Board Meeting Minutes- March 2, 2015 APPROVED

                                                          Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

                                                                     Monday, March 2, 2015      


Call to order at 9:00 a.m. Ed Adams said it was his responsibility, as President, to develop the agendas used for Board and Homeowner meetings. His finalized agenda was two pages long. When he picked up the agenda there were several other documents attached to it that Ed was not aware. Rather than attaching documents to the agenda, he asked board members to bring those issues to the meeting and hand them out to all board members at the beginning of the meeting. All board members should then have time to study handouts before being asked for their opinions.

Those present: Ed Adams, President; Mary Pruett, V-President; Robert Stamm, Treasurer

Section 1 Directors: Paul Hood; Ormal Guinn

Section ll-lll Directors: Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; Gus Gustafson; Gary Montgomery (absent)

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson; Mark O’Shea

Parliamentarian: David Nickols

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary – Approve minutes of 02/02/2015 Board meeting   After sharing a summary of the minutes they were approved after one correction.

Treasurers Reports: Bob Stamm briefly discussed operating funds of $366,886 ($320,000 in a CD earning 1.5% interest), minus encumbered funds of $94,533 so net balance operating funds are at $272,353. We are up from last month because we received $19,300 from sale of Baird property. From our income statement we have received 64% of homeowner dues. Our gas bill is high, about 30% of our budget and this is caused by the cost of heating the swimming pools in the winter. Our water and sewer is high and will probably exceed budget. Causes are rates have gone up and tiered system has gone down so we pay a larger amount for more of our water.

Activity   Bob said the Activity Fund is up because we made $16,000 from our Auction. We now have $58,000 in our Activity Fund and plan to put $30,000 of that in a CD. IBC Bank called us and said they will pay us 1% interest (not 1.5% as they will do with the $320,000 CD).

Bob asked for the Board’s authority to set up the CD for the Activity Fund. He also asked for approval to have an automatic transfer each month going from the General Fund CD to the checking account to pay month expenses. Ed asked if we have anything in writing guaranteeing no penalty when we move money back and forth. Bob said the Bank Officer verbally guaranteed no penalties for the life of the CD (four years) and also make a note of this on the bank’s computer file for our account. Ed also said he thought it best to manually do that transfer once a month. All the board was asked what they thought and the majority of them wanted the transfer to happen automatically. Gus Gustafson made a motion giving Bob Stamm the authority to set up the $30,000 CD and have transfers automatic, seconded by Bob Gotter and approved by the Board. Bob also asked for a motion to approve the $320,000 CD as there had only been verbal Board approval last month. Gus G. made a motion giving Bob Stamm the authority to set up the $320,000 CD, seconded by Bob Gotter and approved by the Board.

Rental Property rent money came in and only expense was purchase of new dishwasher.

Memorial Fund – little activity there.


 Beto said, he and Ed Adams had talked about overhauling the “Gator”. This is the piece of equipment smoking up the area. The quote is for $1,500 to $2,000. That price includes overhauling the motor by a trained John Deere mechanic and repair of clutch. A discussion followed. Ed said the repair cost will come from the maintenance budget.

Jerry Oden handed out a document he wanted to discuss. This issue deals with the pouring of concrete in the RV Section and not following the guidelines of having an 18” green space between properties. There were three pictures, two in compliance and the last one in violation.   Gus G. asked if the homeowner (third picture) had a permit from the city to pour that concrete. Mark O’Shea said this issue dealt with his property and he was told by the city several times that he did not need a permit to pour the concrete. Mark also indicated several other lots had concrete poured just as he did with the green space in the back of the lot. Gus said sometimes people don’t know who to see when they go down to talk to the city and ask for a permit. This permit is called a “right-of-way permit”, and can be gotten thru Engineering or Zoning, and is required to show compliance with the city’s requirement that 10% of the property be permeable (grass or rocks to allow water drainage).   Ed shared that he found a letter from 2008 that dealt with the subject of property lines, violation of placement of buildings, etc. indicating these issues are not new. Gus G said situations like this are why the Development Committee was set up in 2004. Ed said this is not a new issue and it never has been dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction. Mary P. said something good can come from this situation and that is to develop a book that clearly calls out the requirements (permits, drawings, approvals) that are needed when a person develops a new property or changes an existing property. Marlene Thorson added that information should be given to new Board Members so they are clear on expectations. Gus G. said when we voted to approve the double-wide park model on the two lots Mark O’Shea owns, there was no “right-of-way” permit from the city for pouring concrete. Mark O’Shea assured the Board he had checked with the city on three occasions and he was not aware of any permit needed before he poured his concrete. He also let the Board know that he had not gotten a variance from the city to install a double-wide park model on his two lots. Ormal G. made a motion to get a city permit for concrete work done in the last three weeks in the RV Section or tear the concrete out, seconded by Gus. Roll call vote as follows: Ken H. – No, Mark O. – abstain, Paul H. –No, Bob S. – No, Ed A. – No, Mary P. – No, Marlene T. – No, Ormal G. – Yes, Gus G. – Yes, Bob G. – No.  Results   7 No, 2 Yes, 1 Abstain, Motion denied. Marlene T. made a motion that the RV Section could only have one lot for one house and combined lots could not be used for one house. The Board voted in the affirmative to drop Marlene’s motion.      Ed then made a motion to forgive and forget what has been done in the past and from this day forward concrete pouring cannot be done without the correct permit from the city, seconded by Mark O. Roll call vote Ken H. – Yes, Mark O. – Yes, Paul H. – Yes, Bob S. – Yes, Ed A. – Yes,   Mary P. – Yes, Marlene T. – Yes, Ormal G. – Yes, Gus G. – Yes, Bob G. – Yes. Results 10 Yes, Motion Approved.  Marlene T. again made a motion that from this day forward in the RV Section we have one house per one lot and do not allow two lots combined to hold one house, seconded by Mark O. Ed A. asked to table this motion to check if this was legal when governed by our covenants.   He asked Marlene if he could table the motion until next Board Meeting so there was time to check the covenants. Marlene T. agreed to table.   Ormal G. made a motion to rescind the motion made by the board last month to put a doublewide Park Model in the RV Section, second by Gus. Roll Call Vote Ken H. – No, Mark O. – abstain, Paul H.- No, Bob S. – Yes,    Mary P. – No, Marlene T. – No, Ormal G. – Yes, Gus G. – Yes, Bob G. – No, Ed A. – Yes   Results 5 No, 4 Yes, 1 Abstain, Motion denied.

