Board Meeting Minutes April 2, 2018- Approved

                                             ADOBE WELLS                                    BOARD MEETING MINUTES

                                             April 2, 2018


This was a closed Mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Mike Manning, President; Harry DeBoer, Vice President (Absent);

Arnie DeJoode, Treasurer

Section 1 Directors: Glenda Peterson, Nancy Radke

Section ll-lll Directors: Harry Dellinger, Connie Harmon, Howard Harmon, Nancy Stamm

RV Section Directors: David VonArx, Darrill Burgett

Secretary: Joyce Venker

Parliamentarian: Carol Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

A synopsis of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of the March 5, 2018 minutes was read by Secretary Joyce Venker. The minutes were accepted as read. Also, a synopsis of the Minutes of the Special Board Meeting held on March 15, 2018 minutes was read. The Minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Was given by Treasurer Arnie DeJoode.

General Net Operating Funds Available: $307,210.

Total YTD Income: $290,856; YTD Expenditures: $108,394; Net Income YTD: $182,462.

Total Activity Funds Available: $76,555. (New one year $50,000. CD @ 0.6% purchased March 28, 2018.

Rental Property Balance: $8,222

Memorial Fund Balance: $3,496.

Electricity contract with AP Gas and Electric expired. New electricity contract with Entrust Energy for 48 months at 5.199 cents/kWH (3 cents reduction) and $0 base fee/month/account (10 accounts); ($8.95/month/account reduction.)

Reports put to file for audit.


Old Business:

  1. Security Camera Upgrade: Texas Security systems installed a camera to test its ability to record license plates at night. It worked great during the day but did not record license plates at night. Howard Harmon and Bob Gotter are going to investigate further with another camera.
  2. Street Repairs and Sealing: A contract with Badillo Paving was signed on Tuesday. The contract sum is $62,767.63. This includes having Badillo do the striping also. The work will begin on April 30, 2018. It should take about four weeks for completion, but there is a completion date of June 15, 2018 in the contract to allow for any delays due to weather and etc. Badillo will begin with the street repairs and sealing on the North side first. A schedule will be developed with Badillo to keep the residents informed. President Manning thanked Gus Gustafson for his work in developing a contract that protects Adobe Wells and fully describes the services to be performed. He also thanked Harry Dellinger and Darrill Burgett for their work in getting quotes and working with the contractor identifying our needs.
  3. South Side Pool: Quotes for repairing the pool was given to board members. Hamlin’s quote totally eclipsed our budget. Nabors Pools quote was $8,500, and Elite Pools quote was $8,900. President Manning and Harry DeBoer preferred Elite Pools due to their experience and description of how they would approach the project. Mr. Cantu has been in the business for 41 years. He used to provide and pour the concrete for Hamlin Pools. He poured the concrete for our pools. President Manning will talk to Elite Pools and get more information and then have the board vote on it. This will include the Jacuzzi. He will also check on having the steps for the pool redone to make it easier to enter and exit the pool. Gus Gustafson will provide a contract template. President Manning would also like to change the lights to LED lighting while we are re-plastering.
  4. Shuffle Board Courts: President Manning has been working with OCC Outdoors to get a reduced price for buying benches in quantity. Currently, we have 5 residents who want to buy memorial benches to be installed on the golf course. We need six benches on the South Side Shuffle Board Court. The residents ordering memorial benches was the deluxe bench which has 2×4 slats rather than 1×4 slats, so he intends to purchase the same benches. Two people want to buy benches for the North Side Shuffle Board Court. Residents have indicated that they do not want a parking lot there but would rather beautify the court. Glenda Peterson and Nancy Radke will continue to get ideas for the Court and come up with a plan for next year.
  5. 19th Hole Conversion to Electric: President Manning wants to thank the Garretts for their donation of an electric stove and dishwasher. The stove is white with a black glass top and is in excellent condition. There are no plans currently to install the dishwasher. President Manning is currently negotiating the price of the electrical work with Eon Electric.
  6. North Side Windmill: A motion was made and passed to install the shortened windmill south of the North Side Post Office this summer.
  7. Sid Meidenger’s Proposal: President Manning provided each Board Member with the letter he sent to Mr. Newman, our Homeowners Association Attorney, and his response. A Motion was made and passed to deny Sid Meidenger’s request to install a portable building on his empty lot in the RV Section. The building was to be used for golf carts, motorcycles, a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom and bathroom were for visiting guests. It was a shed built by Derksen Portable buildings.

The next five pages include scanned correspondence between President Manning and Mr. Newman.


 New Business:

  1. FRONTSTEPS Messaging: The Frontsteps Messaging is no longer being considered. President Manning and Veronica held a conference call with their representative. After discussing our needs and what we currently have, the representative agreed their system would not help us since they do not offer only partial program capabilities, such as e-mail and automatic messaging.
  2. Renters Approval and Background Check: Covenants Article II Section 1 says “No leasing or sub-leasing of lots will be permitted without written approval of the Board of Directors.” This covenant is not being enforced. As the Board of Directors, it is our responsibility to ensure everyone abides by the covenants. Therefore, we need to inform the residents that we are required to approve, in writing, the leasing of their property. When they inform us of the prospective lease, we will also need to run a background check the same as for a new prospective buyer. This does two things for us:
  • We will know, as per Article 10, Section 5, that the renter does not have a felony; and Section 7, to verify at least one homeowner is 55 years old or older.
  • Having the name and address of a renter also provides a safety factor for the renter, in the event they have an emergency and we need to direct the first responders.

Forms will need to be developed and letters sent to all residents informing them. A motion was made and passed to send out a letter that we are going to start enforcing the covenant for background checks for renters according to Article 10 Section 5 immediately. Homeowners are responsible for contacting the Office with the information if they intend to rent their property.

  1. Facebook Rules for Adobe Wells Site: Complaints have been received about different items placed on our Facebook site. Residents need to be reminded to be careful about what they post to Facebook.
  2. Bylaws Review: At the last Board Meeting we were considering changing the Bylaws to allow the Board to spend more than the current $800 from the Activity Fund without resident approval. It was suggested we review all Bylaws to enable us to make one change rather than filing more changes at a later date. The latest Bylaws and Covenants are on the Website.
  3. Architect Proposal: Sam Garcia, the architect sent President Manning a proposal. President Manning would prefer to have a more fixed price. He will continue to work on this.
  4. 50th Street Gate Closure: A motion was made and passed to close the 50th Street Gate when the road work is completed and reopen again October 15th.

General Discussion:

  • President Manning: Received an update on the Taylor Road Project. A copy was given to the Board.
  • A motion was made and passed to accept the “ARCHITECTUAL/ DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION” to be added to our current forms.
  • President Manning has appointed Mike and Mary Higgins to the Nominating Committee.” Meet the Candidates” will be held on January 11, 2019 at 1:00.


  1. Director’s Reports:

Connie Harmon: Reported that there have been complaints about cats roaming free onto other homeowners’ property.

Nancy Stamm: There are still some properties that haven’t picked the fruit off of their trees. We don’t want the Mexican fruit flies.

Howard Harmon: The rent on the rental property next door needs to be raised.

Harry Dellinger: None

Nancy Radke: Received numerous questions about the North Side Water Assessment.

Glenda Peterson: Remark about the pond water.

Darrill Burgett: None.

Dave VonArx: None.



The meeting adjourned at 11:35 A.M.

Submitted by Joyce Venker, Secretary