Board Meeting Minutes, Nov. 7, 2016- Approved

Adobe Wells Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 7, 2016


This was an open Mic. Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.

Present: Gary Montgomery, President; Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer

Section I Directors: Paul Hood: Mary Hittner

Section II & III Directors: Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; David Nickols ; Darrell Olson (absent)

RV Section Directors: Marlene Thorson (absent); Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: Jim McGuire (absent)

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (absent)

Secretary: Laurie Sullivan

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Stamm

General: Net Operating Funds available, $193,610

Total YTD Income: $359,304; YTD Expenditures $317,656; Capitalized Items $21,850; Net Income YTD $63,497

Total Activity Funds Available: $35,108 (additional $33,000 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: not available

Memorial Fund Balance: not available

Reports put to file.

The Secretary read Minutes from the April Board meeting. They were accepted as read.


Unfinished Business:

  1. Nominating Committee: A report was given by Ron Glatt, Chairman of the Nominating Committee. At this time, only Ron and one other committee member are in the park.  Ron has received the name of one resident interesting in running as Director from Section 1.  As nominee’s names are received, Veronica will post those.  It was suggested to Ron that his committee members canvas residents door to door for suggestions or volunteers.


  1. Election and Nomination Procedures: Nominations for Adobe Wells officers may be made from the floor or by phone to a member of the Nomination Committee at the December meeting. This will require that Nomination Committee members be allowed to leave cell phones on at the December meeting only.
  2. Street Signs: New street signs have been erected throughout the park, with the exception of four (4) that are missing, but on order. The Board wished to thank Bob Gotter and Ed Adams for their efforts in getting this project completed.  The Date Palm and Glenda signs that are missing from the north side will be erected on a post rather than hanging from a fence as in the past.
  3. Changes in Adobe Wells Rules & Regulations: President Montgomery had a synopsis of the proposed changes in the association Rules & Regulations. Most discussion centered around the use of the storage lot to prevent this area from becoming permanent storage for vehicles which are never removed.  Also of concern was rule #30 which addresses trimming when owner are absent.  The hope of the Board is to have all changes approved by the Homeowners at the November meeting so they may be registered.
  4. Update on Daffodil Ave. project: President Montgomery presented the Board with the April offer from the City of McAllen for purchase of our land necessary to complete the project. In the estimation of the Board this offer is way too low and the association has hired Attorney Paul Barkhurst from San Antonio. He is an experienced eminent domain attorney and will represent us in negotiations with the city. He will work on a contingency basis and assures us he can get us significantly more reimbursement. At the advice of Mr. Barkhurts we have retained the services of an appraiser who is experienced in properties such as ours. We already paid him $7,500 of $15,000 due.

New Business

1.Ceiling Projector for Wertz Hall: Dave Nickols reported on his research into a ceiling projector for Wertz Hall which could be used at Homeowners meetings so all present can see what is being discussed, as well as for recreational activities.  Dave had prices from Best Buy, including installation:  approx. $2900 for the top model, approx. $1800 for middle of the road equipment.  The biggest difference would be in the brightness of the picture. A motion was made and passed to bring this to the Homeowners at the December meeting with the Board recommending the $1800 option.

