BOARD MEETING MINUTES-February 4, 2019-Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting

Feb. 4, 2019


This was a closed mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Arnie DeJoode.

Those present:  Arnie DeJoode, President; Mike Manning, Vice-President;   Bob Stamm – Treasurer (absent)

Section I Directors: Nancy Radke, Greg Weekley

Section II – lll Directors: Howard Harmon, Joyce Venker, Pat Mulvaney, Nancy Stamm (absent)

RV Section Directors: Darrell Burgett, Pat Fladeland

Secretary:  Laurie Lee

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

Thanks were expressed to the previous members and new members were welcomed.

A synopsis of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of January 7, 2019, was read by the Secretary and approved as read.

Treasurers Report:  The report was given by Arnie DeJoode acting in Bob Stamm’s place.

            General Net Operating Funds Available:  $300,981

The GENERAL FUND SUMMARY was modified by Arnie DeJoode by removing the ENCUMBERED FUNDS new line “WERTZ HALL FUTURE NEEDS $20,000” after discussion that the addition should be approved by the Home Owners.  After the modification the Treasurer’s report was approved.

Total Activity Funds Available:  $57,380

Rental Property Balance: $7,388

Memorial Fund Balance:  $2,468


Old Business:

  1. Town Hall Meetings on Budget and Wertz Hall – A meeting was held on Thursday Jan 10th to discuss the budget and approximately 40 homeowners were in attendance.  Approximately 125 attended the meeting on Jan 17th to discuss Wertz Hall.
  2. Officer/Director Election Results were reviewed.
  3. January Annual HOM Voting Results were reviewed.
  4. Audit Report – The audit committee report was presented at the January Homeowners’ meeting showing all items in order.
  5. South Pond Update – Vice President Mike Manning reviewed information about the need to deepen the south pond. Irrigation District #16 has indicated that when water gets to be short and the temperature is over 100 degrees, Adobe Wells will receive water only once every 10 days. An independent contractor provided estimates for deepening to 10’ or 14’ with and without liners. A 14’ pond with the best liner is estimated to cost $30,000.  It will not be known if a liner is needed until work starts depending on the depth/type of clay.  Irrigation District #3 provided an estimate for 14’ depth, not including mud removal, at $7800 with no liner.  There was discussion about the possible need for city approval to dig and dispose of sludge from the pond bottom.
  6. Winter Texan Expo Report: Howard Harmon indicated approximately 9700 attended the Expo with some interest in Adobe Wells expressed but the cost was $2000.  At the January Homeowner’s Meeting there was a vote to end the relationship with the Expo at this time.

New Business:

  1. Encumbered Funds – President Arnie DeJoode opened a discussion about the need to include a line item in the budget for Wertz Hall Future Needs since at the January Homeowners’ Meeting the vote was not to renovate or rebuild Wertz Hall. The suggestion was for $20,000 to be added to the Encumbered Funds category for this purpose.  After discussion, the motion to “Ask the Homeowners to approve $20,000 to be transferred from the general fund to the encumbered funds for Wertz Hall Future Needs” was made and approved.
  2. Workforce Update – Vice President Mike Manning reported Adobe Wells now has a full complement of six employees.  New work hours were outlined for maintenance: 6:30 to 3:00 with 30 min for lunch.  Additionally, no side jobs can be done during the lunch break.
  3. Cornhole Request:  Gloria Raatz requested the board to purchase cornhole games for the park’s use.  The board approved a motion to set aside $650 to purchase 3 sets of cornhole games.


  1. Yoga Request for 19th Hole TV & DVD Player & Accessories – Laurie Lee requested the board purchase a TV, DVD and mounting accessories.  The board approved a motion to purchase a TV and accessories for up to $550.  The installation is to be coordinated through Mike Manning.

General Discussion:

  1. No one volunteered to head up the All-Park Picnic therefore it will be removed from the current calendar.  It will be added to the 2020 calendar for the 2nd Sunday in March.
  2. Veronica will be on vacation tomorrow.
  3. Directors were reminded to complete work orders for items needing the attention of maintenance.
  4. Director’s reports                                                                                           Pat Mulvaney:
  1. Requested extra flags for golf course to which she would add an AW logo screen print. It was noted that this would come out of golf course maintenance and permission was granted to move forward.
  2. Raised the question as to whether or not the to-be-completed deck on the patio of the 19th Hole would be screened in. There is a tentative plan to screen it in and include a 6ft barn door to allow easier access to the deck from the back yard.                                         Joyce Venker:
  1. Expressed concern about Wertz Hall being locked up earlier than the approved 10:00 pm guideline.
  2. First aid kits need to be updated. To refill all 4 with new supplies would cost approximately $182.  This is considered normal maintenance, no approval necessary.
  • At the end of 2018, all except 3 people on the list of 1st Responders certification had expired. As of February 2nd, we’ve had 13 people to certify or re-certify. There will be another class on March 2nd.                                                                                             Howie Harmon:
  1. Rule/Regulation #8 indicates that guests must be signed in, yet only 16 have done so this season. There is a need to remind Homeowners and Renters that guests must be signed in and those with cars need to have a visitor’s pass in car window.  Also, visitors need to pay $2 per person per day they play golf.
  2. Wertz Hall north section AC didn’t work at dance. A work order will be put in.                                                                                                  Mike Manning:
  1. Galvanized pipe leaking in concrete at the 19th Hole. Plumber will be contacted.
  2. Gutter has fallen off the Laundry in the RV section due to rotten fascia board. Darryl Burkett indicated he has people lined up who can help fix this.                                                                                              Nancy Radke:
  1. No hot water in 19th Hole.
  2. Outside parties at the 19th Hole are loud and late. Tables were recently left outside.
  3. Tables not being put up after yoga or parties. It was agreed that at a minimum 3 tables with chairs need to be put back up after activities.
  4. Curb parking – people parking up over curb at the 19th Hole.          Greg Weekly:
  1. Hole on golf course needs to be filled near tree line on front (2 foot)
  2. Suggested the Power Company be contacted prior to hurricane season to cut limbs bearing down on power drops in alley.
  3. Mesquite tree on left side of tower has a limb that is cracking and may damage the tower.                                                                          Darrell Burgett:
  1. Addressed need for benches in the RV park. Darrell will get input from RV park residents as to what is needed.                                       Pat Fladeland:                                                                                            1. Expressed concerns about dogs on golf course and pet owners not cleaning up after their animals.

Meeting was adjourned 10:37am