Board Meeting Minutes-February 2, 2015 APPROVED

Call to order – 9:00 a.m. (check those present):

Those present: Ed Adams+, President; Mary Pruett+, V-President; Robert Stamm+, TreasurerP

Section 1 Directors: Paul Hood+; Ormal Guinn+

Section ll-lll Directors: Robert Gotter+; Ken Heyn+; Gus Gustafson+; Gary Montgomery+

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson+; Mark O’Shea+

Parliamentarian: David Nickols +

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell


Ed said he would have to leave this meeting around 10:00 a.m. to get to a meeting with our representative in Corpus Christi. He indicated Mary Pruett (VP) would be in charge of the meeting when he left.

Purpose of the Board of Directors is to operate, control and maintain the park and to enforce the Covenants, Bylaws, Rule & Regulations adopted by the homeowners and applying those to the property owners, residents, tenants and guests.

Ground rules, Robert Rules Prevail

  • Only one speaker at a time
  • Treat all board members with dignity and respect
  • Will respect opinions of others (we all have a right to our own opinions)
  • Obtain understanding and acceptance
  • We will honor the vote of the board


Ed asked that two things show up in our February minutes. After an offer to purchase came in for 4909 Bluebonnet Lot 72, Ed asked Gary Montgomery to talk to available Directors to get their approval of the $20,000 offer and it was approved. Fawn Golich, a member of McAllen’s Chamber of Commerce and homeowner, came to Ed and suggested since the Chamber is working on ways to increase the number of Winter Texans, a good way for Adobe Wells to get public exposure would be to allow prospective Winter Texans to stay several nights in our rental (if it is available and free of charge) to check out McAllen and our park for possible location in the future.

Secretary – The 01/05/2015 Board meeting minutes were summarized. Two changes – received $200.00   from Kilinger for spare well parts. Also, Mark O’Shea wanted a change of wording on fourth page, last paragraph, second line “a significant number of people in the RV Section are irritated by mobile being stored there”. Gary Montgomery made motion to approve minutes with changes, seconded by Ken Heyn and approved by the Board.

Treasurers Reports: Quickbooks reports    Bob Stamm, our new Treasurer, handed out a new set of financials that he plans to hand out every meeting. Current operating funds balance $256,475.02. The income statement shows income for month in comparison to our budget for the year. In January we spent 15% of our budget and that is in line with last year. Any excessive spending will be worked with Veronica to make sure we are where we should be.   Bob said he wanted to talk about Activity Fund. We have roughly $40,000 and that could go up $10,000 to $20,000 with a successful auction. Bob said he went to 6 banks to talk about options they have for our checking/savings. Our current bank gave the best offer. We will keep balance of $25,000 in our checking account with an automatic monthly deposit into checking of $30,000/month that should cover our monthly expenses. The bank will allow us to put all our money into a CD with a payout of 1.5% and no penalty when making withdrawals. Our CPA said the balance in our operating fund is in line with other associations in the area but a balance of $40,000 in our Activity Fund was high. After some questions the Treasurers Reports were put to file.


Beto had no comment to make about the condition of the golf course.


Find attached to these minutes a document that covers Texas Law calling out the actions the Board of Directors can take in managing our association. Ed gave each Director a copy of this document and read through them too.

Unfinished Business:

Ed Adams brought up an issue that was discussed at the last board meeting. He received a letter from Jack Clemes explaining the reason he has a mobile home parked at his house which also is his only source of transportation.   His wife is handicapped with a State issued “Handicap Plate”, and this vehicle makes it easier to transport her when needed. It is parked on a concrete slab in the alley which was approved by the Board. Jack is asking for a variance which was discussed. Ormal G. made a motion to grant a variance allowing this vehicle to be parked on Jack’s property until he moves away, seconded by Gus G. and approved by the board.     

Another subject, which has previously been discussed, is the far alleyway on the north side connected to the maintenance area. Ormal G. said north side residents signed a petition asking to get this surface fixed with either blacktop or crushed asphalt. Ormal said blacktop is too cost prohibitive but he had an estimate (including grading the surface, filling pot holes and covering with 60 tons of crushed asphalt) of $2100.00. We would have to rent a roller ourselves to flatten and compress the surface. A discussion followed.   Ed said Beto had suggested burying concrete debris in our recycling area and renting a back-hoe to cover the concrete. Why couldn’t we combine these two jobs and use the back-hoe to level both areas? Ormal said he would like a decision today and made a motion to do the north alleyway with crushed asphalt for $2100, and clean up the recycle/garbage area by burying concrete debris and roll both areas into a smooth surface, seconded by Gary Montgomery and approved by the Board.          

