Board Meeting Minutes Nov.2, 2015- Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting

 Monday, November 2, 2015 Minutes          Draft


Call to order (check those present):

Those present: +Ed Adams, President; +Mary Pruett, V-President; Robert Stamm, Treasurer (absent)

Section 1 Directors: Paul Hood (absent); Ormal Guinn (absent)

Section ll-lll Directors: +Robert Gotter; +Ken Heyn; Gus Gustafson (absent); +Gary Montgomery

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson (absent); +Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: +David Nickols

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary – Approve minutes of 04/06/2015 Board meeting –  After they were read G.Montgomery made a motion to approve, seconded by B. Gotter and approved by the Board.

Treasurers Reports:    In Stamm’s absence Veronica summarized the General Funds – Operating Funds available $259,612.  Veronica indicated this does not include a CD interest payment of $2,600 that was just received.  Encumbered funds total $68,533.  Maintenance Shed Blacktop project was completed using encumbered funds of $26,000.  Since the cost was $27,700 we were short by $1,700.  Net Operating Funds available $191,079.   Activity Fund – Veronica reported income of $35,512 and expenses of $29,198 – net income of $6,314 added to beginning balance of $37,029 equals $43,343.  A decision was made by Bob Stamm and the Board to pull $40,000 from the Activity Fund and put it into an interest bearing CD (1%) leaving a balance of $3,343 in the checking account.   Rental Property – the current balance in this account is $6,944.  Memorial Fund – current balance is $3,544.  Ed Adams said he had received an email from Bob Stamm and was asked to share this information with the Board.  Bob’s main points were these are preliminary Oct. balances, he intended to work with bank representative to get back 1.5% interest rate that dropped to 1.0%, ask Veronica to contact homeowners who are delinquent on their dues, inventory our physical assets, and look closely at accounts that are running over budget.

Unfinished Business:      

  1. Discuss maintenance area and alley on northside Ed A. said this work is complete with one exception (tank sitting on cement area needs a grate under it in case of a diesel fuel leak.
  2. Discuss painting of pillars on Whitewing – A homeowner was planning to take responsibility for painting but has since left the park. Board approval was given and now we need to decide how to get it done.
  3. Discuss Wertz restrooms and hallway updates (Activity Fund). Bob Gotter said when we exposed the walls by the toilets there was a mold problem.  Also the flooring tiles contain asbestos.   Mold issues could have led to city intervention and asbestos removal requires an outside consultant and would have been very expensive.  Therefore, we decided to replace the wall board that was moldy and cover the existing flooring with a PVC laminate that could be glued down.  This properly abated the asbestos issue, got rid of the mold problem and the work was done by park volunteers which made it very cost effective.  Ed said, as the chair, he was going to propose the homeowners approve funds coming from the Activity Fund to pay for these renovations.
  4. Discuss widening of Daffodil Project – Ed Adams and several board members have met with city representative at their office and here at Adobe Wells. Originally the city planned to take approx. 20 feet of our property all along the north side.  After looking at expenses the city would incur fixing what they would have to move, they are now looking at taking only 4 feet along the north side.  We should have a firm answer from the city in approximately one week.  Another issue coming to our attention is the City considering re-zoning the property on the north side at the corner of Taylor/Daffodil and some of Adobe Wells property is included.  This change, if made, could affect our taxes and potentially the type of neighbor right next to our property.  We are voicing our concerns and will communicate the results.
  5. Bob Stamm, Treasurer: Is Auction income taxable? Still need an answer to this question.
  6. Bob Gotter handed out the updated Development Specs which were compiled and signed by Paul Puck and Bob Gotter. Bob said general changes were made to make it easier to understand.     Bob G. made a motion to approve these changed Development Specs, seconded by Gary M. and approved by the Board.        Another subject had come to the attention of Bob G. and Paul Puck.  North side adjacent property owners ‘Edwards and Smith’ are listed in City and Adobe Wells records as 40 X 80 ft. lots each.  In actuality there are 40 feet between these two lots that are not on record, i.e. “no man’s land”.  Rather than go through the expense of redoing official records, our suggestion is to have these owners share this property.    Bob G. made the motions to have these two owners share this property following our Rules & Regulations, seconded by Marty R. and approved by the Board.

