Board Meeting-April 6, 2015 Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

                       Monday, April 6, 2015                          

Call to order at 9:00 a.m.

Those present: Ed Adams, President; Mary Pruett – absent, V-P; Robert Stamm, Treasurer  Section 1 Directors: Paul Hood; Ormal Guinn

Section ll-lll Directors: Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; Gus Gustafson; Gary Montgomery

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson – absent; Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: David Nickols – Absent

Jurisappprudence: Candy Maxwell

Secretary – Anne Glatt summarized the minutes from 03/02/2015 Board meeting and after a name change, Ormal Guinn made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Bob Gotter and approved by the Board.

Treasurers Reports: Quickbooks reports

            General   Operating Funds   Bob Stamm said we still have $18,000 cash in the bank. We will start taking out $20,000 from our $320,000 CD on April 15th to cover April and possibly May expenses. The Bank has agreed to send us a letter indicating they will waive any fees for withdrawals from our CDs. The interest we receive is accrued by the bank and we only record it when we receive a check (first one issued in October), and we can always contact the bank to make sure the interest is accumulating.  Bob talked about some expenses being where they should be and explained that insurance and taxes were high because they were paid once a year. On the income statement, maintenance dues have been coming in but since some dues are late Veronica will contact homeowners who are behind with their payments.

Activity Fund   Bob indicated we paid out $7,500 for our new bingo machine and will need to pay music royalties (approx. $1,800) and sales taxes (approx. $3,000). Gus G. asked if we got approval from the homeowners in March to pay for music royalties and Ed Adams said we had not and he could not recall why it was not covered. Ed said we will have to figure this out before the next homeowners meeting. If we don’t have a quorum we may have to pay the bill and get approval after the fact. Bob said he is checking with the state to see if our auction income is taxable.

Rental Property   no real activity

Memorial Fund   no real activity


Beto and liaison Jerry Becker  Ed asked if directors had questions for Beto. Gary Montgomery said Beto had talked to him about going to John Deere for supplies. Beto got an account with John Deere Landscaping for several reasons, their irrigation and fertilizer prices are lower than what his current supplier was charging. Also, once a month, a representative from John Deere will be available to drive through the course and give Beto a chance to ask questions about conditions he is dealing with. Beto was asked if they do soil samples and he said they did not. Bob Stamm asked the status of the “smoking gator”. Beto indicated the repair work was slower than promised but the rebuilt gator should be available March 8. Bob S. asked what work is planned on the golf course for the next several months. When the gator is back Beto said we can start aerating the greens, repair and move sprinklers, cut down dead trees, build up tee boxes with material pulled out of greens and work on repairing wet spots. Bob Gotter asked who decides what to plant (trees, flowers, etc.) on the golf course. Beto indicated the landscaping committee comes through him to decide what and where things will be planted. Ed Adams also said those decisions go through the “Chair”. Ed asked Jerry Becker about the condition of our golf course.   Jerry B. said the wet weather has had a negative impact on golf course greens throughout the area. Our greens are improving because of the chemicals Beto is using.   Our long term plan (2 to 3 years) is to improve the Back 9 greens. To soften up the surface of all our greens we will use “gypsum”. With the money we have available we want to have a golf course that satisfies the average golfer.      Ed Adams wanted to talk about a letter from a homeowner asking why the resumes of those interested in being the golf course liaison were not shared with Beto. Ed said he did not share the resumes with Beto. He asked if Beto was aware of the four homeowners who were interested in the job. Beto said he knew who had submitted resumes.

Roger Rivard wanted permission to put up a memorial bench like several others that were located on the golf course. This bench would be in honor of his father, Don Rivard and would be placed on the 18th hole behind the tee box. The decoration on the bench would be a John Deere Tractor just like the first one Don had. Ken Heyn made a motion giving Roger Rivard permission to install the bench on the #18 hole the same way other benches had been stalled, seconded by Bob Gotter and approved by the board.

Letty Kemp asked if she could rent the garage of the Adobe rental to store her car in the summer until she came back in the fall.   Ed Adams told her this decision had been made several months ago and she could rent the garage as long as there was no renter for that property.

Jerry Oden questioned how Ed Adams could approve the personal attack that was directed at him during the last homeowners meeting. Jerry thought you had to go into an executive session to discuss specifics with names being mentioned. Jerry expects an apology. Gary Montgomery said what he said was fact substantiated by the people who were verbally or physically attacked. Ed asked to go on and let this situation die down. Bob Stamm said he was not at the homeowner meeting but he had heard what had happened and did not support this kind of information being shared. Ken Heyn made a motion to move on with the meeting, seconded by Gary Montgomery and approved by the board.

Unfinished Business:      

  1. Alley repairs schedule change   A suggestion by a homeowner led Ed to think doing the maintenance area first (blacktopping and cement) would cause less wear and tear on the new surface of the alleyway because of the heavy traffic during construction. Ed talked with people in the area and they agreed with changing order of the projects. Ormal Guinn said no one had talked to him about changing the order of blacktopping work and he also did not know if Paul Puck was aware of the change.
  2. Bingo Machine now installed and comments received were very positive.
  3. Dog run   Ed said the board had approved the idea of a dog run but he wanted to check with each director to make sure we wanted to pursue this idea. Several thought were expressed. Dogs are not allowed on the golf course so to locate the run by the garbage area would not be a good idea. The RV Section does not want it located on their green space and people from the south side would not use a dog run if it was located by the north side storage area.  After a thorough discussion, Ed made a motion to drop the dog run project which was approved by the board.
  4. Paint fence on Whitewing    After input from all directors the decision was made to paint the concrete pillars the same color as the developer painted the side that faces their property and let the wood fence age with the weather. A motion was made by Bob Gotter to paint the pillars, seconded by Gary Montgomery and approved by the Board. Ed Adams said he would check with the developer to determine color of paint used.
  5. Dump area finished   Ed A. said the loose concrete that had accumulated there has been buried and the surface leveled out and garbage bins lined up for easier use.