Unfinished Business

  1. Ed Adams said after talking with Beto and taking into consideration who Beto and the rest if our yard crew felt comfortable working with, Jerry Becker is our Park Liaison. Ed explained that Beto continues to reports to the President and still manages the golf course.
  2. Drawing for Mid Handi-cap woman on golf committee – an issue was brought up that the groupings of Low, Mid and High Handicap Ladies should be distributed more evenly. The Board did not make a mistake in choosing the name we appointed. Ed did not want to change what had been communicated unless forced to. Since there were no objections the golf committee members stay as is.
  3. North side paving and dump area (new bid)   Ed indicated Mr. Guinn submitted a bid last Board Meeting but we found the material the vendor was going to use was not acceptable. With the help of an in-house expert, Ed A. got another bid for milled asphalt, $200 to $300 above the bid Ormal submitted. This paving will start in the near future.


New Business:

  1. Dog run – Mark O’Shea is suggesting putting in a fenced-in dog run down by the trash area. Mark got a bid of $1600 for a 25 yards sq. foot run with a 4 foot high chain link fence and two gates at opposite corners. He got a verbal estimate of $l600. After a discussion, Ed made a motion to put in a dog run and it was approved by the board. Details and rules will be worked out.
  2. Paint fence on Whitewing Dr. – Mark O. was suggesting staining the wood on that fence and painting the cinder blocks. We all know how a wooden fence deteriorates without a stain to keep appearance up. Mark said he would talk to the contactor who owns the fence and get approval. After a brief discussion, Ed made a motions that Mark take on responsibility to stain and paint blocks on Whitewing fence, and Board approved.
  3. Request variance- for motor home to park on RV Lot 46   Ed A. reported this was a dead issue but Gus cautioned that we need to handle variances in a timely fashion.
  4. Activity Fund- Request for $1860.00 to pay music royalty to BMI. This is a bill we have to pay on a yearly basis to allow us to play music in the park. A motion made by Ed A. was approved by the board, and Bob S. reminded the board that this expense needs to be approved by homeowners.



General Discussion

Ken Heyn   New chairs are going out of Wertz Hall so maybe we should fine homeowners. Old chairs are available at 19th Hole.       Sometimes people are not returning what they are borrowing.   We have sunshine ladies in the park who cannot get a directory free of charge to give to new people in the park.       Ken reported we may have a problem with guests of homeowners staying longer than the limit of two weeks.       Ken said he gave all Board members a list of First Responders Equipment needs and suggests we check with the ambulance company that serves us to make sure we get compatible equipment. Do we want to lease or buy the equipment?   Ken suggested getting the four First Aid kits for the two pools and two halls as our first step.   Gus G. made a motion to purchase 4 first aid kits ($122.51/kit), and approved by the Board.

Mark O’Shea   For everyone’s information we have abandoned our plans to put a double-wide park model on our properties.

Paul Hood     We need new chairs for the 19th Hole (52 chairs at a total cost of $1089.40. Patricia King told me that Erin and Dwight Porter had volunteered to pay the new chair as long as they get four old brown chairs for their personal use. Ed commented that was very generous and the rest of the board agreed.   Paul asked who will be cleaning the north side post office. Carol Hood and Phyllis Becker used to do it but they are no longer allowed in the post office.

Bob Stamm   Bob made a motion to take $800 from the Activity Fund because of the success of the auction and pay for everyones’ breakfast on March 7. Bob said he would pay for any expenses over that amount. The Board approved the motion.     Last month the Board had agreed to paint the three entrance gates orange, two – south and one – north. What Bob saw was one sign on one south gate, two signs on the other south gate and none on the north gate. Bob Gotter reported there was a concern that orange gates would take away from the ascetic appearance of our property. What Veronica was going to do is order some new reflective sign to make the gates visible.      Bob S. asked status of Bird House and Ed said there is no current activity on this property.  Bob asked about the three letters he had received from homeowners. Since this issue had to do with the Board permitting a doublewide to be put on two lots in the RV Section, and that is not going to happen now, Bob said he would check with the homeowners who signed the letter to see if anything more had to be done.

Mary Pruett pass

Marlene Thorson   Light is fixed on the west end.     Fans are fixed in the laundry room. People asking if open houses are allowed in Adobe Wells. The Board agreed open houses were okay.

Ormal Guinn asked about the cost of milled asphalt to pave the north alleyway. Ed said it would cost $2400.00 plus $300 for spreader, approximately $2700.00.

Gus Gustafson    Gus handed out a print he had made for new owners and renters that indicates the location of Hole 1-9 on the north side and Hole 10-18 on the south side.

Bob Gotter   Because of illness Gary and Bob did not have a Section II/III meeting. Most of the items brought up last month were completed. Bob and Howie Harmon are going to look into better lighting options for the area by the south swimming pool and parking lot. Guests are not paying for golf.

Adjournment   A motion was made by Ed Adams to adjourn at 11:05 p.m. and approved by the Board.