Adobe Wells Board Minutes- Nov. 4, 2019 APPROVED

Adobe Wells Board Meeting

Monday, November 4, 2019

This was a closed Mic meeting with audience input on agenda items allowed with time limits.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President Arnie DeJoode.

Present:  Arnie DeJoode, President; Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm , Treasurer

Section I Directors: Nancy Radke (absent), Greg Weekley

Section II-III Directors: Howard Harmon, Nancy Stamm, Joyce Venker, Pat Mulvaney (absent)

RV Section Directors: Darrill Burgett (absent), Pat Fladeland

Secretary: Sonya Bush

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

A synopsis of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of the April 1, 2019, minutes was read. The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Was given by Treasurer Bob Stamm.

General Net Operating Funds Available:  $195,222.

Total YTD income: $395,614;   YTD Expenditures: $319,371;   Net Income YTD: $76,242.

Total Activity Funds Available: $61,566.

Rental Property: $11,149

Memorial Fund: $2468.

Reports put to file for audit.

Old Business:

  1. Completed Projects During May-October 2019. (See Attachment 1 for complete list.)

Wertz Hall Pool Room: Special thanks to Jerry and Phyllis Becker for their efforts to design and recommend improvements, including a financial contribution, and to Bob and Lee Ann Gotter for re-covering the benches.

Repaired and painted #1, 10, & 17 Tee Houses. Special thanks to Ed Blinks and Greg Weekley for all their hard work during the hot summer.

Replaced metal backs in both post offices with canvas to cover the post office boxes. Special thanks to Mike Manning & Bob Gotter for his assistance in accomplishing this task.

Thanks to Harry Dellinger, Mike Venker, Bill Venker, and Mike Manning for assisting in assembling the ten benches and two picnic tables.

A special thanks to Mike Manning for doing the electrical work, managing the improvement and maintenance crew/projects.

See Attachment 2 for complete report on South Pond Project.

  1. North Side Residents Irrigation from Pond.

The park repaired the pump and it worked for a while and then quit. Mike was getting a quote –  from an outside contractor but two north side residents said they could fix it and had access to reduced pump cost. That fix also worked for a while and quit. Both times the cost was shared among all north side residents. A meeting will be held (probably Dec or Jan) with North Side residents to discuss how they want to proceed.

  1. North Side Tower Stairs

After some discussion, this will be put in next year’s budget.


New Business

  1. Adobe Wells Nominating Committee Nov-Dec 2019

Section I: Kay Shaw

Section II-RV: Sharon Petersen

Section II/III: Dave Calley, Jan Calley (Chairpersons)

At Large: John Westereng

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve these people for the nominating committee.


  1.   Adobe Wells Audit Committee   Nov 2019 – Jan 2020

Lloyd Bratland  (Chairperson)

Bill Venker

Hartwell Amlee

Brenda Hildebrandt

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve these people for the audit committee.

  1. Ice Machine

There was discussion about replacing the ice machine because it is 10 years old and has had so many expensive repairs lately. John Hunsicker has expertise and past experience.  He recommended the Manitowoc and would call and negotiate a price for us. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to ask the homeowners to spend up to $5500 from the activity fund for the top unit on the ice machine in Wertz Hall.  This includes warranty and freight.

  1. 19th Hole: Deck, countertop, etc.

A discussion was held on the project for putting a deck on the back of the 19th hole. It was decided by the BOD, without objection, to do this project under the current budget as part of the building maintenance fund.

  1. Request for Input for 2020 Budget Projects

Anyone with input for 2020 budget projects needs to be submitted by the end of this month.

General Discussion

  1. An extended stay request was made by Art Meyhofer for his nephew to stay until

Dec. 31, 2019. This is not needed because 2 people can live in a house.

  1. On Oct. 28, 2019:

JR Martinez started as a new employee.

Unannounced drug testing was done for six employees.

Heriberto Garza (Beto), signed a letter of resignation and did not take the drug test.

  1. Mike Manning, Arnie DeJoode, & Joyce Venker will be gone from November 9 – 17.

Bob and Nancy Stamm will be available.

