Board Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2017 Approved


FEBRUARY 6, 2017


This was an open Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President,  Mike Manning.

Present: Mike Manning, President; Harry DeBoer, Vice-President: Arnie Dejoode, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Mary Hittner; Glenda Peterson

Section II & III Directors:  David Nickols ; Darrell Olson; Connie Harmon; Harry Dellinger

RV Section Directors:  Marty RicKard ; Dave VonArx

Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Treasurer’s Report: given by Arnie Dejoode

General: Net Operating Funds available, $370,860

Total YTD Income: $208,559; YTD Expenditures $52,140; Net Income YTD $156,419

Total Activity Funds Available: $37,605 (includes $35,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: $4,768

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,416

Reports put to file.

The Secretary read Minutes from the November Board meeting. They were approved as read.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Ceiling Projector: There are still no bids for installation of ceiling projector.  It was used on Feb 5 for broadcast of the Super Bowl. It did need a fan blowing on it to keep it cool, and worked well otherwise.
  2. Discussion of revised Rule #8 vs. Covenants: It was agreed at the January Board meeting that Rule #8 needed to be re-worded to comply with the Association Covenants, but it does not need to be voted on by the Homeowners. The rule will read:  Guests staying longer that 24 hours must be registered in the office by the host residents.  There is a $2.00 per day fee per guest for golfing privileges.  Owner is responsible for paying all applicable fees.
  3. Capital Improvement Bids:

a, b, c) President Manning has two bids to complete three of the projects on the capital improvement list.  The items are:  Sealing the asphalt at the maintenance area; repairing north side cart path; replacing concrete stoop at the laundry building. The bids are very similar but one of the companies is larger and Beto felt would do a better job. That is Badillo Paving and Construction with a total cost of $11,345.  Board members also wanted the roads inspected prior to the work being done so that if they are in need of repair all work can be done at the same time. The City of McAllen will inspect the roads at no cost and Mike will ask them to do this.  The Board accepted the bid from Badillo. Any needed road repairs can be paid for from the street repair funds.

  1. d) North Side Deck: New board members expressed concern over spending $6,400 to rebuild a deck which is rarely used.  It was agreed to bring this question again to the homeowners at the February meeting for another vote.
  2. 2017 Budget: The run off vote regarding a maintenance fee increase resulted in no change in monthly fees.
  3. Park Directory: Marty RicKard reported that all is going well toward putting together a new park directory with photos. Homeowners are making appointments for photos and are coming to have that done.



New Business:


  1. North Side Pond Fountain: Bob Radke spoke on behalf of several owners who would like to see a lighted fountain in the irrigation pond on the north side.  He had a brochure and prices available and was asking for whatever financial help the board could give. This would have several nozzles, easily changed, and lights in four colors. The proposal was to run the fountain from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. from Nov 1 to May 1.  The Board agreed to help with this project in the amount of $2,000 which is available from the Capital Improvement monies.  Homeowners will donate the difference required for purchase and installation.


  1. All Park Picnic:  Russ Garrett spoke about the All Park Picnic. He and his wife, Twyla, have agreed to chair the picnic this year and would like to elevate it from traditional picnic fare to prime rib.  Russ has the equipment and the expertise to do prime rib, but is asking for an additional $1,000 to cover the increased cost of meat.  The Board agreed this has to go to the homeowners at the February meeting.  A motion was made and passed that the ballot be for up to an additional $1,200 which includes a contingency should the price of beef skyrocket before Russ purchases it.
  2. All Park Breakfast: A suggestion was made to President Manning by a homeowner that we host an all park breakfast, with all proceeds, after expenses, to go to Veronica to offset medical expenses for her daughter. The Breakfasts were set up specifically to benefit the Activity Fund and the Board felt that once we take one away, more and more such requests will follow, putting the breakfast staff in a difficult position.  It was agreed that the donation can for Veronica be prominently displayed at Happy Hour and at the Breakfasts.
  3. Wertz Hall Blinds :  The blinds at Wertz Hall are in terrible and embarrassing condition and a suggestion was made by a homeowner that we bring in a professional to give us recommendations as to what would work long term in our environment. Connie Harmon and Mary Hittner agreed to handle that and come back to the Board with recommendations and costs.
  4. Revenue Committee: The President distributed the report from the Revenue Committee with their ideas for bringing additional monies into the park.  He asked that each board member study these proposals and be prepared to discuss in detail at the March board meeting.
  5. Directors Reports

Dave vonArx:  Has had requests for a soda machine in Wertz Hall and at the pool area.

Connie Harmon – nothing

Darrell Olson:  Had a request from homeowner to close the 50th Street gates permanently. Another request to replace our security cameras to read license plates at night. A suggestion to spray Wertz Hall twice a year for insects, not just one time.  This was discussed and it was agreed to check with our insect control company for a contract for semi annual or even monthly treatments.  A last request to plant grass on the south side of the park.

Marty RicKard – Asked that the use of the automatic door opener on Wertz Hall be mentioned at Happy Hour and the Homeowners meeting.  Asked that the step up to the stage be secured.

Harry DeBoer – nothing

Arnie Dejoode – nothing

Harry Dellinger – nothing

Glenda Peterson for Mary Hittner – Has complaint of no grass on tee boxes. This is Beto’s summer project.  The key to the 19th Hole is still missing.  New ones will have to be made.


General Discussion:

  1. Five Year Plan:  President Manning would like to set up a committee to come up with a new five year plan. He has the previous three plans, the newest being 8 years old. Mike asked Board members to come to him with suggestions of those to serve on that committee.
  2. Infrastructure Committee: President Manning would also like a committee to study the infrastructure of the park, and their recommendations would feed into the five year plan.
  3. Water Cooler at #1 Tee House: This is broken beyond repair.  Mike will be ordering a new one on-line at a cost of approximately $600.
  4. Daffodil Ave. project: Mike received a call from L&G Engineering who wants a public meeting to discuss the project design.  Mike spoke with Attorney Barkhurst who has been in contact with the engineers. Several dates are being discussed, but it is important to Adobe Wells homeowners that a meeting be held before mid-March when so many winter Texans leave.  Other abutting neighbors would be invited as well.  Mike has asked that Attorney Barkhurst and our appraiser be present at such a meeting.
  5. There was a gas leak on the north side. This has been repaired, but there will be an assessment to cover costs to any north side homeowner who uses gas.
  6. President Manning expressed thanks to all homeowners who helped with the all park clean up day on January 21st.


The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.