Board Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2016-Approved

Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 4, 2016


This was an open Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Vice-President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Gary Montgomery, President (absent);  Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Paul Hood (absent);  Mary Hittner

Section II & III Directors:  Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; David Nickols (late); Darrell Olson (absent)

RV Section Directors:  Marlene Thorson (absent); Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian:  Jim McGuire (absent)

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Stamm

General:  Net Operating Funds available, $278,358

Total YTD Income:  $261,766; YTD Expenditures $124,244; Capitalized Items $13,315; Net Income YTD $150,837

Total Activity Funds Available: $60,623

Rental Property Balance: $7,619

Memorial Fund Balance:  $4,337

Bob has moved an additional $15,000 from Activity Fund monies to a CD for a total in CDs of $40,000

Bob has had responses from most of those who donated to the Golf Restoration Fund a few years ago. Most agreed to allow the Board to use the monies as they see fit to improve the course. A total of $600 has been requested to be returned, leaving approximately $1,100.

Reports put to file.


The Secretary read Minutes from the March Board meeting.  They were accepted as read.


Unfinished Business:

  1. Electrical Work
    Mike had arranged for an electrician who has completed installation of exterior lighting at the rear of Wertz Hall and in the handicapped parking area. He also replaced several ballasts in lights inside Wertz Hall and repaired the pool timer. Neither the electrician nor Mike could find any problems with the GFI outlets in the rental unit, but Mike will try again using some appliances that draw more power.
  2. Street Signs     No one had any updates on prices for street signs, nor information on which materials will do best in our heat and sun.
  1. Advertising Committee

Marty had a proof of a brochure for the Board members to look at and asked for corrections. Several corrections will be made. The money has been approved for the brochures, Marty will order them immediately.

New Business:

  1. 50th Street Gates

Summer residents have again asked the Board to close and lock the 50th Street gates for the summer months. The Board approved closure from May 1 to October 15, 2016.

  1. Rental Unit Title

Candy Maxwell reported on the status of her work in obtaining title to the rental unit. There were some questions regarding capital gains taxes should the Board decide to sell the mobile. Bob Stamm indicated the gain would be minimal based on value when donated and value currently. Candy has completed the paper work. It only remains that the Association has to send a letter to Gayle Wertz which must be returned as “Undeliverable”. Candy has instructed the Volunteer Office and Veronica not to sign for a letter. The cost to obtain the title is $90.

  1. Election and Nomination Statutes

Attached to packets for this meeting were notes from a meeting of the Election Board with suggested changes made by Carole Buwalda. Every effort will be made to insure that all residents have an opportunity to put their name on a ballot. The changes will make the process more open. Changes in the process will be posted on the web site before November and will be mailed to the six residents who indicated they do not have computer access.

  1. Rules & Regulations

Our attorney has gotten back to us regarding the suggested changes to our Rules and Regulations. He emphasized that the Board can oversee the use of all common areas, but cannot change any Covenant or By-Law by changes in the R&R.   There followed discussion on a number of related issues:

  1. a) There is a release that is to be completed by owners of all items stored in our storage lot. Someone needs to be in charge of checking that we have a release for all items currently on the lot. However, if a wheeled vehicle is not registered, how can we track it’s owner?
  2. b) Veronica has a form to be completed by any contractor working in the park. They need to sign the release or show proof of insurance.
  3. c) There arose a question as to whether items currently on the storage lot are grandfathered in if we change the rule now that everything there must be licensed.  As the attorney says the Board has the right to oversee all common areas, there should be no question of grandfathering.
  4. d) Gun Control:  There are separate statutes for “no carry” and “concealed carry”.  Board members need to think about what they want to enforce so this can be implemented early next fall.
  5. e) Candy pointed out that volunteers working throughout the park are not covered by the association’s insurance.
  6. Nomination Committee

President Montgomery has appointed the following residents to the Nomination Committee for 2017:

Ron Glatt, Chairperson; Donna Ross, Section I; Mary Pruett, RV Section; Anna Hartwig and Joanne Parrott, Sections II and III.  The Board approved this committee.

General Discussion by Section:

Ken Heyn:  Ken made note that the Meyhofer home on Camilla will be occupied periodically by a young person who is house, plant and dog sitting while Mary undergoes treatments.

Ken  asked why curbs are being painted yellow by homeowners. He was assured that the curbs recently painted have always been yellow and were simply repainted to freshen them up. Those no-parking areas were designated by the Board some years back.

Ken mentioned concerns by neighbors on Whitewing of problems with police calls and large parties. The Board agreed to try to obtain police reports and , if warranted, send a letter to the homeowner.

Bob Gotter:  Bob noted that the Winter Texan newspaper lists a number of golf courses. He asked that we ask them to note that we are a private course.

Mary Hittner:  Mary asked if the Board has given any thought to the windmill  by the 8th hole. It is presumed that will have to be moved for the Daffodil expansion and there are a number of residents who would like to see it moved and restored. Can we get the city to pay to move it?

Mary had comments from several folks about deterioration on the east side of 47th Street.

Marty RicKard:  Marty noted there is a motor home parked on a lot in the RV Section, but not being lived in. Apparently the owner of the motor home has permission from the lot owner for short term storage, but our rules require permission from the Board. Marty will contact the owner.

Bob Stamm:  Bob  requested an update on the golf course at the April meeting. Even if there is not a quorum for a meeting, an update should be possible.

Dave Nickols:  Dave advised that the new light at the back of Wertz Hall has not been on for several nights. Mike will check that out.

Dave has been looking at various video equipment for Wertz Hall. A technician from Best Buy will come for $99 and advise us what would work best for our purposes. The Board agreed to have Dave go ahead with the consultation.

Mike Manning made note that the new Work Order process is in place and working as hoped.

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.