Board Meeting Minutes- March 2, 2020 Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting

Monday, March 2, 2020


This was a closed Mic meeting with audience input on agenda items allowed with time limits.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President Arnie DeJoode.


Officers: Arnie DeJoode, President; Mike Manning, Vice President; Howard Harmon, Treasurer

Section I Directors: Jim Stevens, Greg Weekley

Section II-III Directors: Harry Dellinger, Anna Hartwig, Pat Mulvaney, Joyce Venker

RV Section Directors: Pat Fladeland, Margie Glaesemann (absent)

Secretary: Sonya Bush

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary Report:  A synopsis of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of February 3, 2020, was read. The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was given by Treasurer Howard Harmon.

  • General Fund:
  • General Net Operating Funds Available: $303,632
  • Total YTD income: $273,274
  • YTD Expenditures: $92,735
  • Net Income YTD: $180,539
  • Total Activity Funds Available: $84,921
  • Rental Property: $10,266
  • Memorial Fund: $2,291


One correction was made on the YTD Rental Fund. The park fee of $1320 is an annual expense and should only be listed once.

The report was then approved and put to file for future audit.



Old Business

  1. February HOM Voting Results: The following amendment was voted on at the February HOM meeting: The feeding of waterfowl on Adobe Wells Homeowners’ Association common property is prohibited. Violators will be fined $100 for each occurrence.

Voting Results    124 Yes        38 No

This will be entered into the Rules and Regulations and will be filed with the county.


  1. Late Fees: There were 9 units that were two months late with the fees, but after the announcement at the Homeowners’ Meeting all but two are paid up.


  1. Lattice: Lattice was purchased by Adobe Wells and was installed by Section II-RV residents and AW workers in Section II-RV and along the 50th Street alley. Vegetation that needed trimming was also done along the fence.


  1. Soil Testing: Mike Manning went over the report from Texas Plant and Soil Labs. He spoke with Noel Garcia, the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Consultant. Generally the soil is in good shape. It was his opinion that we over-watered the trees. They should only be watered for 45 minutes twice a week in the summer once we get the new trees started. Our watering system is currently on a dripline which is run off of the sprinkling system for the golf course. This will be changed this summer. Also, when you get ready to plant the new trees, get some of the premium compost that has microbes in it from McAllen and put it around the new trees. These microbes will help fight disease. Compost and a water solution of 1 oz. of an organic compound, developed by Texas A&M, and 1 oz. of dark molasses should be applied twice a year. One gallon of the concentrate was purchased.


They also talked a little about if putting fish in the South Pond would help with the algae. He said that’s fine but the fish waste creates phosphorus which feeds algae.


  1. Fence Painting: The wood fence on the North side looks great after it was painted by the landscaping committee and many volunteers.


  1. Wertz Hall Water Leaks: The stucco has been here for a long time. The question is to repair the leaks or to replace all the stucco siding.

Mike Manning talked to three different contractors. They all thought the same that if you just put on the solid stucco, which is three layers of stucco that hardens like concrete and is inflexible, you will have the same cracks appearing again because of the heat in the summer. Instead all three gave the same proposal of going with EIFS (External Insulation and Finishing System). Mike wants to meet with all three contractors again so by the next meeting we can make a decision of what we want to do.



New Business

  1. John Deere Tractor Repair: The injection pump has been repaired and the fuel tank was taken off, cleaned out, and filled back up. You can now start and stop the tractor. We still have to rewire the safety switch on the seat which was disabled at one time. We also need to buy a new tire for the tractor.


  1. Auction Report: A preliminary report shows that the auction made $29,487.81 this year to go into the activity fund. This is a new record. See attached handout.


  1. South Pond Water: Irrigation District finally got the pipe leak repaired and started delivering water early Saturday afternoon. The pipe leak was in an area where the housing development had built over the easement leaving little space to dig, and then they found AEP electrical cables laid over the pipe which then required manually digging. The pond overflowed again. We are going to talk to the Irrigation District about overflowing three times this year.


