Board Meeting Minutes-January 5, 2015 APPROVED


Call to order 9:00 a.m.:

Those present: Ed Adams, President; Marcia Lundberg, Treasurer

Section 1 Directors: Paul Puck; Ormal Guinn

Section ll-lll Directors: Harry DeBoer; Gus Gustafson; Pat Mulvaney; Gary Montgomery

RV Section Directors: Judy Milan (absent); Mark O’Shea

Parliamentarian: David Nickols (absent)

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary – Approved minutes of 12/1 and 12/8/14 Board meetings after minor correction.

Treasurers Reports: Quickbooks reports


Activity   Marcia indicated the Dec. 2014 ending balance was $37,318.71 and after adding money received from New Year’s Eve Dance, balance is $39,092.20. Report put to file.

Rental Property

Memorial Fund


Beto reported the purchase of the used Tee Box Mower was a go and he is awaiting approval of the budget so he has money to pay the $850 needed. Ed said comments from homeowners about the condition of the golf course range from it is fine to it is in the worst condition they have ever seen. Ed asked Beto to comment on the status of the course. Beto said there are a lot of wet spots on the golf course due to the amount of rain we have gotten this season so we have had our watering system turned off for the last week. We will need to fill those spots with dirt/sand and seed. There are three greens on the north side which are in bad condition, they have been treated with chemicals and are looking better but again the constant rain is not helping. Our sprinkler system needs repair and will be done this coming summer. A discussion followed with directors asking Beto about condition problems, fixes needed and who fills in for Beto when he is on vacation. Ed said when he first became president, Beto was reporting to Jerry Becker and the Board pushed to have Beto report to the president. After two years experience, Ed wants Beto to continue to report to him and manage the golf course, however, he wants a volunteer to help Beto. After the election Ed wants homeowners with golf course experience to submit resumes’ so a person can be chosen for this position. Ed asked Beto if he had a problem with this idea. Beto said no, except how does he handle it when the person helping him is wrong. Ed suggested he could be a third party to work disagreement issues. It was suggested Beto be involved in picking that assistant.

Jerry Oden asked to address the board. His concern was that the WIFI project shows up in the proposed budget and he had heard it was on hold until more questions could be answered.  Ed said there are still unanswered questions about WIFI so we are offering three budget options for approval – 1) 2015 Proposed Budget w/o WIFI and w/o dues increase, 2) 2015 Proposed Budget with WIFI and no dues increase, and 3) 2015 Proposed Budget with WIFI and $10/month dues increase.   Jerry Oden also brought up a concern about a vehicle stored behind a home on 47th Street. Why is that okay when someone storing a vehicle in the RV section is not okay. Jack Clemes said the vehicle on 47th Street was his. Gary M. mentioned that vehicle behind 47th is the only vehicle at that site and makes it easier to transport a homeowner with limited mobility. Ed said we are talking the RV issue later in this meeting, and will have to look at other situations that may be in violation of our covenant.

Bob Gotter said last board meeting he was asked to come up with prices of various resurfacing product to be used in our alleyways. Find attached to minutes. Bob said last month he handed out changes to Development Specifications document. After more question he developed changes to paragraph 1, 4 and Section II – RV which he handed out. He is still looking for approval of the Board. Ormal made a motion to approve changes to Development Specs and seconded by Paul P. More discussion followed with a concern about the 3 ft. recommended grassy area between properties. In the RV section some properties are concrete up to the property line. Some properties may have to be grandfathered. As the discussion progressed, Ed suggested tabling until next month since at least two directors had not seen Bob’s original document submitted on 12/8/14. He asked the directors to study the documents Bob had provided so a decision can be made in February.



Unfinished Business:      

