Board Meeting Minutes-December 7, 2015 APPROVED

                                                                      ADOBE WELLS BOARD MEETING MINUTES                           

                                                                                         DECEMBER 7th, 2015


Call to order (check those present):

Those present:  Ed Adams+, President; Mary Pruett+, V-President; Robert Stamm, Treasurer (absent)

Section 1 Directors: Paul Hood+; Ormal Guinn (absent)

Section ll-lll Directors: Robert Gotter+; Ken Heyn+; Gary Montgomery+; Gus Gustafson (absent)

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson+; Marty RicKard+

Parliamentarian: David Nickols+

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary – after reading the minutes from 11/2/2015 Board meeting, a motion to approve was made by Ed Adams and seconded by Mary Pruett and approved by the Board  

Before continuing with the meeting Ed Adams shared the Board just finished an Executive Session.  The discussion was about Rules and Regulations and the enforcement of them in the park.  The Board has decided to take legal action (using attorney expertise) to address the recurring issue of not adhering to Park Rules and Regulations.

Treasurers Reports: Quickbooks reports by Veronica

          General, – net Operating Funds available $175,458,     Total Income YTD $392,544 minus Expenditures YTD $340,012 equals Net Income YTD $78,532.         Activity Total Funds Available $43,081.      Rental Property Ending Balance $6,675 and  Memorial Fund Ending Balance $3,494.  Reports put to file.


Unfinished Business:       

  1. Discuss painting of pillars on Whitewing – after a discussion Gary Montgomery agreed to check with Contractor to make sure he was okay with us painting the pillars facing our property.
  2. Discuss purchase of Pod and where to place it for auction storage place. After discussion of rental cost, buying one and need for storage right now, Ed made a motion to lease a pod now for three months, place it in the storage areas on north side. Before next year at this time decide to buy or keep renting depending on cost.  The motion was seconded by Bob Gotter and approved by the board.
  3. Realtor Signs, For Sale Signs and where they should be placed. A discussion followed using our rules and regulations which dictate that no one is to put signs on their property advertising a “money making” business. It is okay to put a “for sale” sign in a window with telephone number.  Bob G. made a motion that Realtor Signs be banned and replaced with a “for Sale Sign/w telephone number” in window, seconded by Mary Pruett and approved by Board. 
  4. Discuss setting time limit for contractors parking equipment on owner’s property while doing repair work. Currently our rules and regulations dictate that ”Winter Texans” coming back in fall/winter have 72 hours to park their trailer on the street and unload before it has to be moved.  Ed Adams made a motion that contractors have the same 72 hours to park their trailer on the homeowner’s driveway.  After it was clarified that a contractor could come to the office and ask for more time if needed, Bob G. seconded the motion and the Board approved.
  5. Cover rules and regulation and make whatever changes needed so they can be taken to County to file. Ed A. asked to discuss at end of meeting and when that time came the Board asked to delay it until the next Board meeting.


New Business:

  1. Card from Jim & Sandy Jennings expressing thanks for the work that Ed and the Board have done, especially the effort representing the park in the widening of Daffodil.
  2. Golf Committee – letter asking greens be aerated and top seeded with rye; get rid of mud around tee boxes 2,10,11,12,13 and 16; trash cans cleared before day of tournament, have several golfers carry poison to get rid of fire ants; check sprinkles for proper function on a set frequency; #1 tee house needs new metal roof, replace missing tee cups.  Ed said this letter would be shared with Beto and Jerry Becker.
  3. Suggestion Box – two compliants about filthy jokes during Happy Hour program, Grandma’s closet needs to be cleaned out.
  4. Suggestion on using calendar the right way – there was an incident of double booking. Make sure your event is entered on calendar in Veronica’s office.
  5. Anne Glatt, Secretary resignation as of 01/01/2016
  6. Nominating Committee Chair- Mary Meyhofer
  7. Auditing Committee Chair- Howard Harmon
  8. Election Committee Chair- Carole Buwalda
  9. Duane/Shirley Theil and BJ/Jim Anderson have volunteered to chair the “All Park Picnic”. Scheduled for Sunday, March 13 from 2 to 4:30 p.m.  Budget of $3,000 requested to be available Feb 15, 2016.  After discussing, Ed Adams made a motion to spend $3,000 from the Activity Fund for the All Park Picnic, seconded by Mary Pruett and approved by the Board.
  10. Ed Adams shared a letter from Audrey Kalmoe asking that her son be allowed to stay with her for as long as 10 weeks. In her letter she explains that she needs help to do some everyday tasks.  This request complies with our rule of only two people in the mobile.  Ed A. made a motion to approve this extended stay, seconded by Ken Heyn and approved by the Board.
  11. Discussion and approval $10,130 for Fairway Gang mower. The mower needs all five gang sections replaced.  Ed said since golf is such a big activity in the park, these funds should come out of the Activity Fund.  A motion was made by Ed to repair this mower (cost $10,130) as quickly as possible using Activity Fund, seconded by Mary Pruett and approved by the Board.  Since this amount is above $800 it will need homeowner approval in December.
  12. Crafts Committee is asking for $200 from Activity Fund for craft supplies. A motion to approve $200 for crafts was made by Ken Heyn, seconded by Marty RicKard and approved by the board.


