Board Meeting Minutes-Jan. 4, 2016 Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes           Draft

Monday, January 4, 2016


This was a Closed Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President, Ed Adams.
Present:  Ed Adams, President;  Mary Pruett, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer

Section 1 Directors:  Paul Hood;  Ormal Guinn (absent)

Second II & III Directors:  Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; Gary Montgomery; Gus Gustafson

RV Section Directors:  Marlene Thorson; Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian:  David Nickols

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell (absent)

Temporary Secretary, Laurie Sullivan, read the Minutes from the December 7, 2015 Board Meeting. A motion to approve was made by Ed Adams, seconded by Mary Pruett. The motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Stamm

General:  Net Operating Funds available, $182,713

Total YTD Income:  $401,090; YTD Expenditures $363,940; Capitalized Items, $26,000; Net Income YTD $63,150

Total Activity Funds Available: $31,667

Rental Property Balance: $6,935

Memorial Fund Balance:  $3,489

Reports put to file.


Unfinished Business:

  1. Revision of Rules & Regulations:
    Board members went through current Adobe Wells Rules & Regulations line by line. Some changes were made. The changes will be incorporated into the R&R so Ed can present them to our attorney for review this week. These changes are to be voted on by the homeowners at the January 18 meeting.

New Business:

  1. The proposed 2016 Budget was present to the Board for review. Bob Stamm indicated there need to be a few tweaks in the format before presentation to the Homeowners on January 18.  No increase in maintenance fees is anticipated and there were no major corrections by Board members.
  2. It was agreed to move $10,000 in the budget from Non Committed Funds to “Encumbered” funds to begin saving for a new maintenance building in the future.
  3. Bob Stamm requested that the Board ask for Homeowners approval at the January meeting for various annual expenses that exceed the $800 threshold so these do not have to be voted on each time. These items are:  $1,000 Valentine’s Dance; $2,000 Royalties; $1,000 taxes; $3,000 All Park Picnic; $4,000 New Year’s Dance.  It was agreed that this was a good idea and would save time and confusion later on.

General Discussion by Section:

Gary Montomery:  Gary has not be able to ascertain the name of the developer to approach about painting the cement block pillars on the Whitewing fence.  It has been suggested to him that the shrubs planted there will soon be large enough to camouflage the fence.

Gus Gustafson:  Homeowners have asked him about additional lighting outside Wertz Hall as it is quite dark when folks leave evening activities. Bob Gotter is already looking into that.

Gus asked about the attorney’s opinion on open meeting laws which was promised last spring. Ed indicated this is available on-line and he will get that to Gus.

Paul Hood:  Homeowners on the north side are asking about the feral cat population. Board members indicated this is not a Park problem and should be reported to Animal Control. He asked for $800 to complete repairs/improvements at the 19th Hole:  blinds, card tables, screens shutters, library shelves. This was approved by the Board.

Bob Stamm:  Bob suggested we obtain new pool rules signs, office hours signs,no-gun signs. This motion was seconded by Ken Heyn and passed. Bob also suggested moving one of the Stop signs on 50th street to Azalea to slow traffic. The Board requested a poll of adjacent homeowners.

Mary Pruett:  Mary expressed her thanks to Ed for a job well done and to the Board members for their help and cooperation.

Marlene Thorson:  Again asked if the exterior of the laudromat building could be painted and the clotheslines cleaned and tightened. Ed indicated he would ask Beto to take care of that.

Marty RicKard: Marty had information and a sample ad to be placed in “Iowa Farmer Today”, “Missouri Farmer Today” and “Illinois Farmer Today” publications. The cost for 1 issue is a total of $840. All were in favor of placing this ad as soon as possible.  Bob Stamm indicated these funds can come from the Activity Fund.
Marty has futher information on the Health Insurance proposal for Veronica and Beto. This needs to be available to the homeowners at the January meeting for a vote.

Bob Gotter:  Bob asked who would be moderating the Meet the Candidates forum; Pete Buwalda and Candy Maxwell.  Bob put forth a suggestion on behalf of a number of homeowners that we subdivide the “park” between Harvey and Azalea into 4 building lots and earn some income.

Ed Adams made a few parting comments to the Board as this is his last Board Meeting as President, thanking everyone for their help and cooperation during the past 2 years. He suggested that future Boards look into making the President’s term a 2 year term.  On behalf of the Board, Marlene thanked Ed for all that he has done for the Park in the past 2 years.

Before adjournment, Gary Montgomery asked for brief comment on a letter presented to the Board by a homeowner.  He indicated that in his door-to-door campaigning, he has not mentioned anyone by name. Since the Board can do nothing about what people infer or think about others, this matter be tabled.

A motion was made by Marlene to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Bob Gotter. The meeting adjourned at 11:33 a.m.