used in Wertz Hall including the storage shed behind the rental unit. Members will come from Board of Directors, Wertz Hall Decoration, Dance, Breakfast, Crafts, and Kitchen Committees.


  1. Taylor Road/Daffodil Ave Project Update: A request was made to the lawyer representing Adobe Wells to inquire about progress on an offer from the City of Mission concerning the effect on Adobe Wells. We have made this request before, however, this time we did receive a response from L&G Engineering (City of Mission consultant for project) that they had inspected the property a “few months ago” (actually 14 months), but there are some issues regarding hole #8 on the golf course.  They are trying to get estimates because the hole will have to be modified.  Other than the swimming pool pump area, they maintain the swimming pool will NOT be affected. We need to see the final proposal before proceeding.


  1. Updating Committee Chairs for 2020-2021: We will be working on this in the next several weeks. We hope to have this completed by the March Homeowners’ Meeting.


  1. Section I Residents Using Pond Water for Lawn Irrigation

Arnie DeJoode and Mike Manning met with approximately 40 people at the 19th hole to discuss Section I residents using pond water for lawn irrigation and other outside watering.  After discussion, a proposal was made to abandon using pond water and approximately 95% of the group agreed.


There are currently three Adobe Wells water meters in Section I measuring the city water used by Adobe Wells Homeowners’ Association (AW HOA) at the 19th hole, the maintenance shed, and the swimming pool.  The sum of these AW meters is paid for by the AW HOA and subtracted from the total Section I city water bill.  This will continue to be done.  The change that will occur is that the remaining dollar amount will be divided evenly between the residents that use city water in any way on their property (inside or outside the house).


General Discussion

Director’s Reports:

Greg Weekley:  Nothing

Jim Stevens:  A resident asked about trying to get a small ice machine for the North side. Arnie said the distance to the ice machine was measured from three locations in Adobe Wells: Northwest (1467 feet), Southwest (1362 feet), and Southeast (1782 feet). The point is that the Wertz Hall ice machine is centrally located.

Also, the Adobe Wells sign by the road is getting pretty gray looking. The landscape committee is taking care of it.

Pat Fladeland: There is a couple questions about the size of sheds put on a couple lots. It is being addressed.

Joyce Venker: Robert Puig, a physical therapist, has offered to do a free seminar on therapy exercise. He has done several seminars in other parks. It was approved to put up information sheets and signup sheets.

Howard Harmon:  Nothing

Mike Manning:  It was voted on and approved to buy two C3 robot pool cleaners for $1,400. Leslie Pool recommended upgrading to one C4 robot pool cleaner for $2,056. The C4 is much more efficient and is easily moveable on wheels. There was discussion about possible damage to the robot cleaner by moving it back and forth so often. There was unanimous approval to stick with the original plan and buy two C3 robot pool cleaners.

Anna Hartwig: She received complaints about the water temperature being too cold in the hot tub and swimming pool on both sides. It was noted that the hot tub temperature is set at 102 degrees and the swimming pool temperature is set at 89 degrees.

Harry Dellinger: Nothing

Announcements: None


Motion made, seconded, and approved to adjourn the BOD meeting at 10:15 a.m.



 Special BOD Meeting

A special BOD meeting was called at 10:20 a.m. There were six Board of Directors members present: Arnie DeJoode, Mike Manning, Howard Harmon, Harry Dellinger, Joyce Venker, and Greg Weekley.  The purpose of this meeting was to present more information on the Robot Pool Cleaners. It was previously unanimously approved in the just adjourned meeting to stay with the original plan of two C3 robots because of the worry of possible damage from moving the one C4 robot back and forth from pool to pool.  After the previous meeting was adjourned, new information came out that the robot pool cleaner on the North Side would not be stored at the pool, but at the maintenance shed for security reasons, so it would be moved around a lot anyway.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously by the six BOD members (which is a majority of the BOD) to go with the C4 Robot Pool Cleaner for $2,056 instead of two C3 Robot Pool Cleaners for $1,400 each.  The special meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.


Submitted by Sonya Bush, Secretary