Board Meeting Minutes- March 6, 2017 Approved

                        Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

                                     Monday, March 6, 2017                          

This was a closed Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning.

Present: Mike Manning, President; Harry DeBoer, Vice-President: Arnie Dejoode, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Mary Hittner; Glenda Peterson

Section II & III Directors:  David Nickols ; Darrell Olson (absent); Connie Harmon; Harry Dellinger

RV Section Directors:  Marty RicKard; Dave VonArx

Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan (absent); Glenda Garza substitute

A guest presentation was made by Jonathan Garcia, Account Manager with IBC.  He reviewed details of the accounts held by IBC, handed out a packet to Board members, and mentioned the time change at the bank on the corner of Nolana and 23rd where our accounts are held. There will be a meeting set up with our Treasurer, Arnie Dejoode.

The Secretary read Minutes from the February Board meeting. They were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report: 

General: Net Operating Funds available, $311,312

Total YTD Income: $234,048; YTD Expenditures $78,874; Net Income YTD $157,399

Total Activity Funds Available: $63,271 (includes $35,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: $5,938

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,318

Reports put to file.

Unfinished Business:

  1. North Side Deck: Expenditure of up to $6,400 for removal and reconstruction of a deck over the north side irrigation pond was again approved by the homeowners at the February homeowners meeting.  There was discussion regarding best materials to use and whether it was appropriate to use volunteer labor to dismantle the old deck. The Board further expressed concern over whether the pond needs to be fenced. Harry DeBoer will research regulations.
  2. Road Inspection by the City of McAllen: Paul Puck reported to the Board about road inspection by the City engineer. He recommended sealing of our roads every 2 to 3 years, this has not been done in 5 years. He will give us names of companies who do this work. The Board will instruct the Infrastructure Committee to obtain estimates for road sealing to be brought to the homeowners for approval next fall.
  3. North Side Pond Fountain: Glenda Peterson reported that parts for the fountain have been ordered, with some monies allocated by the Board for this project not being used. There was discussion about what months the fountain will be lighted. A dedication ceremony is planned next fall.
  4. Wertz Hall Blinds: Connie Harmon and Mary Hittner presented the results of their research into new blinds to the board and presented Board members with photos and quotes. It was agreed this project should be part of the FiveYear Plan. The cost will necessitate this issue being voted on by the homeowners next season.
  5. Water Cooler, #1 Tee House: The new unit has arrived. It will require new plumbing.  A new light to illuminate the cart path is scheduled to be added as well.
  6. Daffodil Ave. Project: The City had call Mike on February 22 asking for a counter offer. The caller was referred to our attorney.  Harry DeBoer had met a neighbor asking about the City’s offer.  Harry provided the name and number of our attorney so neighbor’s attorneys could coordinate with Atty. Barkhurst.
  7. Five Year Plan and Infrastructure Committee Update: Glenda Peterson will chair the Five Year Plan Committee and Harry Dellinger will chair the Infrastructure Committee.  Five Year Plan Committee:  Lloyd Bratland, Russ Garrett, Ron Glatt, Pat Mulvaney.  Infrastructure Committee:  Donna Hinz, Paul Puck, Gene Raatz.
  1. Revenue Committee Report: Suggestions from the Revenue Committee were discussed with input from Candy Maxwell, Jurisprudence Officer.  She noted that our non-profit status must be considered.
  2. a) Buy In Fee:  This was discussed with relation to survey of recent home buyers.
  3. b) North Side Storage:  Rental fees for storage seen as a good possibility. Existing documents state storage is provided, with no restriction against charging a fee.
  4. c) Monthly Fee for Renters:  Doubtful that this would pass as it would require a change in our Covenants.
  5. d) Golf Tag Fee Increase:  Possible this would damage good will of residents and might affect our non-profit status.
  6. e) Rental House – Referred to Five Year Plan Committee.
  7. f) Green Space Lot Creation and Sale:  This was previously addressed with the conversion of the storage area from the RV Section to the north side.  Engineering would be required with a new survey of all lots.
  8. g) Charge for a variance that allows a third person in a home:  Tabled
  9. h) Use of Activity Fund money:  Occasionally this is done in accordance with the $800 cap.  Any expenditure above $800 requires homeowner approval which is sometimes difficult.
  10. i) External Sources of Revenue:  Inviting the public to Adobe Wells is not a popular option for reasons listed in the Committee’s report.  But a possible one-day “open house” is something that can be discussed in the fall.

New Business:

  1.  Welcome Committee Book: Candy Maxwell presented the Board members with a copy of the Welcome Book. Carol Harmon suggested we review how the book is distributed as some new homeowners seem to view a visit as an intrusion.  Perhaps the Business Office can distribute.  A review of the whole book is needed and an update of the Rules & Regulations provided. The Board agreed that we should continue to provide the book to new owners.
  2. Concrete Benches: The concrete benches on the golf course are deteriorating.  Many were provided as memorials and cannot just be discarded.  Mike Manning will look into this.
  1. Texas A&M Soil Report: We are awaiting a report from Texas A&M. Representatives took soil samples from our greens, the rose gardens and the cypress tree border.  Samples from the cypress trees was also sent for analysis as we are losing these regularly. Thanks to Lloyd Bratland for pursuing the testing.
  2. January, 2018 Board Meeting : The first Monday in January, 2018, is New Year’s Day. It was agreed that for one time only, the Board will move their meeting to Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  An announcement will be made to Homeowners at the December, 2017 meeting.

Director’s Reports:

Mary Hittner:  A resident questioned the assessment for a gas leak. Arnie Dejoode explained that as all gas service comes off a single meter on the north side, repairs are shared equally among gas users. The assessment was $19, very minimal.

Glenda Peterson:  An issue of an abandoned car was discussed. This is difficult to resolve. She suggested gentle handling in policing golf carts driven by unaccompanied children.

Harry Dellinger:  Nothing

Connie Harmon:  Nothing

Dave Nickols:  Asked that the Board ask Beto check for the need for tree trimming on the south side on the edges of the fairways. Dave feels we should post “No Trespassing – Private Property” signs.  He has had complaints about the same people winning at golf frequently. As long as we have our handicap system in place, there is no answer to this.

Marty RicKard:  Asked if background checks are done on renters.

Dave VonArx:  Nothing


  1. All Park Picnic:  Sunday, March 12, 2017’
  2. Pot Luck: Dave Nickols reminded the Board of Pot Luck Dinner on Tuesday, March 7.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.