Board Meeting Minutes: Nov. 6, 2017 Draft

Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 6, 2017                                                       DRAFT


This was a closed Mic meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning.

Present:  Mike Manning, President;  Harry DeBoer, Vice-President; Arnie Dejoode, Treasurer

Section I Directors:  Mary Hittner (absent); Glenda Peterson

Section II-III Directors:  Harry Dellinger; Connie Harmon; Dave Nickols; Darrell Olson (absent)

RV Section Directors:  Marty RicKard; Dave VonArx (absent)

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary, Laurie Sullivan, read a synopsis of the Minutes of the April Board Meeting.  They were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:   Arnie DeJoode

General Net Operating Funds Available:  $291,992

Total YTD Income:  $367,729; YTD Expenditures:  $315,359; Net Income YTD $52,370

Total Activity Funds Available:  $58,538 (includes $55,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance:  $6,195

Memorial Fund Balance:  $2,844

Reports put to file.

Old Business

  1. Golf Course Update: There was a lot of work done on the golf course this summer. The tee boxes were expanded – except #8 which is pending Daffodil Ave. work; #4 was deemed to be large enough; #6 was not initially enlarged, but by request of golfers was done later. The tee boxes were enlarged, flattened and sodded.

A dead palm tree on 47th Street was removed and replaced, along with another palm tree that had been previously removed. Thanks to the Bailey family for purchasing the replacement trees.

Many thanks to Beto and his crew for all their hard work, and to Beto for sticking to the golf course maintenance program as set up last spring.  The results are noticeable, despite a very hot,              dry summer.

  1. North Side Deck: President Manning indicated the north side deck has been rebuilt and is drawing favorable comments. Total cost was $7,000 of which $2,400 was offset with homeowner donations.
  2. Texas A&M Report: President Manning had the report from Texas A&M after their inspection of the cypress trees on our east border. They were planted incorrectly and have been dying. The report states that any trees leaning or browning should be removed as they cannot be saved.
  3. Signs: New bi-lingual No Trespassing, No Swimming, No Soliciting signs have been posted throughout the park.  Harry Dellinger built new boxes to hold new life preservers. We have these in spite of the No Swimming signs, in case of emergency.
  4. Winter Texan Expo and Health Fair: Howard Harmon has agreed to chair our efforts at the Winter Texan Expo to be held at the McAllen Convention Center January 16 & 17, 2018, with move-in date of January 15.  Howard’s plan is to show our video, have pictures in the background, distribute brochures, and other promotional items. He will be posting sheets for worker sign-ups.
  5. Governing Documents: All Adobe Wells governing documents have been filed with the County.
  6. North Side Fence: Donna Hinz was to obtain quotes for a metal fence for the northeast corner of the golf course, pursuant to Board directive at the April meeting. She has not returned yet so this item was tabled.
  7. Infrastructure Committee Report: Harry Dellinger advised that his Committee’s report is being finalized.
  8. Five Year Plan Committee Report: Connie Harmon has just returned to Adobe Wells and does not have a report for the Board at this time.
  9. Advertising Committee Report: Marty RicKard reported on his advertising efforts and had samples of the ads that have been running and will continue to run this fall.  These were placed in farm papers in the mid west where most of our residents reside.  Larger ads ran in the summer, followed up by a smaller version for the fall.  The Board agreed we need to track whether any sales or inquiries result from these ads.  Amounts spent over budget will come from the Contingency Fund.

New Business

  1. Daffodil Ave/Taylor Road Project: President Manning reported on the Daffodil Ave. expansion. This has now been tied into the City of Mission widening of Taylor Road.  This project will be done in two steps, with the portion encompassing Taylor Road scheduled to begin in 2020.  The project includes widening the Daffodil/Taylor intersection, back to the east 500’. This will affect our pool and #8 green. It will be at least a year before we have any information on their offer for our property.
  2. Cypress Trees: President Manning had already talked about the Texas A&M report as relates to the cypress trees on our east border. He has prices to replace them at $55 each, and we will need 100.  It was agreed to take a straw vote at the November Homeowners meeting asking how many homeowners would purchase a tree or trees at an estimated $100 each. Mike will ask several folks to form a committee to explore options such as hiring the planting of the trees, irrigation, etc. with a report ready for the December Board meeting.
  3. Budget Development: Mike Manning, Harry DeBoer and Arnie Dejoode will begin work on the budget very soon.
  4. Previous Board Decisions: The President has been asked to revisit some park policies that had been approved by previous Boards.  His decision was not to revisit items already approved unless circumstances have changed.  Board members agreed.
  5. Nominating Committee: President Manning has asked Jan & Dave Calley to chair the Nominating Committee.  They will begin the task of contacting homeowners in each section of the park to assist.
  6. Audit Committee: Howard Harmon has again agreed to chair the Audit Committee.
  7. 2019 Auction Quilt: President Manning has received a letter from Donna Hinz and Patricia King indicating that they have completed the quilt for the 2018 auction. They will assist with selling tickets for the 2018 quilt auction, but not continue as committee chairs for the 2019 auction.  Mike will bring this up at the Homeowners meeting asking for other Chair volunteers and other fund-raising ideas in the event we do not get a Quilt Committee Chair and volunteers.
  8. Thanksgiving Dinner: As of this date, there is no volunteer to chair Thanksgiving Dinner.
  9. Wertz Hall Blinds: Connie Harmon was asked about status of prices for new blinds/curtains for Wertz Hall, a project she began last spring.  She will collect data and have that ready for presentation at the December Board meeting.

Directors Report

Connie Harmon:  Nothing

Glenda Peterson:  Glenda related positive comments on North side changes – particularly the fountain and new deck.

Arnie Dejoode:  Asked Board members to think of projects for Activity Fund monies – that account is running with a high balance. He will check on how this might affect our non-profit status.

Dave Nickols:  There is interest in Bocci Ball and Pickle Ball courts which could be built with Activity Fund monies. He will meet with Tom Bone when Tom returns as he has interest in and knowledge of pickle ball.


Saturday, November 11, 4:00 p.m. gathering at Wertz Hall to honor our resident Veterans.

Pot Luck dinners start Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

 The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.