Bob Gotter brought up work Killinger did to disable the well. They capped the PVC pipe with a towel held in place by a rubber band and the smaller 2 inch cap was never glued on. Ed Adams agreed rework was necessary and said he would ask Killinger to come back and do the job right.

Ed A. said the “Authorized Personnel Only” signs for the post office buildings are in and would be installed. Also a new handicap sign for the restroom in Wertz Hall has been ordered.

The next subject to be discussed was the revised Development Specifications document Bob Gotter has asked the board to review before bringing it to a homeowners’ meeting. He made a change to some of the wording “overhangs are permitted to extend l8” into side setback”. This changed wording agrees with wording in our covenants. Bob said he has discussed this document with Paul Puck (chair of the Development Committee) and would get an updated copy to board members.

New Business:

Dave Nickols asked that more money be put into the Potluck Entertainment Budget. After a short discussion, Ormal Guinn made a motion to increase Potluck Entertainment budget to $400, seconded by Ken Heyn and approved by the Board.

Our Bingo equipment is on its last leg and we cannot get parts to repair it. Dave Nickols talked to a vendor and got an estimate of $7500 for a new console and flashboard with a 5 year service policy and a certificate from the State that we do not pay taxes. Some discussion followed. Bob Gotter asked if Dave had checked into using a flat screen TV rather than the flashboard and Dave said he would look into that possibility. Gus G. made a motion to purchase new bingo equipment, seconded by Marlene Thorson and approved by the Board. This purchase will also need to be approved by homeowners.

General Discussion

Gus G. submitted Kathryn Hansen’s Extended Stay Request and had not gotten approval.   Ed got a copy of the form and Marlene Thorson made a motion to accept the extended stay request from Kathryn Hansen, seconded by Bob G. and approved by the board.

Gus had not heard about action taken to stop parking of truck on Azalea alley. Ed said he would handle in a personally conversation with the homeowner involved.

Gus G. had heard from auctioneers that they would like to take the $10,000 reserve off the “birdhouse property” to be sold at the auction. Reason for request, it is hard to sell with reserve on it. A discussion followed. Bob Gotter made a motion to put the reserve bid for 2909 No.50th, Lot 188 at $5000, seconded by Gus G. and approved by the board.

Gus G. said he asked Veronica to look at a drawing in a homeowner’s file and was told he could not. Ed said this is personal information and should not be available to anyone on request. Gus asked if a director can look in a file for drawings or past history on a lot. Ed said a lot of personal information is shared in the park and there should be some reservation on how much is available. If the board is going to look in a file Gary M. felt it should be in an Executive Session. Mark O’Shea said when a plan to change what is on a lot is submitted, it is looked at by two Directors and one Development Committee member so approval can be granted.

At this point, Ed had to leave and asked for a break.   When reconvened it would be chaired by Mary Pruett, our vice president.   Break 10:15 a.m.

Reconvened at 10:23 a.m.      Ken Heyn left for medical appointment.

Gus G. said at the last Board Meeting we had promised to talk about other storage issues in the RV section. Mary P. asked to table until next meeting.

Marlene Thorson shared repairs have been made in the laundry room and we now have a broom and dust pan if we need to clean up after ourselves. Marlene said the fan(s) in the laundry room are missing their blades. One other thing is the light pole between the laundry room and Karel’s house does not work all the time. Mary P. reported the pole belongs to the city and Veronica knows who to call if it needs repair. Marlene said she would pursue.