New Business:

  1. Letter in suggestion box     Hire a Security Guard to attend our meetings and monitor behaviors. Also it was suggested we have an arbitrator panel of 5 to 7 homeowners. Ed said this concept is like grievances that union members file when situations are not satisfactory. Ed brought this up and ask directors to check with homeowners they represent. Ed said the letter was not signed, and Ormal Guinn said he understood if a suggestion was unsigned it would not be brought up.   Also, most board members agreed we would not work on suggestions without a signature.
  2. Letter from Carole & Pete Buwalda   Ed read the letter received from the Buwalda’s. Basically it stated the Board can suggest a change to maintenance fees and one mobile on one lot but in order for these changes to be approved, they need association approval and changes to the covenants. The board agreed to drop any further discussion on these matters.
  3. Ed said he and Veronica received a letter from a homeowner trying to sell property. They have a couple (both under the age of 55) who are interested in their mobile. The homeowner said there is an 80/20 Federal Law regarding occupancy in 55+ communities.   This calls for 80% over 55+ and 20% may be under 55. Gus said this had come up about 10 years ago. We again need to check with our attorney to see if this federal law supersedes our covenants. Ed asked if the board agreed that he should contact our attorney and get a written legal opinion of this law. The board was in agreement.



General Discussion

Gus Gustafson said a homeowner brought up a concern about the 47/48 alleyway. Because of ruts “caliche” was put on the surface and in the last big rain the homeowner’s shed was flooded. This never happened before.    Gus asked Ed to get an attorney’s opinion of Texas law concerning what constitutes an “open meeting”. In other words, how many directors can meet before it is called a “secret meeting”?   Gus asked when the maintenance area construction would begin and does it have the necessary permits.  Ed said he has asked Beto to bring in our contractor to clarify questions of drainage issues, permits needed etc. This should happen in the next two weeks and Ed agreed to communicate with directors using email and/or a special board meeting.

Bob Gotter said he had also heard a complaint about the 47/48 alleyway. Bob and his neighbors were going to pave the alleyway to the south of his house but since two sheds already get wet and it sounds like crushed asphalt create problems we had not considered, more thought needs to go into it. Bob worked with Howie Harmon and plans to put up two flood lights on the post office which will brighten up the area by the south side pool. Bob also wanted to suggest that we block off the 50th street entrance from May 1st to return of winter Texans. Bob made a motion to close that gate, seconded by Ken Heyn and approved by the Board.

Bob Stamm shared someone had asked that the interior bathrooms walls on the 16th hole be painted. Bob brought up the issue of one home on one lot that was tabled at the last Board Meeting. A discussion followed with a decision to let the RV Section issues sit over summer. When we consider the Buwalda letter, if these issues are worked, it would have to be presented to the Association for approval.

Marty RicKard reported all is peaceful in the RV Section.

Paul Hood brought up the issue of paving the cart path on the north side at the same time we pave the back alleyway. It has deteriorated and could be a tripping/driving hazard. There are repairs needed at the 19th hole. Paul said Pete Peters brought up a concern with the condition of all the curbs on the North side. The people who bought 3104 Cedar need approval to put up a larger dish for TV reception.   Ed suggested that the dish issue be worked with the Development Committee (Paul Puck). Ed said he would like into the cart path and curb conditions on the north side.

Ken Heyn reported the Sunshine Committee has come up with coupons that will be distributed to new homeowners. There will be a new Renters Book and Homeowners Book. The Sunshine Committee would like to change some of our Rules and Regulations. 1) speed limit signs are 15 on south side and 10 on north side so obey posted signs, 2) no dogs allowed on golf course, 3) emphasize rule that children under 16 cannot drive a golf cart without adult supervision.    Candy Maxwell said these changes would need Board approval and then would also have to be approved by the Association as these are Adobe Well Official Rules and Regs.   Ken said Carol Hood is looking for a PA System she can use to give Line Dancing Lessons. The women who take these lessons have already donated approximately $160. What is needed is Board approval to spend up to $500 for this PA System. Ken made a motion to take the $160 collected and add park money to total no more than $500 to purchase this system, seconded by Gary Montgomery and approved by the Board. Bob Stamm added this expenditure could come out of the Activity Fund.    Finally, Ken said he and Shirley had done a lot of research on buying Defibulators for the Park.   Ken shared the price of a model he was looking at, the training required and where to get it, and the workings of the machine. Ed Adams said he had talked to several nurses and was cautioned about having these machines available, and a concern about who would take care of them and how we would control its use. They also talked about disposable resuscitator masks.   Ed Adams said he would like to table a decision on this equipment. Bob Stamm reported there is not $4,000 available in the General Fund that could be used to purchase defibulators. Gary Montgomery said he thought it was a great idea but we would need to get homeowner approval to purchase. Therefore, Gary supported Ed’s idea to table the decision.   Ed asked for a vote on those who wanted to table this matter, and the Board voted in the affirmative.

Gary Montgomery said he was asked to check into having a mat placed in the hallway from the door to the bathrooms as the floor gets slippery from people coming in and out of the pool. Gary said Dave Calley had approached him with the need for storage space for auction items. It was brought out the previous president had tried to get a garage built to be used for auction storage on an ongoing basis and that request was denied by homeowners. We will have to address this need next fall.


Adjournment Motion to adjourn meeting made by Ed Adams, seconded by Ormal Guinn and approved by the board at 11:08 a.m.