Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes- February 16, 2015 APPROVED

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 16, 2015


Before starting the meeting it is necessary to vote on our 2015 budget because in January we were wrong when we told you that you did not have to sign the ballot. Ed A. asked everyone to fill out the new ballot with signature and they will be tallied during our home owners’ meeting.

Please turn off cell phones

Are there any non-homeowners present   No

Do we have a quorum  Yes

Call to order at 10:03 a.m.

Pledge of allegiance

Moment of silence for sick and departed

Introduction of Board members and Officers:

Section l – Ormal Guinn; Paul Hood

Section II/III – Gary Montgomery (absent), LeRoy Gustafson, Robert Gotter, Kenneth Heyn

Section RV – Mark O’Shea; Marlene Thorson

Treasurer – Robert Stamm

Vice President- Mary Pruett

President –Edwin Adam

Secretary – Anne Glatt

Parliamentarian – David Nickols

Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell

Any New Homeowners – Darrill and Nancy Burgett purchased 5105 Camellia, Jim and Nancy Danner bought 2825 50th Street.

Secretary’s report of the January 19, 2015 Homeowners Meeting read and approved.

Treasurers Reports – Ed A. asked Bob Stamm to explain what our current bank IBC is proposing.   Bob said he, Mary Pruett, and Gus Gustafson went to IBC, and determined they will offer us a CD that will pay 1.5% interests. If we put $320,000 into that CD we will realize interest of $2500 to $3000 per year without a penalty for withdrawing any of our funds. Bob also shared we will put a majority of our Activity Funds in a CD and will make an additional $450/year on that money. On a monthly basis, the bank will automatic deposit $20,000 from the CD into our checking account so we can pay our bills and again waive any penalty. Bob talked the homeowners through the changes he had made in the monthly reports and added he will always be willing to answer questions and provide more detailed information as needed.




Old Business: Second vote to approve 2015 Budget

Proposal 1 w/o WIFI w/o dues incr. Proposal 2 w/WIFI, w/o dues incr.   Proposal 3 w/WIFI & dues Inc.

           Yes   183   PASSED                         Yes   15                                              Yes   9                                                                                                            

Second vote to rescind approval of $36,000 for building maintenance.

Yes 181   PASSED               No   13

Second vote to authorize $26,000 to blacktop/cement maintenance area.

            Yes 197 PASSED               No   8

New Business:

  1. New Ballot – need homeowner approval to spend $7500 from the Activity Fund to buy new Bingo Machine, and increase New Years Eve Dance entertainment money from the Activity Fund to $4000. A discussion followed and Dave Nickols reported the present bingo equipment can no longer be repaired. With the $7000 we get a new machine with a 5 year warrantee, a new flash board and a certificate from the state stating we do not have to pay taxes on winnings. A discussion followed – voting results Yes 123 PASSED     No   20
  2. New Ballot – increase New Years’ Dance entertainment money from the Activity fund to $4000. Voting Results     Yes   174   PASSED No   67
  3. Adobe Wells property Section 2 Lot 72 (4909 Bluebonnet) sold to Betty Krueger & John Thomas (Closing in process). Ed also reported there are several bids for the “bird house lot” which the Board will consider.
  4. Ed is still looking for a homeowner to work with Beto to help him with golf course issues. Beto will continue to report to Ed Adams and be in charge of the course. This liason will give Beto advice and help him as needed. Let Veronica know if you are interested.
  5. Ed indicated a homeowner had contacted the WIFI vendor who was going to install WIFI capability throughout Adobe Wells. This individual challenged the vendor about his finances and offended him to the point where he has rescinded his tentative contract with us. Please when we are negotiating with a vendor, do not get involved. WIFI consideration is now off the table.
  6. An issue came up in 2008 in the RV Section. Some owners were encroaching into their neighbor’s property. This is an issues the city has been involved in and has led to people having bad feelings against their neighbor. Mary Pruett is currently researching this issue, checking into variance options and when she has all the data she needs, the Board will be addressing this issue.
  7. Straw vote on electric gates – Ed told the group Gary Montgomery still has homeowners asking if electric gates were still being considered. Before looking at this issue again we wanted to do a straw vote to see level of interest. The straw vote was about 50/50 so the Board will look into electric gates again.
  8. Defibulators and First Aid Kits. With a positive straw vote, homeowners indicated they wanted further information on our options. Ken Heyn said he and Shirley have been gathering information and would be ready to discuss the number of defibulators, first aid kits, CPR training, etc. at the next Board Meeting.
  9. Ed indicated the Board had approved spending $2600 to resurface the back alleyway on the north side.
  10. Last request from Ed was that he wanted Sunday’s off. If there is an emergency he wants to know but he was asking that other park business be conducted during the week.



Gigi Bailey – fold Divot at 9:45 a.m. 2/17.

Potluck on 2/17.

Reminder – bring canned goods to Homeowners Meeting.

Adobe Wells will be advertised in Winter Texan Feb. 19 and March 19.

Auction is next week Wednesday, 2/25. Pod is full and two people are storing in their garages.

Time for sprinkler system inspection so if you want yours done, prepayment of $25 needs to be in Veronica’s hands before inspection is done.       

Adjourn Meeting – Motion to adjourn made by Dave Nickols, seconded by Roy Williams and approved at 11:00 a.m.