  1. Adjacent Lots, Same Owner: Nick and Marcia Golden are interested in buying the vacant lot next to them. He inquired about restrictions etc. because they are interested in putting on additions to their current home, which would cross the boundary into the adjacent lot. He would have to continue paying the maintenance fee on the purchased lot per Adobe Wells Development Specifications; Rule 11 (adopted January 24, 2000). Paul Puck will check on the “set back from alley” for both lots.

After much discussion a motion was made, seconded, and approved that Nick and Marcia Golden can go ahead with purchasing and improving the lot as long as they sign an agreement that they accept the restrictions and the pending response from our attorney if he agrees this can be done. Our attorney would draft the documents at the buyer’s expense.

General Discussion

Jerry Coleman has volunteered to cover the practice tee with artificial turf at his expense. There will be a golf committee meeting later today, and this will be brought up to them.

Director’s Reports:

Harry Dellinger:  The renter is happy with the furniture that is in there. There is something wrong with the soffit on the front part of the house that Harry is going to take a look at. The renter complained that she can’t see well enough at night, because the outside light doesn’t extend out far enough. A solar motion detection light will be installed. There was some discussion over sunscreens versus awnings for the rental house.

Pat Fladeland: Check on the property located at 5024 Bluebonnet. There are pallets and things stacked up around the house. Golf carts are still going too fast. Remind golf cart drivers to please look behind them before backing out into the street.

Anna Hartwig: Nothing

Mike Manning: Harry, Greg and Mike are going to the nursery on Wednesday to look for cypress trees and also look to see what kind of trees would work on the golf course.

Pat Mulvaney:

  • Being Candy Maxwell’s house is sold, are we going to replace her as Jurisprudence? Carole Buwalda has agreed to do that.
  • Awnings on rental house are still bad. Harry Dellinger is getting a price on new awnings.
  • The fence behind #10 green is low in places and the dogs can jump over it and run on the golf course. Mike Manning will cover that area with chicken wire.
  • There is a broken post by the South Pond and end of the street that needs fixing.
  • Can a dishwasher be installed in the cut-out area in the kitchen? It will be looked into.
  • Golf carts can cross the golf course to get to the garbage and recycling area. A large privately owned pickup drove across the golf course recently. It needs to be stressed that if you take things over to the garbage area it needs to be by golf cart and not a personal vehicle. If you have a pickup full of stuff to get rid of, get a hold of Victor, Mike Manning, or Arnie and they can open the gate for you.

Jim Stevens:

  • Can the road by widened by the Post Office at the North side? It would be easier for cars to meet by the stop sign. There is no asphalt there, just grass that the cars have been driving on.
  • Can we use the grass between the street and Wertz Hall for additional car parking? Possibly but the city would have to be contacted about fire codes and other possible restrictions. The bicycle rack can be moved to the grass.
  • Again, speeding golf carts.
  • Can large packages be delivered to their home instead of to Wertz Hall? The Post Office won’t, but Fed X and UPS will if you give them your physical address.
  • Many people seem to be working in the Business Office. Is this a concern for privacy of our files? Only one person helps Veronica in the business office in January when everyone is paying their dues. The only people with keys to the personal files are Veronica and Adobe Wells officers.
  • Covenant Violation – has anything been done about the complaint turned in for the violation on the North Side? Yes, it has been taken care of.

Joyce Venker: Nothing

Greg Weekley:  Check the jets in the hot tub on the North side. There was a complaint that there isn’t any pressure. The last time there was complaints about not enough pressure from the jets in the hot tub, Mike went over the next morning, started them up, and took a video of it. There might just be a problem of not knowing how to operate it. There was also a complaint of the hot tub not hot enough. The hot tub is set at 104 degrees which is as high as it can go, and the pool is set at 87 degrees.

Announcements: None


Motion made, seconded, and approved to adjourn the BOD meeting at 10:35 a.m…

Submitted by Sonya Bush, Secretary