Board Meeting Minutes-December 4, 2017 Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

 Monday, December 4, 2017                                    Approved


This was a closed Mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Mike Manning, President;  Harry DeBoer, Vice-President; Arnie DeJoode, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Mary Hittner; Glenda Peterson

Section II-III Directors:  Harry Dellinger; Connie Harmon; Dave Nickols (absent); Darrell Olson

RV Section Directors:  Marty RicKard; Dave VonArx (absent)

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary Laurie Sullivan read a synopsis of the Minutes of the November 6, 2017 Board Meeting.  They were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:   Arnie DeJoode

General Net Operating Funds Available:  $190,589

Total YTD Income:  $376,675; YTD Expenditures:  $344,507; Net Income YTD $32,167

Total Activity Funds Available:  $57,497 (includes $55,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance:  $6,039

Memorial Fund Balance:  $2,744

Reports put to file for audit.

Old Business

  1. Cypress Trees Update: New cypress trees have been planted along the east border of the south side golf course.  We purchased 120 5’ trees and had them planted and mulched by the nursery. They are guaranteed for one year.  Our crew took out the old trees.  President Manning expressed thanks to all who made this project happen.

Mike asked the Board to consider completing replacement of the line of trees which will require 133 additional trees. The consensus of the experts who have examined the remaining trees is that they are in poor condition and will eventually die. Adobe Wells homeowners have donated $7,400 as of this date toward the project. The first planting of 120 trees cost $5,400.  A motion was made to complete the eastern cypress border to be paid for using monies collected to date and continued donations, with the remainder to be covered from this year’s budget. The Board will ask the Homeowners to vote on replacing up to $2,500 from the Activity Fund, if needed. This motion passed after much discussion.

  1. North Side Fence: At the last Board meeting in the spring, the question of a fence for the eastern side of the north side golf course was tabled, pending a price for installation of a chain link fence with vinyl slats.  At the spring meeting Donna Hinz had presented three options developed by the Beautification Committee. Those were revisited with the inclusion of the chain link.  A motion was made to go with the Committee’s Proposal A using plants to run 135’ from the southeast corner of the maintenance area, the type to be determined by the Beautification Committee.  This motion passed.
  2. Nominations Committee: Jan Calley, one of the chairpersons of the Nominating Committee gave a report.  They have put together the following nominees:   President – Mike Manning; Vice-President – Harry DeBoer; Treasurer –  Arnie DeJoode; North Side Director – Paul Puck, Nancy Radke; RV Section Director – Darrill Burgett; Section II and III Directors – Howard Harmon, Gloria Raatz, Russ Garrett.  Russ is in the process of purchasing a home in Sections II and III and may be ineligible to run should this sale be delayed. Mike will check with our attorney.  Thanks to the Calleys for chairing this committee.
  3. Budget Development Projects:
  4. Wertz Hall Blinds: Connie Harmon presented three options for new window coverings in Wertz Hall.  A motion was made to go with the 4M Sun Screen option with the cost to be included in next year’s budget.  This motion passed.
  5. Infrastructure Projects: Harry Dellinger has presented his Infrastructure Committee’s findings to the Board.  President Manning asked that all Board members study this report and email him with items that they feel are a priority and to be included in next year’s budget.
  6. Five Year Plan Projects: Chairperson Connie Harmon reported a final plan is not yet prepared. The Committee had asked for homeowner input and received a few responses. Those items will be included in the Committee’s continuing discussions.

New Business

  1. Wertz Hall TV: President Manning invited Twila Garrett to speak on this matter.  She is proposing a new TV for Wertz Hall for primary use during exercise classes.  Other uses might include Super Bowl and other sports events.  She had researched several options.  A motion was made to allow Twila to purchase a smart TV with brackets, shelf and DVD up to $800.  Anything above will need to be covered by donations.  This motion passed.
  2. Tee Box Mower & Greens Mower:   President Manning had obtained prices this summer to replace the tee box mower when our old one broke down and we had difficulty finding parts for this nearly 15 year old machine. Based on last summer’s research, replacing our two mowers with used rebuilt mowers will cost between $9,000 and $12,000.  A motion was made to ask the homeowners to spend up to $15,000 from the Activity Fund to purchase new (to us) used, rebuilt tee box mower and greens mower.  This motion passed.
  3. Golf Committee Report: President Manning has met with Dale Lee, Chairman of the Golf Committee.  They have agreed that minutes from Golf Committee meetings will be brought to the Board for their information and review.  This will result in written documentation which has not happened in the past.


At the 11/24/17 Golf Committee meeting a request to change High Handicap Golf from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning was considered.  The Committee voted not to change the schedule, citing difficulties finding teachers and the cooler weather on winter mornings.

A request to change the rule for golfers with low handicaps to use the front tees was discussed. The Committee voted to leave the existing rule alone.

The Committee considered a request to change the handicap system from 10 of 20 rounds to 5 of 10 rounds.  This proposal was tabled until the next meeting.

Directors Report

Connie Harmon:  As chairperson of the 5 Year Plan Committee, Connie had a list of 13 items, primarily maintenance in nature, submitted in the homeowner responses to that Committee’s request for input. She submitted this to the Board so the items can be taken care of.  Mike will remind homeowners of the procedure for having maintenance items handled.

Glenda Peterson:  Nothing

Darryl Olson:  Nothing

Harry Dellinger:  Nothing

Harry DeBoer:  Nothing

Mary Hittner:  Nothing

Marty RicKard:  Nothing


The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.