Board Meeting Minutes- February 1, 2016 Approved



                         FEBRUARY 1, 2016         

Minutes approved at the March 7, 2016 Board Meeting

This was a Closed Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.

Present:  Gary Montgomery, President;  Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Paul Hood;  Mary Hittner

Section II & III Directors:  Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; David Nickols; Darrell Olson (absent)

RV Section Directors:  Marlene Thorson; Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian:  Jim McGuire

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Stamm

General:  Net Operating Funds available, $286,058

Total YTD Income:  $202,503; YTD Expenditures $50,681; Net Income YTD $151,822

Total Activity Funds Available: $31,507

Rental Property Balance: $5,778

Memorial Fund Balance:  $3,489

Reports put to file.

The Secretary read Minutes from the January Board meeting.  They were accepted as read.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Revision of Rules & Regulations:
    Candy Maxwell wanted to be sure that the Board understood that changes made to the Rules & Regulations cannot alter the Assocation’s Covenants. Some of the proposed rule revisions need to be looked at in this light.  A suggestion was made and approved that a Committee be appointed to review again the suggested revisions with this in mind before the changes are presented to the Homeowners for approval.  The President appointed the following Committee:  Carole Buwalda, Marty RicKard, Candy Maxwell, David Nickols.

New Business:

  1. President Montgomery invited Beto to speak to the Board about conditions on the golf course. Beto would like to install new valves in the irrigation system so that the tee boxes and greens can be watered and timed separately. He estimates the cost at $7,000 to do the entire course using our own workers,  including overtime pay and materials.  This amount will need to be approved by the homeowners but there is enough in Beto’s budget to cover the cost.  The President then invited Jerry Becker to speak to the Board as golf course liaison with Beto.  There have been a number of comments on the condition of our greens. This is attributed to the time of year as Bermuda grass goes dormant in the cold but will green up quickly with the onset of warmer temperatures.
  2. The President proposed appointments to various positions within the association and asked for Board approval. The following were approved with no objections:

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

McAllen City Liaison:  Ed Adams

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell

Development Committee Chairperson:  Paul Puck

Voting & Election Chairperson:  Carole Buwalda

Golf Course Liaison:  Jerry Becker

Landscape Committee Chairpersons:  Diane Carr & Donna Hinz

Information Office Chairperson:  Nadine DeBoer

Parliamentarian:  Jim McGuire

  1. The Board had received a variance request from Gary Lindborg at 4928 Whitewing. He has a realtor’s For Sale sign on his property, attached to the front of his house. He is asking for a variance as he has no front windows in which to display a sign. The sign does not hinder lawn mowing. The variance was unanimously approved. This led to further discussion about signs on the lawns of Adobe Wells properties, which is in violation of current rules. Gary will contact owners or realtors violating this rule and ask for compliance.
  2. Ed Adams gave a brief report on his recent conversations with the McAllen personnel overseeing the Daffodil Ave. expansion project. A final plan and report is expected from the city within 2 weeks and we will have ample time to dispute or question any portions of the plan.
  3. The drawing was held to appoint new members of the Golf Committee. The following names were drawn from those who submitted their names for consideration:

