Board Meeting Minutes- April 3, 2017 APPROVED



APRIL 3, 2017


This was a closed Mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Mike Manning, President;  Harry DeBoer, Vice-President; Arnie Dejoode, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Mary Hittner (absent); Glenda Peterson

Section II-III Directors:  Harry Dellinger; Connie Harmon; Dave Nickols; Darrell Olson (absent)

RV Section Directors:  Marty RicKard; Dave VonArx

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell

Secretary, Laurie Sullivan, read a synopsis of the Minutes of the March Board Meeting.  They were accepted with a couple of changes.

Treasurer’s Report:   Arnie Dejoode

General Net Operating Funds Available:  $395,763

Total YTD Income:  $264,106; YTD Expenditures:  $111,231; Net Income YTD $152,875

Total Activity Funds Available:  $64,503 (includes $35,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance:  $7,772

Memorial Fund Balance:  $3,004

Reports put to file.

Treasurer Dejoode indicated he will be transferring $20,000 to the CD this week.  He has met with our IBC bank representative and Veronica. We will not incur a penalty for transferring funds from CD to checking. The bank will no longer accept Canadian checks.  Our sales tax is due this month, approximately $1,100.

Old Business

  1. North Side Deck:  The north side deck has been removed with volunteers under the direction of Larry Shaw and Mike Higgins.  We are expecting a revised quote from the contractor to build a new deck, without demolition.  To date we have received about $2,100 in donations toward a new deck.  Thanks to Larry and Mike for getting this done.
  2. Texas A&M Report: President Manning has received the soil report from Texas A&M.  Most items can be easily remedied.  However, the cypress trees on our east boundary are suffering from root rot with no definitive course of treatment at this time. Dave Calley volunteered to take the report to the County Extension Agent for specific instructions.  More water was suggested and Beto has been restoring the drip irrigation system.
  3. No Trespassing Signs: New No Trespassing, No Swimming and No Soliciting signs have been received.  These are bi-lingual.  Installation will begin this week.
  4. Five Year Plan Committee Update: Connie Harmon has taken over as Chairperson of this committee.  She reported they held two meetings before the winter folks left.  They will be in contact by email this summer.  The Committee felt it was appropriate to have a Mission Statement and she provided a sample.  Discussion will follow under New Business.
  5. Infrastructure Committee Update: Chairman, Harry Dellinger reported that this committee was able to meet once before winter Texans started to leave.  They are identifying projects that need attention and getting prices in line for discussion in the fall.

New Business

  1. Winter Texan Expo:  Howard Harmon has agreed to chair a committee to have Adobe Wells represented at the Winter Texan Expo. Price is $500 for a booth, $100 deposit, $75 electricity. Dates are January 16 & 17, 2018, with set-up on the 15th.  He plans to have volunteers man this booth in 2 or 3 hour increments, show our video and have brochures and other information available.
  2. Governing Documents Filing: President Manning indicted all of our governing documents have now been filed with the County.  Total fees $112.
  3. North Side Fence: Donna Hinz presented a proposal from the Beautification/Landscaping Committee for construction of a fence on the northeast corner of the north side, to block the view of abutters.  She had three proposals:  Oleanders, Metal link fence, wood fence. Because it is within the Committee’s budget, they were favoring the wooden fence. The Board felt the metal link fence was a better option and were willing to provide additional funds, but asked Donna to obtain quotes that included delivery and professional installation.  This will be re-visited at the first Board meeting in the fall.
  4. HOA Mission Statement: This was continued discussion of a proposed Mission Statement from the Five Year Plan Committee.  The Board felt that the mission of Adobe Wells is stated in the By-Laws and if the Committee wanted their own Mission Statement, they could do so.
  5. Advertising: Marty RicKard asked if the Board wanted to advertise again in various magazines in the mid west directed at farmers as we did last year. The cost is less than $800. Marty is proposing a smaller ad asking where farmers plan to spend their winter and directing them to our video. The Board was in favor. Marty is Chairperson of the Advertising Committee, and has the budget to place these ads.

General Discussion

  1. New locks have been placed on the 19th Hole and the Laundry.  They are keyed the same. Spare keys will be kept in the office.
  2. President Manning is getting estimates for trimming trees on the 50th Street alley. We have only one estimate of $2,000 at this time.
  3. The Election Committee Chair has asked for a date for the Meet the Candidates forum. It will be held Friday, January 5, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. at Wertz Hall.

Directors Report

Dave VonArx:  Nothing

Dave Nickols:  Had a request that the 50th Street gates be locked for the summer. The Board agreed to close the same as last year: May 1 – October 15.

Dave had inquiry about whether rules for golf handicaps are being followed and whether applicants for the Golf Committee met the criteria.

Connie Harmon:  Nothing

Howard Harmon:  Nothing

Glenda Peterson:  The new fountain in the north side pond is beautiful – a thank you to those that made it happen.  A homeowner request for new life preservers at the pond. The Infrastructure Committee is doing this.

Marty RicKard:  For information – a TV was stolen from a Home in the RV section. Police have agreed to patrol our park regularly.

Harry Dellinger:  Harry received complaints about tree trimming on the 3rd fairway last week on Ladies Day.  This was an oversight by Beto.

Harry advised the Infrastructure Committee is purchasing one bench of composite material to put on the golf course as a test to see how it holds up.


The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.