Board Meeting Minutes March 5, 2018- Approved


March 5, 2018



This was a closed Mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Mike Manning, President; Harry DeBoer, Vice President;

Arnie DeJoode, Treasurer

Section 1 Directors: Glenda Peterson, Nancy Radke

Section ll-lll Directors: Harry Dellinger, Connie Harmon, Howard Harmon, Nancy Stamm

RV Section Directors: David VonArx, Darrill Burgett

Secretary: Joyce Venker

Parliamentarian: Carol Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

A synopsis of the Minutes of the February 5, 2018 minutes was read by Secretary Joyce Venker. After two additions the minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Was given by Treasurer Arnie DeJoode.

General Net Operating Funds Available: $312,088

Total YTD Income: $262,213; YTD Expenditures: $82,861; Net Income YTD: $179,353

Total Activity Funds Available: $76,137 (Activity Fund CD matured on February 19, 2018; $40,000 transferred to checking account)

Rental Property Balance: $6,522

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,644

Reports put to file for audit.






Old Business:

  1. Committee Chairs: Dale Lee was present to do the drawing for the Golf Committee. Low Handicap Females signed up were Pat Mulvaney, June Davisson and Shirley Theil. Pat Mulvaney’s name was drawn. Low Handicap Males signed up were Russ Garrett and Dee Murphy. Dee Murphy’s name was drawn. The only Mid Handicap Female signed up was Gigi Bailey. High Handicap Females signed up were Twila Garrett, Nancy Burgett, Ima Cheney and Jan Bedford. Twila Garrett’s name was drawn. High Handicap Males signed up were Ray Parrott and Dwight Porter. Dwight Porters name was drawn. President Manning informed the board that he established a new golf course advisory committee headed up by John Westereng, Lloyd Bratland and Milt Jones. The function of the committee is to meet with him in November and provide input into the needs of the golf course from a golfer’s standpoint. This will provide another input into development of the general budget. The committee will also provide an assessment of the golf course in March to help focus on the maintenance required over the summer.  President Manning has asked Mike Venker to be the golf liaison during the summer and he has accepted. He will perform the same functions as John Westereng and Stan Shook who are the golf liaisons during the normal golf season, which is to serve as the individuals who informs Beto of any concerns about the course. Harry DeBoer will provide an updated list of committees chairs this week as there has been some changes. A motion was made and passed to have “The All Park Picnic” on the second Sunday of March starting next March 2019.
  2. Maintenance Projects:

Special Projects:

  1. 19th Hole HVAC Replacement: The heat pump for the 19th Hole will be installed on Thursday, March 8. The contractor is Action Aire with a price of $6700 installed. The next closest bid was $9200.
  2. Security Camera Upgrade: Howard Harmon and Bob Gotter gave updates on the status of the Security Camera Project. They have received two estimates. Howard Harmon met with the Director from Pine to Palm. Frontline Smart Security installed their cameras. The estimate was a total of $7000. An estimate from Texas Security Systems was $4100. A third company Xtreme Security was contacted but wasn’t returning calls. Howard and Bob are going to get a demonstration and updated quotes.
  3. SPECTRUM Upgrade: President Manning reported that safeguards have been added to prevent charges to the Association for costs of movies, sporting events and other pay events.
  4. Street Repairs and Sealing: Harry Dellinger and Darrill Burgett gave updates on quotes for the street repairs and sealing to be performed this summer. Three different quotes were obtained. President Manning said that we need to write our own contract to make sure that everything is covered. Darrill said it would be better to have it sprayed by hand rather than laid by machine. A motion was made and passed to accept the Badillo Paving and Construction bid with our own contract not to exceed $70,000 of which we have $64,000 put away to reseal and repair our streets. This is to be voted upon at the March 2018 Homeowners Meeting.
  5. Wertz Hall Survey: President Manning compiled the results of the Wertz Hall Survey that he will provide the architect. This information will assist the architect in helping us work through the process of identifying options for the homeowners’ consideration. President Manning provided spreadsheets of the survey to the board members. He thanked Connie Harmon for putting the survey together. We only received 180 responses with the following responses: 54 (30%) of the respondents thought we should do nothing to Wertz Hall; 83 (46%) of the respondents wanted to remodel and/or enlarge Wertz Hall; 44 (24%) of the respondents wanted us to demolish Wertz Hall and build a new Community Center. This is an initial step to identify obstacles such as ordinances, identifying options, performing an engineering assessment of Wertz Hall, and estimating costs for the different options. President Manning would like to present some options to the homeowners in December or January. He would like to have a committee that will stay with the project to the end.
  6. Exhaust Fan: The exhaust fan for the kitchen has been ordered. President Manning and Bob Gotter will follow up with the contractor to get installation scheduled.