New Business:

  1. Joe Roseland, Mission Duncan Insurance Agent, was asked to clarification how our insurance deductibles work. He said Adobe Wells has a flat deductible of $5,000 for each smaller building which means the association would have to spend $5000 before the insurance would kick in.  The one exception is windstorm/hurricane/hail which would be a deductible of $25,000 for each occurrence, not each building.   If there was a fire that destroyed the pool building, repairs/replacement would cost the park the $5,000 deductible before the insurance would kick in.  If you discontinued that $5,000 deductible for that building you would save the $35/year premium.  However, if there was windstorm/hurricane/hail damage to that building it would not be covered by the $25,000 deductible.   Mr. Roseland said dropping liability coverage was not a wise decision.   Ed Adams thanked Mr. Roseland for his time.
  2. Pod rental for 2016 upcoming auction (Activity Fund) – A discussion followed talking options of rental or purchase, type (pod or shipping container), location, and condition of storage unit.  Board members agreed the unit should be placed in the north side storage area.  Ed said this decision would be made by the Board and he asked Board Members to be prepared to discuss and finalize at the next Board meeting.
  3. Coca Cola Soda pop vending machine (no contacts, full service vending /cooler) park can make up to 10% profit. After a discussion, Ken Heyn made a motion to decline placement of a vending machine on our property, seconded by Marty RicKard and approved by the board.
  4. Contract for 2016 New Year’s Dance ($4000) – The Band, with our “2015 New Year’s Eve” contract, is asking if we want to book for ‘2016’’ year as they were getting interest from other places. After a discussion, Ken Heyn made a motion to approve $4000 for 2016 New Year’s Dance, second by Gary M. with Dance Committee looking ahead for different band options for 2017 which was approved by the Board.  The Board asked the Dance Committee to look into other options for 2017, thinking there was enough time for a search to find a good band that would cost less.
  5. Ping pong table – Board discussed and felt there was no space available in either Wertz’s Hall or the 19Th Hole to house a ping pong table and play the game. After discussing a motion to deny purchase of a Ping Pong table was made by Bob G., seconded by Ken H. and approved by the Board.
  6. Extended Stay Request – Ed A. shared a letter from Dave Calley asking that his sister be allowed to stay with him three month ending in March 2016. After a discussion Marty R. made a motion that Dave’s sister be allowed to extend her stay as long as the proper paperwork was filled out and all rules and regulations are followed, seconded by Bob G. and approved by the board.
  7. A homeowner suggested after the Board Meeting each month a letter be drafted to all homeowners letting them know what would be covered at the next Homeowner’s Meeting. The homeowner even volunteered to type up the letter as needed.   More discussion will be needed.
  8. An email was sent to Veronica by one of our Board Members. He was again asking for an attorney’s opinion regarding meetings between the chair and various board members.  Ed said he got hold of a copy of Texas’ explanation of a Board Meeting from the internet and if this board member wants a copy he could get one for himself.
  9. Rules and Regulations for the Park are set by the Board. When they are changed they have to be registered with the State.  The Homeowners have the right to reverse a rule/regulation change.

General Discussion

Gary Montomery – He said the homeowners in the Park need to decide whether we are going to enforce the Covenants, Rules/Regulations.  In the summer we found mobiles that were not being taken care.  Examble – we can fine homeowners $75 if we have to weed-eat their property.  Overnight parking in the streets can also be fined.  There are a lot of times Ed Adams is turned into a “policeman” trying to make property owners adhere to our rules but we have no “teeth”.  At purchase of Adobe Wells property, all homeowners agree to adhere to and enforce the rules.

Marty RicKard – no comment

Ken Heyn had a lot of the concerns Gary had just finished expressing.

Bob Gotter – we should not allow realtor signs to be placed on “for sale” property.  A “for sale” sign in the window should be enough.

Mary Pruett – no comment

Ed Adams – there are times in the past 1-1/2 years I have felt like a police office.  I have followed through on requests made by homeowners only to be told after the fact that it should not have been handled that way.   Example of non-compliance to rules– there is a homeowner on the north side that is parking a big truck and trailer with race car advertisement on it (no license, inspection outdated).  Ed was going to pursue this situation but was told yesterday to do nothing.  Ed said “If I don’t have the support or backing to enforce our covenant and rules/regulations, I am not going to do it.”

Adjournment   –  motion to adjourn by Marty RicKard, seconded by Ken Heyn and approved by the board at 11:10 a.m.