  1. Lawn Trimming: Trimming has been a problem at a number of homes this summer as there are fewer people doing this work and homeowners are not making arrangements before they leave in the spring. It was suggested that the association implement a system to list each property by location and request that each owner complete that before they leave.
  2. Car Sticker: The Board is aware that there are residents who do not display Adobe Wells stickers on their cars as put forth in the Rules. There is no enforcement process other than to point that out to any owners not in compliance. It was suggested and agreed by the Board that the Welcome Packet contain a new resident’s first 2 stickers.
  3. Utility Signs: An owner asked the Board to contact utility companies who have locator signs on our property as many are in complete disrepair and need replacement or repair. This will be done.  Along the same lines, it was asked that the Board ask Beto to straighten any street or stop signs that are askew.
  4. Spa Rules Signs: The spa rules signs at both pools are faded and nearly illegible. At the same time it was pointed out we should post “no lifeguard on duty” signs at both pools.  Mike Manning will take care of getting these new signs.
  5. Alley Maintenance: There are a number of alley entrances in poor condition and holes forming in spots on various alleys, particularly where sprinkler water saturates the ground. All of these require attention by the association. A motion was made to check on the price for a load of crushed asphalt to keep on hand for such repairs. This motion passed.
  6. Handicapped Bathroom: A request was received that the Board look at correcting several deficiencies in our handicapped bathroom, most notably the low toilet. Bob Gotter will see that the bathroom is updated to satisfy any legal requirements.
  7. New Copier: Veronica came to the Board asking for a replacement for her current copier. The problem is not the machine itself, but the contract with the company we lease the copier from. They are located in Harlingen and it often takes several days and numerous phone calls for them to respond to Veronica.  She is asking the Board for permission to change lessors. All contract provisions and costs will remain the same and the new company will buy out the existing lease. The most important part for Veronica is that this is a McAllen company who will respond the same day, or no later than the following morning, to requests for service.  A motion was made and passed to allow Veronica to go ahead with this change.
  8. Laundry Building: President Montgomery had a quote to replace the back door of the laundry building. This was less than $400 and does not require approval.  We will go ahead with this repair. At the same time, the Board discussed the front of the laundry building. During the summer the cement portico developed a significant crack, leaving inadequate support for the roof over the entryway.  A motion was made and passed to obtain a quote for new cement.  Bob Gotter will handle.
  9. Windmill: The windmill near the 8th hole on the north side was taken down this summer for $100 by the tree trimming company while they were here. There are many questions surrounding the windmill:  is it repairable, where should it be relocated, and so on.  The Board agreed to bring this up for discussion at the Homeowners meeting and see what the general feeling is about any continued use of the windmill.
  10. Golf Course: The golf course is in good condition due to hard work by Beto and his crew. The Board voted to allow each side of the course to be closed for one (1) day each month for necessary maintenance.
  11. 911 Phones: Mike Manning spent a lot of time this summer on the 911 phones at both pools, including a presentation by the 911 folks. We are required to have these phones, but at this time neither is working.  Mike tried several different fixes, but none worked and he was asking the Board to consider purchase of two (2) new phones.  This would cost less than $200 total. We will have to pay line fees to AT&T which we pay now anyway.  The Board agreed to go ahead with this.
  12. Spread Sheets: Mike Manning has developed spread sheets for various functions within the park, such as pool maintenance, golf course maintenance, storage lot compliance, etc. We need a way to track inventory, maintenance schedules, and compliance with schedules.

General Discussion

  1. Request for Variance: Gary and Dee Montgomery are requesting a variance to hang a “For Sale” sign from their deck as they have no windows on the street side of their house on Whitewing. This variance was approved.
  2. Deck over North Side Irrigation Pond: President Montgomery pointed out that the wooden deck over the north side irrigation pond is in extremely poor repair. He is suggesting we have a new deck built using a man-made composite material.  A motion was made and passed to obtain quotes for this job.
  3. Pump in South Side Irrigation Pond: Bob Gotter advised that the pump in the south side irrigation pond is not functioning correctly and needs to be replaced. This money will come from the McHaney Memorial Fund but requires Board approval. A motion was made and passed to have this done.  Bob Stamm will work with Shirley McHaney on this.
  4. Cell phone use: It has been noted that there is excessive use of cell phones by our maintenance crew. Gary has a letter to deliver to Beto addressing this issue.
  5. Front Door: A request was received that we paint the front door of Wertz Hall. It was agreed to have this done.
  6. Stump Removal: Marty RicKard asked about having the palm tree stumps removed from the lawn at 50th St. and Camilla. A homeowner in the audience indicated he was having stumps removed that afternoon and would send the contractor to see Marty.
  7. List of Variances: Bob Stamm asked that a list of variances dealt with this summer be attached to these minutes.  Veronica can do that.
  8. Various: Mike Manning had a number of issues raised by homeowners.  First, were complaints of rule violations.  Second was the status of screening around the pool. Third was the use of park equipment by park employees to do private jobs for homeowners.

The Secretary had to leave the meeting at noon to be on jury duty.