Low Handicap (5 or below), Male, 2 year term:  Gary Lundberg

Mid Handicap (10-12), Female, 2 year term:  Anna Hartwig

High Handicap (10+), Male, 2 year term:  J.J. Garza

High Handicap (13+), Female, 1 year term: Donna Hinz

  1. There was discussion on park voting procedures, addressed by Carole Buwalda. She had copies of state statutes concerning voting procedures.  The hope is to put these in writing for homeowners to see so we follow the same rules every election.
  2. Candy Maxwell has been working to track requests to our attorney for his opinion on various issues. She is going to develop a procedure whereby only one person (probably Candy) will contact our attorney for an opinion, encompassing several issues in one request.  Gary will develop a file system in the office to file and keep the responses so we don’t repeatedly ask the same questions.
  3. Candy Maxwell also brought up to the Board the fact that there is no title to the rental unit owned by the park. This legally means we don’t own the mobile, just the land. In researching ownership back to the original owner, there was never a title issued.  Candy is working on the paper work necessary for us to obtain a title.
  4. Bob Gotter has obtained information and costs to install a canopy at the maintenance area to give the workers shade to work in. Bob has a quote from a licensed and insured contractor to install a 45′ x 28′ canopy with an I-Beam in the center for a hoist.  The cost is $5,900, an amount which has already been approved. The canopy will cover the space from behind the #2 green to the existing maintenance building.
  5. The Audit Committee had recommended that the Association discontinue use of a debit card and obtain a credit card to make it easier to track expenses. The debit card is primarily used by Beto to purchase various supplies. It was agreed to obtain 2 credit cards to be kept in the office and to be used for all purchases.  In case there is an instance where a supplier does not accept credit cards, it was agreed to retain the debit card for 1 year to see if it is necessary.  No purchase with the debit card is to exceed $300.
  1. The President had received a proposal to replace the Grandma’s Closet building. The current structure is old, an eyesore and has rot around the base, allowing access by rodents. Jim McGuire, with help from Ken Heyn will determine the dimensions of the concrete slab and figure the cost of materials if a new shed is constructed by volunteers within the park, rather than purchasing a ready-made building.
  2. The President asked Donna Hinz to address the Board and report on the tour the two of them took around the park to identify various repairs and clean up that need to be done. It is a fine line between what the Landscape Committee can take on and what should be regular maintenance. It was agreed that we need to do a better job keeping our infrastructure sound and clean and neat. The Board agreed to ask Beto to purchase a welding machine so he can handle a number of the welding repairs that are needed immediately.  He is also working to replace the clotheslines which are deteriorated.
  3. Gary Montgomery mentioned that Ben Jendro has sent the ad Marty RicKard put together to a paper in his hometown, and Gary is going to do the same. The Heyns and Wills work a booth at DonWes Flea Market, handing out materials on various parks in the area. It was agreed that Adobe Wells needs a brochure that we can put in places such as this, at the Winter Texan Expo which took place recently, and to visitors to our Information Office.  Bob  Stamm suggested the Board put together a committee to handle such advertising and asked that Gary ask at the February Homeowners meeting for volunteers.  Marty RicKard also had a book from the local Chamber of Commerce highlighting economic promotion in the area and quotes should we want to place an ad. This would be handled by the new Advertising Committee.
  4. The President had asked Paul Puck to look at the bathrooms at the 19th Hole. Paul states they are in good repair but the entry step is not of legal height.
  5. Gary Montgomery suggested to the Board that Adobe Wells join HOA-USA association. The cost is $99 per year and we would be kept abreast of updates on laws governing homeowners associations. This suggestion was unanimously approved.

General Discussion by Section:

Mike Manning:  Nothing to report

Paul Hood:  Nothing to report.

Mary Hittner:  Mary noted that the street sign by the north side post office building is bent and rusted. There was discussion about all park street signs as this has been brought up before.  Various Board members are getting quotes to replace all park street signs.

Marlene Thorson:  Marlene reported the laundry building was being power washed that date, and was happy about the report of the clotheslines being replaced.

Marty RicKard:  Marty noted that the chicken wire behind various holes on the north side meant to keep balls from the irrigation pond or the street is missing and asked if it can be replaced.

Bob Stamm:  Bob has canvassed residents about moving the stop sign from near the Chariton home to the 50th St/Azalea intersection.  It was agreed to do this.  He pointed out that street curbs need to be repainted yellow in various areas throughout the park. They have been power washed.  Bob has been asked by our bank for a meeting with some members of the Board, particularly check signers. The bank needs new signature cards for those now able to sign checks.  Bob also asked about whether it is our responsibility to trim weeds to the south of the fence behind the dumpsters. It is the first view of Adobe Wells from Bentsen Rd and is very overgrown.

Bob Gotter:  Bob asked that when Ken Heyn address the Homeowners meeting about the newly trained first responders, he stress that a first phone call should always be to 9-1-1.  Bob also requested that we remind homeowners that it is a contractor’s responsibility to clean up after they do work at a home. This debris is not to be placed in the alley for our workers to pick up.

Dave Nickols:  Many trucks drive too fast through Adobe Wells. He suggests that anyone viewing this make note of the phone number on the truck and call the home office and complain.

Laurie Sullivan asked if she could address the Board to clarify her responsibility as Secretary. She is willing to email the Minutes to all the Board members, rather than to Veronica and then having Veronica email them. Everyone agreed this was fine. Laurie also asked if in the spirit of better communication with homeowners, she can post the Minutes in Draft form on the Wertz Hall bulletin board. No one had any objections.

A motion was made by Bob Gotter to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dave Nickols. The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.