Gary Montgomery and Bob Gotter had a meeting with homeowners from II/III Sections. Issues that came up were: A) Electronic gates for NS and 49th Street, felt was discussed but no final decision made. Gary said we could discuss at the Feb. 16 homeowner meeting and take a vote on it. B) The concern that half-gate on 50th street was hard to see. Paint it a reflective orange or put more reflective tape on it. Bob G. made a motion to have Beto paint that gate orange, seconded by Gary M. and approved by the board. D) More light on 49th street at night. Bob G. suggested getting a 1500 watt photo cell on the post office . Mary P. suggested any cost could come out of maintenance funds. E) Holes and uneven ground in the Azelea/Harvey Street Park. It was suggested Beto could handle. F) First Responder Kits at Wertz Hall and 19th Hole, and at pools. Bob G. suggested Ken and Shirley Heyn are working the first responder issue and could report on options. G) Homeowners would like to hear updated 5 Year Plan. H) Advertising in the Winter Texan. Bob G. suggested we publish a ¼ page in the Winter Texan once in Feb. and March for a cost of $198/time. Gary M. made a motion to take ¼ page in the Winter Texan, once in Feb. and once in March for a cost of $376, seconded by Bob Stamm and approved by the board. Bob Stamm suggested taking the money out of the Activity Fund and advertising again in fall.

Bob Gotter said in that some meeting couple people were interested in putting speed limit signs on 48th Street. Bob said there were extra stop signs available in the park and he would like to see stop signs on all the corners of Azelea/48th. There is a lot of traffic because of people using the 17th hole to start/end golfing events.   Bob made a motion to put stop signs on each corner intersecting at Azalea/48th Street, seconded by Gary M. and approved by the board. One more thing, on the end of 48th Street when the fire department flushes the hydrant, dirt washes away and Beto talked about putting cement blocks in there to prevent that erosion. Mary P. said Bob should work that with Beto. Just for information we are going to add a light by the back door of Wertz Hall.

Ormal Guinn said there should be more lighting from the front door of Wertz Hall going west past the swimming pool.

Paul Hood made a motion that we transfer $10,000 from the Activity Fund to encumbered funds for the golf course maintenance only. One reason this is being suggested is because we lost approximately $5,000 from the golf course budget.   Since there was no second, the motion was dropped. Someone from Section I asked that the privacy screen on the west side of the south pool be continued all the way along the sidewalk to the office. Gary M. said he would talk with Laurie S. (Landscape Committee Chair) about this request.

Mark O’Shea said it was time to paint the laundry building again. He said he would be glad to get a group together to paint it. Mary P. said the paint should be paid for by the maintenance fund.

Bob Stamm wants to establish the CD with our bank and would like another director to come with him. The board was okay with that and Gus G. will go with him. Bob said since we spent $6000 to heat the pools last winter, is there any interest in shutting one down for 4-5 days to save money. It was discussed and no decision was made. Bob asked if the Board was going to discuss the two letters they had received, one today and one dated 1/20. Since the board members did not have time to review the letter received today, Mary P. suggested this matter be tabled until next meeting.

Gary M. said he wanted to look at the decision made at the last board meeting, which asked Gus to remove a unit parked on his lot. As long as the unit is well maintained, Gary said he saw no problem with it remaining on Gus’s property. In fact if Gus had come to the board for a variance when it was first decided to store the unit on his property there would not have been an issue. A discussion continued. The owner of the property is responsible to get a variance. Mary P. asked if all the people in the RV Section needed a variance because in the summer most of the places are vacant. Gary M. said if a mobile home, 5th wheel or pull- along trailer is stored on a lot from November through April a variance is needed. Ormal G. made a motion to rescind the decision that Gus had to remove the mobile that was parked on his property, seconded by Gus and the vote was 5 yes and 4 no. The motion has been rescinded. Gary M. then made a motion the board can approve a variance submitted by a homeowner to keep a unit on his lot, seconded by Ken Heyn and approved by the board. This variance would be good for one year and would need to be submitted for approval each additional year.

Bob Stamm asked if the issue of a homeowner in the RV Section putting a double wide park model on owner lot was going to be discussed. A discussion followed. The double wide park model fits on the property and conforms to our rules.   Gary M. made a motion to go into an Executive Session, seconded by Mary P. and approved by the board.

The Board went into the Executive Session at 11:30 a.m.  

The Board Meeting reconvened at 11:43 a.m. Mary P. asked Gary M. to summarize what had been discussed in the Executive Session. Gary said we discussed placing a double wide park model on lots 39 and 40T in the RV section. Gary made a motion that the individual continue his plans because he has met all necessary requirements, seconded by Bob Gotter. Roll Call Vote – Bob S. yes, Mark O. abstain, Paul H. yes, Ormal G. no, Bob G. yes, Gary M. yes, Gus. G. yes, Marlene T. yes and Mary P. yes. Motion passed.

Marlene T. made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconding by Bob G. and approved by board.  Adjourned at 11:50 a.m.