Director’s Reports

Greg Weekley:

Concerns about trimming of grass on the Northside by roads because there are no curbs.  Also the trash can disappeared at the North side post office.

Pat Fladeland:

The shower curtain and liner has been replaced in the shower room.

Asked about picnic tables in the RV section and take out the big cement table.

Nancy Stamm:

Someone reported that the mosquitoes are bad.

Suggestion that if a sofa is donated to the Auction, ask the person donating it if it could be put in the rental house.

The North Side pool and hot tub need to be scrubbed and cleaned with a wire bush. Victor was sent to school to get certified for pool maintenance. The pool company that we buy our supplies from, will send someone out free of charge if you are having problems. Also there was a discussion on having volunteers to help take care of the pools & hot tubs.

Joyce Venker:

Received a request for some money for Not Your Grandma’s Bingo.  After some discussion a motion was made and passed to give $20 a week for a bonus round.

Fruit needs to be picked up.

Howard Harmon:

Donna Hinz requested $600 more for the landscaping this year. The diseased roses by the South Pool had to be torn out and the round flower bed redone. It was decided, without objection, to allow the money to be spent from the current budget.

Ray Parrott wants to put a roof over the barbecue pit on Azalea for $2000. He needs to talk to Paul Puck and have some paperwork signed. Then it can be brought up at the BOD meeting in December, 2019.



            Ray Parrott and Dale Lee have volunteered to run the all park picnic.


Executive Session:

Motion made and seconded to go into Executive Session was approved at 10:35.

Summary of Executive Session:

Payment issues concerning two homeowners were reviewed.

Performance issues for two employees were reviewed.

Motion made and seconded to move back to Regular Session was approved.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn the BOD meeting was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


Submitted by Sonya Bush, Secretary







Attachment  1


  • Installed new security cameras for the 48th Street gate and the Maintenance Shop
  • Replaced electric services for NS picnic area, removed east side poles and installed new LED lights on the west side poles.
  • Renovated the pool room in Wertz Hall by repainting the walls, doors,.
  • and the benches, installing a new vinyl laminate floor, replacing electrical devices, re-arranging and leveling the pool tables and re-covering the two Valley tables.
  • Installed new vinyl fence and new canopy at the South Pool
  • Deepened the South Irrigation Pond. This was the major project of the summer.  While it took longer than expected, the final result almost doubled the capacity of the pond,


While the maintenance crew took care of the grounds and golf course, we completed the following maintenance projects.

  • Installed new lights at North pool
  • Power washed Wertz Hall, Grandma’s closet, all concrete around Wertz Hall, North & South Post Offices and North & South Pool Decks and walls
  • Painted Grandma’s closet (outside);
  • Fixed timer at South Post Office and installed new roof ventilator
  • Replaced chicken wire on NS and SS Daffodil golf fence – Maintenance crew
  • Washed all vinyl fencing – Maintenance crew
  • Trimmed the palm trees
  • Repaired and painted #1, 10 and 17 Tee Houses. Installed new lattices, replace damaged wood, and repaired bulletin boards and covers.
  • Washed the deck and fencing at North Side pond
  • Replaced South Pool spa timer
  • Repaired the asphalt at the North Side entrance
  • Replaced metal backs in both post offices with canvas to cover the post office boxes.






  • Mixed compost with the soil removed from the pond and spread the excess soil in area by the practice tee to fill in ruts and plant grass
  • Expanded tee boxes at #13, 14 and 15 on South golf course
  • Continued the successful maintenance program we established 2 years ago for the golf course.
  • Cut and removed designated trees on the golf course
  • Installed six memorial benches on the golf course and removed damaged concrete benches.


  • Assembled two donated picnic tables and installed in the Azalea/Harvey park
  • Repaired the rental house after a leak in the master bath by replacing the floor in the bathroom and master bedroom, replacing the bathroom vanity, replacing the damaged walls in the master bath and bedroom, painting both rooms, and repairing and replacing the plumbing. We need to replace the bedroom furniture that was damaged by the water.
  • Continued inspection and maintenance of the A/C systems, pest control, and annual termite inspection.