General Discussion

Marlene Thorson – Outside of laundry room could use a coat of paint.

Paul Hood – #19th Hole finish blinds, wall decorations and new shelving for the books.  Ed said there was no money left in the #19th hole budget,  and suggested someone write up what is needed and costs, and then bring it back to the board for consideration.     Paul H. was told some new chairs had been taken out of the #19 Hole.   Dave Nichols said he took some new chairs out because he could not find the old chairs.  Dave N.asked where are they?       Paul H. said the bathroom by #3 Tee box needs help, and there is no hot water for the workers. Also things have been disappearing from the maintenance area.    Paul reported the north side has expressed interest in converting shuffle ball court into a bocce ball area.  Ed suggested Paul talk to the person who made that suggestion and have them put down on paper what would need to be done and how much it would cost and bring it back to the board.

Gary Montgomery – Gary indicated Dave Nickols is interested in bocce ball and probably could check what changes would be necessary and what it will cost.   Gary said he also wanted to bring up the idea of advertising Adobe Wells in northern papers, examples Des Moines and Minneapolis.  Gary suggested that since Marty RicKard was an ex-newspaper man, he might be a good person to look into options for us.  Marty R. said he would do that.

Bob Gotter – shared that the old chairs are locked up because we have no accessible place to store them.  It was suggested that the chairs could be stored where the Christmas Decorations are stored if we cleaned out all the clutter.  Bob asked about the second order of new chairs that we received.  If the vendor is not going to pick them up we could sell them to homeowners and they would have their own chairs.  Bob had one more item to talk and that is a request from Beto to provide a 28 ft. by 45 ft. canopy on the maintenance grounds so workers can get out of the hot sun and blacktop.  We got an estimate from a vendor we use in the park for $5700.  Gary Montgomery made a motion that we bring up the request for a canopy in the maintenance area at the December Homeowner meeting so it can be handled now, second by Bob Gotter and approved by the Board.

Ken Heyn –Ken said he talked with the Winter Texas Org.  They have a publication called Winter Texans on Parade that we could use to advertise our park.   At the last homeowners meeting, by a straw vote, the majority want us to purchase defibrillators. How are we going to pay for them?  Ed suggested bringing this purchase up at the Homeowners Meeting to get approval to spend $3600 for two defibrillators.  Border Guards are visiting parks and educating people about status of the border.  Ed suggested scheduling them to make a presentation and board agreed…   Ken has the name and phone number of person in charge of setting up a showcase of entertainers that will perform in the Rio Grande Valley.  Ken said he would give that information to the dance committee to use.

Mary Pruett – Mary suggested when Gary M. talked to the developer of the property south of Whitewing, he also talk about staining the wooden fence between the cement pillars.   Dogs being walked in the RV section are watering landscaping and personal property causing damage to vegetation.

Marty RicKard – Marty shared that Beto and Veronica have no health insurance.  He did some research and found that Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers a plan with a $1000 deductible.  This would cost us $800/month and cover both Beto and Veronica, not their families. Marty said he calculated and estimated the cost of $2.70/household.  Gary asked why we were excluding the other workers.  Veronica shared that last year she searched for a policy last year and at that time the other workers were not interested in paying for insurance. The board was in favor of further investigation and discussion.

Ed Adams brought up a request from a homeowner to screen in the rest of the south side pool fence for privacy.  Some people were not in favor of the screen because it would block the breeze coming through the area.  After discussion the board decided not to pursue this request.

Ed suggested rather than continuing this meeting, we should schedule the rules and regulations discussion in January with the end result having them submitted to the County.

Adjournment   Motion to adjourn made by Ken Heyn, seconded by Bob Gotter and approved by board at 11:05 a.m.