  1. Both properties for sale- Discuss sale price
  2. II Lot 188 (lot only) $10,000
  3. II Lot 72 (Lot & Mobile) $25,000 “possible $20,000” Ed suggested if there was any offer on the Baird property he would contact the board to look at accepting an offer below $25,000, maybe below $20,000.
  4. We ordered signs “Authorized Personnel Only” to be displayed at both our post offices.   Ed said I got a write up from the person who is responsible for cleaning the bulletin board, cleaning away old mail inside and updating the names on the inside boxes. If we list names of people who are allowed in the post offices we have to make sure it includes everyone who needs to get inside.   Gary M. made a motion that we allow Maria (cleaning person), Beto (maintenance), Veronica (has keys for entrance), Bob Gotter (security) and Laurie Sullivan (write-up Ed shared), seconded by Paul P. The board unanimously voted to approve this motion. Gary asked if there were any other necessary names to be added for the north side and it was shared that Mary Hittner does the same duties that Laurie does on the south side. Ed said with the names we have listed he was sure the work would get done on both sides.
  5. Howard Harmon question about alley way & having uniform topping- reclaimed crushed asphalt. A discussion followed and a majority of directors suggested having a list of preferred products to use, discouraging use of big rock, which allows choices since homeowners are paying for the resurfacing. Also, neighbors should be okay with product being used. Ed just wanted everyone to know the alleyways are association property and will be maintained (grass cutting) by the association. Gus agreed with using small rocks because he was concerned about park liabilities. Pat M. made a motion to allow homeowners choices when resurfacing the alleyway butting up to their property, seconded by Mark O. and approved by the Board.
  6. Who should be authorized to enter post rooms – discussed in line #2.
  7. Definition of a committee – Ed said all this talk about firming up what was a committee and what was not felt like unnecessary work. Why not just leave things as they are and the Board agreed.
  8. Scraping well – Harry DeBoer said Killinger (company who put in well) said they would remove the well for nothing and pay Adobe Wells $200 for spare parts that are reusable. Harry said he would work with Killinger to accomplish this task. He made a motion that Killinger remove the well equipment and pay Adobe Wells $200 for reuseable parts, seconded by Paul P. and approved by the Board.
  9. Paul Puck reported the barking dogs are no longer an issue on the north side. They are no longer on the property.
  10. Keep 4/5 new locks in stock for post boxes – Roman S. agreed to get purchase information to Veronica. He had ordered a replacement lock and it was easy to install (approx. cost $8). The Board agreed if a homeowner lost his key, the replacement lock would be at his expense.
  11. POD has been placed @ 2909 N. 50th St to be used for auction storage until the end of February and Bob Stamm reported the pod is in use.
  12. Pat Mulvaney said last spring we talked about the number of extended stay requests coming in year after year from the same people. Pat volunteered to make a standardized form to use each time we approved them so they could be handled in a consistent manner. Pat said we had never approved that form. Everyone got another copy and Gary M. made a motion to use this form for approval of all extended stay request, seconded by Gus G. and approved by the board.



New Business:

            Audit Report – Howard Harmon said the audit is not done yet because we still need to look at December’s final numbers. Directors will have a final report in about a week and it will be covered in the next homeowner meeting.

General Discussion

Ormal Guinn asked how we balance the budget with contingency funds. Howard Harmon explained we have line budget items and we cannot go over that budget so when we do we cover those expenses by taking money from a $10,000 contingency fund set aside for that purpose. Some examples of line items that went over budget were the aerator purchase and increased gas prices.  We take those overages into consideration when we establish the next year’s projected budget. More discussion followed.

Gus Gustafson has an extended stay request. He was told to have person wanting an extended stay to fill out the request form. After Gus has it back we can handle through email. Gus said he also had a complaint about a truck which parks on a cement slab facing the alley between Azalea and Harvey. When the homeowner makes a 90 degree turn with his truck into the alleyway he makes ruts in the property belonging to the person living behind him. Ed said a letter should be sent to this homeowner asking him to stop driving on his neighbor’s property.   This letter will be created in our business office.   Another issue is a light by the laundry room that is working right now but is not reliable. Ed said Beto was aware of this issue.

Mark O’Shea brought up the storage of a mobile home in the RV Section. Mark said a significant number of people in the RV Section are irritated by this mobile being stored there. A very lengthy discussion of more than 30 minutes followed.   Some points made were that all homeowners and renters should be treated the same. There are old examples of people storing a mobile unit in the RV Section. If this is against our covenant we have to look at all other storage situations and determine if they are in violation of our covenants. What about the storage pod on the bird house property? Mark O’Shea said each situation has to be looked at individually and we need to determine the intent. The person storing his unit on Gus’ property made it very clear to RV residents that he is storing his unit there. Gus said our storage facility will not handle the weight of these units and last year this mobile was up to its axels in mud and the owner incurred expenses getting it out. Marcia L. said if a homeowner does not like our facility, they can pay rent at one of the many storage areas in McAllen that are made to handle the weight of these units. Adobe Wells does not have to provide a storage area. Ed Adams made a motion to that this mobile home being stored on Gus’ property be moved to an appropriate storage location, Gary M. seconded. A roll call vote was taken as follows:  Ormal Guinn No, Gus Gustafson Abstain, Mark O’Shea Yes, Pat Mulvaney Yes, Gary Montgomery Yes, Paul Puck   Yes, Harry DeBoer   No, Ed Adams Yes, Marcia Lundberg Yes.   Ed said the Yes’s have it and the Mobile Home needs to be moved off of Gus’s property.   Before going on Mark O’Shea asked this subject be on the agenda of the next Board of Directors meeting so that all other questionable storage situations can be looked at. Ed agreed it would be done.


Pat Mulvaney   Pat said she had a letter from a homeowner who was concerned about the changes to the proposed budget. She said she would get copies to each board member so it can be dealt with.




Gary Montgomery   Gary shared a letter from a homeowners in Sections II/III asking for an update at each HOM reporting on what has been done to improve/fix the golf course and what is planned for the upcoming month. Another letter is requesting the budget for the golf course be set at $20,000 rather than the $15,500 currently proposed. This will help pay for issues such as wet spots, treating for weeds and ants.

Paul Puck   No issues

Harry DeBoer   No issues

Ed Adams   A thank you to all current Board Members who are at their last Board Meeting.


Adjournment   Ed made a motion to adjourn at 11:29, seconded by Paul Puck, meeting adjourned.