Attachment 2

South Pond Project Report


On May 6, 2019, the contractor we hired to deepen the south pond began work.  The company, Mighty Mike’s Dirt Works, brought in a backhoe to begin the work.  As they started excavating, they found that although the pond appeared dry, once they began digging the underlying material was extremely wet.  The material was gray and appeared to be clay that was up to four feet deep in the middle.  The contractor tried to move the material toward the upper edges of the pond to allow it to dry.  The material was too wet to stay at the top and flowed back down like lava.  The contractor and his employees stated they had never seen so much bentonite clay in a pond before.  The contractor continued to attempt to move the material to the edges.  The occurrence of a 2” rainfall did not help the situation.   We pumped the water accumulation from the bottom of the pond and allowed it to start drying again.  The contractor arranged to bring in an excavator to remove the material.

The contractor used the excavator to move the material to the edges and build a ramp in two places to facilitate driving the excavator into the pond.  He dug down to approximately 14 ft. in the center of the pond and moved the material to the top edges of the pond for drying.  We took a sample of the gray material to Texas Plant and Soil Lab to determine the composition of the material, determine if it was contaminated, and identify what we could do with it.  The results were as follows:

  1. The material is not contaminated.
  2. Its breakdown is 27% Sand, 54% clay and 19% silt
  3. The material can be re-used in the pond and the excess can be used wherever we see fit. They recommended we obtain compost from the City of McAllen and disk it into the clay to allow us to grow grass.
  4. The material contains only 300 parts per million (ppm) of sodium, therefore it is not sodium bentonite clay which has a greater than 2,000 ppm concentration of sodium.

We discussed the results of the testing with the contractor and he agreed we could re-use the clay in the pond as a good base.  Additionally, excess material from deepening the pond can be spread in the area between the practice tee and the south fence to fill in the ruts and smooth out the area.  Currently the uneven ground is hard on our riding mowers and increases our maintenance and repair costs.

Usually bentonite is applied a couple of inches thick and disked into the soil, spread out and re-disked to line the pond.  This is the plan we intend to use once the pond has been deepened.  The contractor does not normally use plastic liners for the ponds unless it is sandy material.  They have only installed about five liners.  In South Texas liners do not hold up well due to the heat and ultra violet rays even when the plastic has been treated for the UV rays.  Also, once a liner is installed, it needs to be kept wet or the plastic will get brittle.  This would require us having water at the top of the pond continuously.  Since the Irrigation District can only supply water every 10 days, we could not keep the plastic wet.  Additionally, a plastic liner requires maintenance, which can result in holes in the liner reducing its life expectancy.  Therefore, the contractor recommends using a properly installed bentonite liner.  We agree with the contractor as he is the expert on building ponds in South Texas.

Many residents have questioned the amount of time it is taking to complete the project.  Currently, we are pumping water from the North Pond into our 300 gallon tank and watering the greens and tee boxes on the south side daily.  This appears to be working effectively, to date.  Our thoughts are that we can bring the fairways back, but we need to preserve the greens and tee boxes.  We want to point out to the residents that Mighty Mike’s Dirt Works is one of the last companies in the Valley to construct ponds.  They primarily construct ponds for the farmers in the Valley and came highly recommended to us from two irrigation companies.  The fact is, Mike Helle and his sons are actually farmers who build ponds on the side.  As farming is their primary business, they needed to devote time to their first priority, harvesting crops, such as watermelons, when they are ripe.  Because of this, we put a June 30, 2019, completion date in the contract to allow for the pond drying out, accommodating their farming operations, and any additional rainfall that could delay the project.

The actual completion date was July 31, 2019.  Breakdown of the contractor costs associated with the South Pond Project are as follows:

Pond excavation and sediment removal –           $ 8,000.00

Application of Bentonite Liner                               $ 6,345.00

Disking compost and removed sediment             $    850.00

Scraping #14 and #15 tee boxes                          $    250.00

Total               $15,445.00

Additionally, the park spent $2,023.53 for new piping in the pond, coupling and cap for the irrigation pipe, compost for the removed sediment, soil and water testing of the pond, and sod for #14 tee box. To fill the pond, the water cost $1,400.47.

The total cost of the South Pond Project was $18,869. The residents had voted to expend up to $30,000.00 from the Activity Fund to accomplish this project.