New Business:

  1. South Side Pool: Recently a hole developed in the South Side Pool. The water was shut off for a couple of days to determine if there was a leak. No leak was determined. Beto applied an underwater patching material to the edges to prevent people from getting cut by the jagged edges. Quotes will be gotten for re-plastering the pool, so that it may be fixed this summer. A motion was made and passed to ask the Homeowners to spend $6000.00 that is set aside for the pool and up to $2000.00 more if needed out of the Activity Fund for re-plastering the South Side Pool.


  1. Shuffle Board Courts: The Shuffle Board Courts on both the South Side and the North Side are badly in need of repairs. After much discussion motions were made and passed.
  2. A motion to ask the Homeowners to vote to turn the North Side Shuffle Board Court into a concrete sitting area with a couple of benches, lights and flowers was made and passed. An amendment was made and passed to spend up to $2000.00 out of the Activity Fund to be used for the North Side Patio.
  3. A motion to ask the Homeowners to vote to replace 6 benches with composite benches, put up new lights and paint light poles at the South Side Shuffle Board Courts not to exceed $3500.00 from the Activity Fund was made and passed.
  4. 19th Hole Conversion to Electric: President Manning got estimates to convert the 19th Hole from gas to electric. The estimate is for $395 to remove and dispose of the old 1989 water heater, the gas heater that will no longer be used, and cap off all gas lines going to the building. Water lines will be run and connected to the new hot water heater. A 40-gallon water heater from his plumbing supplier would be approximately $325. We would also have to purchase a new electric range for the kitchen and provide the electric power. A new range costs $350 and up depending on what we want. President Manning said that we could convert to electric, put the H2O heater on the patio which could provide space to add additional counter space to the kitchen and more cabinets. By converting to electric and taking out the 4 window AC units there will be two 220-volt breakers available for the hot H2O heater and stove. Electric work is estimated at approximately $300. The holes from the AC units will have to be fixed. A motion was made and passed to ask the Homeowners to spend up to $2000.00 out of the Activity Fund to convert from gas to electric for a new hot H2O heater, new electric stove, electrical work, plumbing work and repairing the holes from the AC window units.
  5. North Side Windmill: President Manning is considering installing the windmill on the North Side, but a smaller version. We would weld some angle iron on the existing windmill pour a concrete pad and re-install it. The estimated cost for the concrete pad was $100 last year. It has been suggested to have it put by the pond where the screen and cart path are. Glenda Peterson and Nancy Radke will do a survey of the North Side Homeowners for suggestions of where to have it installed.
  6. Sid Meidinger: Sid and wife Sandy gave a presentation to the board concerning installing a portable building on his empty lot in the RV section. The building will be for golf carts, motorcycles, a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom and bathroom are for visiting guests. It is a shed built by Derksen Portable Buildings. Sid and Sandy will do the build out on the inside. More information is needed. More research will be done and a special meeting will be held for a vote on this.


  1. Debra Kaye: Deb had a request of the Board but she wasn’t present at the meeting.


General Discussion:

  1. Director’s Reports:

Connie Harmon: Reported that there are mobiles that are not taking care of their weeds. Addresses should be written down so that letters can be sent.

Nancy Stamm: Reported that there were comments that the Picnic is too late this year, lights are needed for the Shuffle Board Court and the weeds.

Howard Harmon: None.

Harry Dellinger: None

Nancy Radke: Reported that there were questions about the mesquite trees on the 4th fairway. Beto said they didn’t look bad. She also received a letter that there was no pond H2O for watering flowers, yards and etc.  She also has had questions about what is going on across the fence line, that no one is taking care of any plants. Donna Hinz was present and reported that the North Side wants a fence not flowers. No one wants to take care of flowers. Donna is to call a landscaper for suggestions of any plants that require no maintenance.

Glenda Peterson: None.

Darrill Burgett: Reported a number of items that need maintenance. President Manning asked him to fill out a maintenance request at the office.

Dave VonArx: None.


            President Manning: He has received some complaints concerning the cutting of grass when the women are playing on Thursdays. He mentioned it to Beto, but unless it is a tournament, the workers have priority in maintaining the golf course. They have limited time to get their work accomplished. He also wants to thank Glenn Harmon for taking down all of the shades.

Harry Dellinger: Left over items from the auction has always been given to our workers and this year it was given to the preacher for a mission. This needs to be looked into for next year.

The meeting adjourned at 12:09 P.M.