Board Meeting Minutes- December 5, 2016 APPROVED


                           Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

                               Monday, December 5, 2016                    



This was an open Mic. Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.

Present: Gary Montgomery, President; Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer

Section I Directors: Paul Hood: Mary Hittner

Section II & III Directors: Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; David Nickols ; Darrell Olson (absent)

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson, Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: Jim McGuire (absent)

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary: Laurie Sullivan

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Stamm

General: Net Operating Funds available, $182,774

Total YTD Income: $370,226; YTD Expenditures $339,860; Capitalized Items $21,850; Net Income YTD $52,216

Total Activity Funds Available: $35,724 (additional $15,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: $5778

Memorial Fund Balance: $3731

Bob will review maintenance fee payments with Veronica and letters will be sent to property owners that are delinquent in an effort to get these current by year end.

Reports put to file.

The Secretary read Minutes from the November Board meeting. They were accepted as read.





Unfinished Business:

  1. Changes in Adobe Wells Rules & Regulations: There were a few tweaks to the revised Rules & Regulations that needed Board approval. After further exploration, President Montgomery advised the Board that changes to the Rules do not need homeowner approval.  The first change was to combine use of golf carts and motorized scooters into one rule.  The second was to include all pool rules into the general Rules & Regulations. This was requested by the homeowners and was confirmed by our attorney as a good idea.   Inclusion of the pool rules results in re-numbering of subsequent rules.  Another change was to rule #30 regarding use of storage area, amended to state that motorized vehicles must be licensed in accordance with state law of the owner. Rule #31 changed to indicate that Adobe Wells stickers are to be displayed on all automobiles.  The Board approved these changes. They can now be filed with the City.

2.Ceiling Projector for Wertz Hall:  The hand vote taken at the November homeowners meeting is not valid as an amount this large needs to be voted on in writing.  Due to the fact that there were few “no” votes, however, President Montgomery authorized Dave Nickols to go ahead and get this in the works.  The new projector will be installed Saturday, December 10, in the morning.  Dave will contact a few computer-savvy owners to be present for instruction in the use of the equipment.  One correction in the price is that the 4 year warranty for the higher priced projector is $319, not the $179 previously quoted.  The Board agreed to go ahead with installation and have the project voted on at the December homeowner meeting with a total cost of $3300.

  1. Laundry Building: The new back door has been installed on the laundry building.

New Business

  1. Internal Audit: Howard Harmon has again agreed to chair the Audit Committee. The Board authorized him to appoint homeowners to assist him. Audit will begin December 7 and 8. The office will close at 1:00 p.m. so Veronica can assist.  These two days will audit the first 11 months of 2016.  The final month will be audited in January.
  2. Auction Update The auction chairs have indicated to Gary that the new storage building is quite full.  Shelves will be installed which will get some of the items off the floor, making more space.  Discussion then turned to Granny’s Closet which was allotted a portion of the new building.  That cannot now happen until after the auction.  Consensus among Board members was that the existing Granny’s Closet building is in good shape, other than the floor covering and need for a coat of paint.  Any change in the original proposal will need to go to the homeowners for a vote.  This will be discussed further at the January Board meeting.
  3. Handicapped Bathroom: Thanks to Bob Gotter for some improvements to the handicapped bathroom.  A paper towel dispenser has been installed, although the blow dryer will remain. A cabinet to hold toilet paper and cleaning supplies has been hung.


  1. New Copier: Veronica reported that due to the short time our existing contract has been in place, the old company wants to exercise their rights of buy back which will cost $5,300, not the $3,800 we were expecting. The Board wanted to hold the new company to their agreement that changing our contract would not cost us any additional monies.  By another phone call to them, Veronica was able to work out an arrangement whereby they will pay us the $3,800 which will cover our lease payments under the old contract, and they will take possession of and store the old machine until the contract is up and then return it.  In essence we will have two copiers being rented at the same time, but this will not cost us anything additional.
  2. Background Checks: President Montgomery advised that we spent $200 on background checks last year, although they were not done for every new owner. The Board discussed charging prospective new owners for the check.  It was agreed to put in the New Owners Package that buyers are responsible for the cost of background checks, no dollar amount specified.
  3. Need for Maintenance Fee Increase: President Montgomery advised that during recent budget talks it was clear there is a need for a dues increase. We are starting to eat away at our contingency monies and in case of a catastrophe would find ourselves looking for funds.  A motion was made and passed to set up a Revenue Committee to research all sources of income and analyze what options could be presented to the homeowners for a vote.  Bob Stamm agreed to chair this committee and will ask at Happy Hour for volunteers.  Bob will organize an informal, informational meeting for all interested homeowners on Wednesday, December 14 at 10 a.m. in Wertz Hall.  The purpose of the meeting is to share ideas about a dues increase.
  4. Cable TV Hook-Up: Dave Nickols asked about contracting with Time Warner (Spectrum) to provide cable TV access for the new projector.  The board felt it wasn’t prudent at this time until we had a handle on how much use we would get for our monthly fee.  Wertz Hall is so busy during the winter, it would be hard to find open nights for movies, or afternoons for sporting events.
  5. Deck over North Side Pond: Gary Montgomery has asked Charlie Davis to prepare a quote to rebuild the deck.  Mike Manning has asked another contractor for several bids to give us options about that deck.

General Discussion

  1. Ken Heyn: Ken asked why the water coolers on holes #1 and #3 are not cooling. Water comes out but it is warm.  Gary will ask Beto.
  2. Bob Gotter: Bob has gotten questions from some owners about why we are watering the golf course at night, when we had asked that it be watered during the day.  Gary explained it is a 7 hour process to water the whole course, so some watering will overlap into dark. 


  1. Mike Manning: Mike advised that the new 911 phones are installed and operational at both pools.
  2. Mary Hittner: Mary asked whether a light could be put at the #1 tee house to light the cart path. It is very dark in that area. Bob Gotter will look into this.

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.