Board Meeting Minutes-January 2, 2017 Approved


Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 2, 2017                                  


This was an open Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:55 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.

Present: Gary Montgomery, President; Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer (absent)

Section I Directors: Paul Hood: Mary Hittner

Section II & III Directors: Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; David Nickols ; Darrell Olson

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson, Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: Jim McGuire (absent)

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary: Laurie Sullivan

Treasurer’s Report: given by Gary Montgomery in the Treasurer’s absence

General: Net Operating Funds available, $170,498

Total YTD Income: $377,010; YTD Expenditures $365,828; Capitalized Items $21,850; Net Income YTD before capitalized items $33,032

Total Activity Funds Available: $36,650 (includes $35,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: $6125

Memorial Fund Balance: $2446

Reports put to file.

The Secretary read Minutes from the November Board meeting. There was a correction to item #3 under Unfinished Business.  The back door to the laundry room was not replaced. The storm door was removed.  The door to the storage room inside the laundry was replaced.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Ceiling Projector: President Montgomery indicated that the Board needs to get bids to install the ceiling projector which was donated to the park and which the homeowners voted to accept.  Two of the Board members noted that they have used this projector and it has a tendency to overheat.  The Board voted to obtain bids to install the projector, but also to have it checked out by an expert before any installation commences.
  2. Discussion of revised Rule #8 vs. Covenants: Homeowner Hal Wallace was on hand to discuss his interpretation of Rule #8 which discusses residents vs guests, and which is in contradiction to the Association Covenants.  The Board agreed to strike the sentences in Rule #8 which allow guests to stay longer than 15 days with a fee of $1/day.  This will be discussed at the January Homeowners meeting.  Any change to the Covenants requires a vote by the majority of all homeowners and thus cannot be accomplished at a Homeowners meeting.
  3. Director’s Reports:

Dave Nickols:  Nothing

Bob Gotter:  The light fixture that shines on the north side cart path is rusted and can no longer be directed.  It needs a new fixture that can be directed to shine toward Daffodil and that will light the path at night.

Mary Hittner:  Several residents have asked for handholds for entering the bathrooms at the 19th Hole and in each bathroom next to the toilet.

Marlene Thorson:  The sprinklers near the laundry building are not working.  Homeowners have requested a mop in the laundry room.

Paul Hood:  Asked if there is a way to remove leaves from the streets, especially along the 3rd fairway.

Ken Heyn:  Nothing

Darrell Olson:  Nothing

Marty RicKard:  Nothing

Mike Manning:  A new storm door has been installed on the rental property and several other maintenance issues are being addressed as well.


New Business:


  1. Internal Audit: Howard Harmon reported on the status of the audit. The first 11 months of 2016 are complete. Final numbers for December will be available shortly and the last month will be audited. Howard will schedule a visit to the bank with the Treasurer as well.


  1. Activity Fund Expenses:  As in past years, the Treasurer would like several known large expenditures approved by the Homeowners at the January meeting to eliminate the need to ask for these individually.  These include:  All Park Picnic, $3000;  BMI Music Royalty, $2,000 est.; Taxes 2017, $1,000 est.; Valentine’s Dance, $1,000, offset by ticket sales; New Year’s Eve Dance 2017, up to $4,000, partially offset by ticket sales.  The Board asked for the insertion of the words “up to” as regards the New Years Dance as the homeowners had voted last year to have the dance committee look for less expensive entertainment.
  2. North Side Cart Path: No bids have yet been received for repair of the north side cart path.
  3. North Side Deck : Several bids have been received for repair/replacement of the deck over the north side pond.  These include:  $2400 to remove the deck and put a fence only in that area; $5200 to replace the deck with pressure treated wood; $6400 to replace the deck with a composite material; $9500 to removed the deck and extend the vinyl fence around the entire pond.  Several thoughts were discussed.  A motion passed to replace the deck with the composite material and amend the item to read “not to exceed $6400”. Money for this is already in the Capital Expense budget.
  4. Tree Trimming: President Montgomery advised that trimming of branches over the 50th Street alley and the RV section alley will commence shortly.
  5. 2017 Budget: An informational meeting for the homeowners to discuss the budget will be held on January 11.  The President, Vice-President and Treasurer are recommending to the Board that the homeowners be presented with three budget options to vote on:  No fee increase; a $10/month fee increase; and a $20/month fee increase which would allow Beto to hire two new employees and have his crew handle the trimming throughout the park.  A suggestion was made that we obtain a quote to hire an outside landscape company to handle the trimming as they would then be responsible for any damages.  The budget option #3, therefore, will read $20/month with 2 employees or outside contractor.
  6. Park Directory: Marty RicKard gave a presentation of a color, bound, directory for the park which would include homeowner’s pictures as well as contact information. The company is one he has worked with in the past. There would be no cost for the directory, they would look to sell the photos they take.  The Board agreed to bring this up to the homeowners at the January meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.