Board Meeting Minutes February 5, 2018-Approved


                      ADOBE WELLS


February 5, 2018


This was a closed Mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Mike Manning, President; Harry DeBoer, Vice President;

Arnie DeJoode, Treasurer was absent

Section 1 Directors: Glenda Peterson, Nancy Radke

Section ll-lll Directors: Harry Dellinger, Connie Harmon, Howard Harmon, Nancy Stamm

RV Section Directors: David VonArx, Darrill Burgett

Secretary: Joyce Venker

Parliamentarian: Carol Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

A synopsis of the Minutes of the January 2, 2018 meeting was read by Laurie Sullivan. They were accepted. President Manning thanked Laurie Sullivan for her services as secretary. She will be moving soon.

Treasurer’s Report:  Was given by President Mike Manning.

General Net Operating Funds Available: $317,029

Total YTD Income: $231,000; YTD Expenditures: $51,306; Net Income YTD: $179,694

Total Activity Funds Available: $47,105 (Includes $39,945 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: $5,345

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,774

Reports put to file for audit.

Old Business:

  1. AED Batteries and Pads: Ken Heyn has received the replacement batteries and pads for the AED’s. He will replace the batteries and pads when the expiration date is reached on the batteries.
  2. Operating Budget, Special Projects and Activity Fund Pre-Paids: The Operating Budget, Special Projects, and the Pre-Paid Activity Fund Items were all approved at the January Homeowners meeting. Additionally, the Homeowners approved dues increase of $10/mo.
  3. Business Office and Information Office Signs: President Manning reported that the graphic designs and costs associated with replacing the Business Office and Information Office Signs should be received today or tomorrow.
  4. Winter Texan Expo: Howard Harmon reported that 9000 people came thru the Expo. We had 1000 koozies that were stuffed with an Adobe Wells Pamphlet and a bag of several golf tees and pencil. 65 koozies were left over. The koozies cost $700 and the tees and pencils were $350. Howard recommended that at next years Expo that the TV needs to be raised another 3-4 feet so that it can be seen easier. He also recommended having a table at the back of the booth for coats and purses of the volunteers working. Another $750 will be needed next year for koozies. Fifteen to twenty people signed up showing interest in our park.

New Business:

  1. Committee Chairs: Harry DeBoer is working on confirming Committee Chairs for the 2018/19 season. Help is needed by Russ and Twila Garrett who are the Committee Chairs for the “All Park Picnic”. After much discussion, an amendment was passed to move this years’ “All Park Picnic” from March 24, 2018 to Monday March 26, 2018 with the chairman’s approval. Saturday Breakfast and Palm Sunday are the reasons for changing the date. Also, Jan Hill will need to be contacted about the Ladies Bridge Game if picnic is moved to Monday. Moving the picnic to Monday in future years will be looked at next months meeting when calendars for the next couple of years are present. Co-Chairs are needed for Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Dinner.
  2. Maintenance Projects:
  3. Shop Fan, Post Office Lights and Fans: These projects are relatively easily completed and have not been scheduled yet.
  4. Wertz Hall Window Sun Shades: The previous board approved the Window Sun Shades and they are in our current budget. Connie Harmon is to go ahead and schedule installation. Old blinds are to be thrown away. The people who perform gate duty also open blinds at night.
  5. Wertz Hall Patio Wooden Door Replacement: These doors are the cabinet doors on the patio. Volunteers are needed to replace these as they are rotting.
  6. South Side Pool Heater Enclosure Replacement: A new roof is needed and it needs to be raised. Also, new fencing is needed. Other estimates will be obtained as the contractor providing the current estimate of $3200 cannot work us in for 4-6 weeks.
  7. Adobe Wells Tower Maintenance: This is a small project that will be scheduled later this spring.
  8. Special Projects:
  9. 19th Hole HVAC Replacement: President Manning is awaiting confirmation that the estimate that was used for the budgets is still valid. He has received other estimates and will schedule the project when comparisons are finished. President Manning is going to consider moving the hot water heater to free up space. Also, there is a gas leak under the sink that needs to be fixed.
  10. Security Camera Upgrade: Howard Harmon and Bob Gotter agreed to contact Security Companies to perform an assessment of our current security camera system and provide us with recommendations to improve our systems.
  11. SPECTRUM Upgrade: President Manning reported that he was able to bundle services for the same price we were paying. Wi-Fi speed was increased from 10MB to 100MB. We also got basic cable, a new modem and 3 telephone lines. Installation was $99.00. President Manning will talk to Russ Garrett regarding a special password so that nothing like games or pay movies can be ordered. It was also mentioned that an Ethernet was needed.
  12. Street Repairs and Sealing: President Manning reported that an assessment was done last year of our streets and it was determined that repairs were needed in several bad spots and all streets needed sealed. Two quotes were received at that time. They were included in the package everyone on the board received. The quotes were $30K apart. President Manning asked Harry Dellinger to get more quotes. He also asked Darrill Burgett who had worked for the DOT to assist Harry. Quotes are needed before the March meeting so that homeowners can approve the expenditure and allow the work to be done this summer.
  13. Wertz Hall Survey: President Manning has asked Connie Harmon to develop a simple survey for the homeowners to identify their requirements for Wertz Hall for the 5-year plan. The survey is to be handed to homeowners after the February meeting on their way out. This is an early exploration of different options. President Manning has been in touch with an architect to help identify different options. To update Wertz Hall or replace it. President Manning said that someone who knows the City of McAllen authorities and existing laws needs to lead the process. The cost of hiring an architect is $150 per hour and would probably be a total of $900-$1200 for his services. President Manning is going to contact Gus Gustafson who has information from last time this was looked into. A workshop will be held at a later date with the architect leading us in identifying options to the homeowners.
  14. Exhaust Fan in Kitchen: President Manning reported that the exhaust fan in the kitchen needs to be replaced as it does not work and is very loud. Bob Gotter arranged to get an estimate which was $1400. A motion was made and passed to replace, not to exceed $1500. $800 is to come out of the Activity Fund and the remainder from the General Fund. The rheostat is to be brought down from the roof also.

General Discussion:  Howard Harmon suggested that what the board can spend without the approval of the homeowners should be raised to $1200. This would be a By-Law change. It was also mentioned that if any other changes need to be made, that they should be done at the same time. By-Laws can be voted on at the Annual Meeting, after regular meeting by Special Vote and then filed.

  1. Director’s Reports:

David VonArx:  Reported that the clothesline was to be fixed.

Darrill Burgett:  Reported about trimming the mesquite trees.

Connie Harmon:  Reported that The Park Directory needs to be changed for Adobe Wells Country Club to a mobile home park.

Howard Harmon:  Reported that a white minivan drove across the 16th fairway with a load of lumber to the garbage dumpsters. Homeowners should be made aware not to drive across the fairways.

Harry Dellinger:  Nothing to report.

Nancy Radke:  Reported that the # of units in the storage area needs to be looked at. Also, someone was upset about the tree by the swimming pool being cut down.

Glenda Peterson:  Reported that gas connections need to be checked between houses and main lines.

Nancy Stamm:  Nothing to report.

Candy Maxwell:  Explained what the $200 fee that is charged to a new homeowner buyer for the resale agreement is for. It covers all the paperwork that is sent to the attorney’s and etc.

Announcements:  None

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 A.M.