Board Meeting Minutes March 4, 2019-Approved

Adobe Wells Board of Directors Meeting

March 4, 2019



Meeting called to order by President Arnie DeJoode at 9:00.

Call to order: All were present.

President:  Arnie DeJoode

Vice-President:  Mike Manning

Treasurer:  Bob Stamm

Section 1 Directors: Nancy Radke, Greg Weekley

Section ll-lll Directors: Nancy Stamm, Howard Harmon, Joyce Venker, Pat Mulvaney

RV Section Directors: Darrill Burgett, Pat Fladeland

Secretary:  Laurie Lee

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

Approval of Minutes:  February 4, 2019 Board meeting Minutes were read by the secretary and approved.

Treasurers Reports:

  • General Fund
    • Net Operating Funds Available: $ 281,078
    • Total YTD Income: $ 254,747
    • Total YTD Expenditure $ 85,997
    • Net Income YTD $ 168,750
  • Total Activity Funds Available: $ 87,078
  • Rental Property Balance: $ 8,088
  • Memorial Fund Balance: $ 2,468


Due to high balances in the General and Activity Funds, short-term CDs will be purchased.

The report was approved.

Old Business:

  1. Encumbered Funds – Addition of Wertz Hall Future Needs line item was approved by the Homeowners, 142 to 37.
  2. Workforce Update – Changed work hours to 6:30 – 3:00 with 30 min for lunch and no private work to be done during lunch. Full contingent of employees.  Victor on his own in began mowing at an angle to change the pattern so as not to cause ruts.
  3. Cornhole Request – ordered, received and stored in rental unit
  4. Yoga Request – purchased and installed
  5. Maintenance Update on Feb Directors’ Reports – A.) A/C unit fixed at Wertz Hall.  B.) Leak at 19th hole has been fixed and hot water was restored. C.) Laundry – Downed gutter and rotten fascia board were fixed and painted by volunteers. D.)  Hole on golf course has been filled.  E.)  Mesquite tree by tower has been trimmed.


New Business:

  1. Tom Judge Variance Request
    1. Because the Development Committee did not sign off on request for a privacy structure on the north side of their home, Tom presented his request to the board.  The request was for a 24’ x 9’ screen/lattice mounted on two poles on his property line.  The structure would be open at the bottom.  A motion was made not to approve the request.  After discussion, the motion passed.  It was noted that if noise was an issue, documentation could be presented to the Board.
  2. Sid Meidinger Request
    1. The request was to build a 12’ by 32’ shed on Lot #38, 5104 Bluebonnet in the RV section.  A motion was approved after discussion about door placement to accommodate future use by a owner or renter with a small RV.  It was noted that because the shed is over 200 sq. ft., approval by the city would be required.  The shed should be in place within 6 months of the city permit application as per Adobe Wells Building Specifications.
  3. Security Cameras
    1. Vice President Mike Manning indicated the security system put in last summer can accept 3 more cameras.  A proposal was made to add digital cameras to cover the 48th St. gate, the maintenance shed, and the front door of Wertz Hall at a cost $2847.97.  A Motion was made and approved to ask the homeowners for up to $3200 from the General Fund for this proposal. The Board will investigate if footage from the security cameras can be stored to allow access after the typical 14-day window.
  4. Golf Course Route to Trash Area
    1. A suggestion had been put forth to make turn at 16th tee, go between 13th green and 16th tee and turn then turn left at the fence line to get to the dump.  There was discussion but no action was taken because no motion was made.

General Discussion:

Turf tires and wheels for Kubota – Suggest taking money out of activity fund to replace wheels and tires, perhaps selling the old tires and wheels.  A motion was made to “Ask Homeowners for $2000 from the activity fund for 4 turf tires and wheels for the Kubota.”   The motion carried.

South Pond capacity increase – $15,000 has been approved by homeowners for this project, but depending on if a liner is needed, the amount may not be enough. A motion was made to “Ask Homeowners for total of $30,000 taken out of the activity fund to fund the south pond capacity increase, removing the $15,000 from the general fund budget.  The motion carried.

Activity Fund support for Mardi Gras parade:  A request was made for a non-specified amount to cover beverages during the parade.  The proposal was not acted on due to lack of a motion.  It was noted if donations don’t cover costs incurred during the parade, receipts could be submitted for possible reimbursement.



Director’s Reports

  1. Pat Mulvaney
    1. Concerns have been expressed about upkeep and maintenance of homeowners’ yards. It was noted that policies are in place to address “annoyance and nuisance” issues.
    2. Concerns have been expressed about towels hanging over porches to dry. The consensus is that the rules of the park do not cover this area and therefore Directors do not need to address it with perceived offenders.
  2. Joyce Venker
    1. It has been suggested that nets be put up to prevent golf balls from going in road on 1, 9, 10, and into the private yards along hole 13. A past attorney’s opinion indicated since the golf course was built prior to neighborhoods, the homeowners accept the risk of damage due to golf balls.
    2. It has been asked if excess Activity Fund monies can be used for club house remodeling.
  • A suggestion was made to look into purchasing the lot that is for sale next to the beauty salon.
  1. Nancy Stamm – No requests
  2. Howard Harmon
    1. Ray Parrott requested permission to build a 56” square and 32” high BBQ in the park between Azalea and Harvey, 12 ft from Lee’s property line and 35 ft from Azalea. A motion was made to approve request to put the BBQ on park property.  The motion carried.
    2. Gloria Raatz has asked to purchase flashlights (approximately $75) for Night Golf. These would be stored in the office and checked out with Veronica.  Activity fund will cover the cost.
  • Concerns have been expressed about cars parked overnight on AW streets. Rule #30 prohibits overnight parking on the streets.  Howie will ask Gigi to put a notice in the Divot.
  1. Pat Fladeland – No requests
  2. Darrill Burgett – No requests
  3. Greg Weekley
    1. Concern expressed that trees around the 19th Hole need trimming.
    2. Concern was expressed about the pavement at the entrance to the North Side that is starting to break up. Should this be cut out and re-laid in.  Additionally, a pot hole at the entrance needs cold patch.
  4. Nancy Radke – No requests

Announcements: n/a

Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 10:43 am.

Laurie Lee , Adobe Wells Secretary