Homeowner Annual Meeting Minutes 01/21/19-Approved

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting

Monday, January 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. by President Michael Manning.

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Moment of silence for sick and departed.


Introduction of Board and Officers:

President: Michael Manning

Vice-President: Harold DeBoer

Treasurer: Arnold DeJoode

Secretary: Joyce Venker

Section l Directors: Glenda Peterson; Nancy Radke (Absent)

Section ll and lll Directors: Connie Harmon; Harry Dellinger; Howard Harmon; Nancy Stamm (Absent)

RV Section Directors: David VonArx (Absent); Darrill Burgett

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell


New Homeowners Present:  Carol & Jerry Stutzman, Mary & Richard Bosch, and Pam & Gordy Martin.


Secretary’s ReportA synopsis of minutes from the December 17, 2018 meeting was given by Secretary Joyce Venker. The minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurers Report: Arnie DeJoode

General: Net Operating Funds Available: $233,273 Includes 2019 Dues ($69,127)

Total YTD Income: $415,455; YTD Expenditure $374,152; Net Income YTD $41,303.

Total Activity Funds Available: $57,550.

Rental Property Balance: $8,703.

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,518.

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:


  1. Audit Committee: Lloyd Bratland and his committee which consisted of Bill Venker, Hartwell Amlee, and Brenda Hildebrandt have completed the Final Report of the Adobe Wells Internal Audit Report ending December 31, 2018. Everything was found in order and was entered into the Record.
  2. Post Office Repair Update: The Post Office renovation is complete. The renovation was under the $5000 that was approved in 2018. President Manning thanked Harry Dellinger and Ed Blinks for their assistance.


  1. Wertz Hall Study Update: At the last Homeowners meeting, the homeowners were informed that a non-binding ballot to assist the Board in determining next actions toward deciding whether or not to pursue Wertz Hall improvement or replacement would be held today. There was a briefing on Thursday January 17, 2019 which was attended by around 125 people to bring attendees up to date on actions that had taken place. Some actions that were taken were:
  • Hired local Architect for advice who provided back of the envelope estimates of $150 s/f for new construction and $700,000 for renovation of Wertz Hall.
  • The architect also contacted the City of McAllen to determine any obstacles, which there was only a parking issue which could probably get a waiver on for $500 as we are a private park and basically just use golf carts in the park.
  • Performed a Commercial Property Inspection to identify the current condition of Wertz Hall.
  • Performed Termite Inspection and the entire building was treated as there were two small places where there where termites.
  • Financial considerations were discussed with local banks. President Manning and Treasurer DeJoode visited with Vice-President of Commercial Lending at IBC Bank. 75-80% of construction cost could be financed at interest rates of 5-7% which is rising for a term loan of 10 years for a remodel and 15 years for new construction. They would need to approve the plans and approve the builder. Also, there would have to be personal guarantees of the loan in case of default. If you had 50% down you could probably get by without personal guarantees.


  1. Election Results: The results of the election on January 14, 2019:


  • President: Arnie DeJoode
  • Vice-President: Mike Manning
  • Treasurer: Bob Stamm
  • North Side Director: There will be a run-off between Greg Weekly and Bob Ross on Thursday, January 24, 2019 at the 19th Hole
  • RV Section Director: Pat Fladeland
  • Section ll and lll Directors: Joyce Venker and Pat Mulvaney


President Manning thanked outgoing Officers and Directors:

  • Board Members: Harry Dellinger, Connie Harmon, Dave VonArx, and Glenda Peterson
  • Vice President Harry DeBoer and Treasurer Arnie DeJoode who will be our next President



New Business:


  1. Rules and Regulations Change: The golf Committee approached the Board with a change to Rule #11 of the Rules and Regulations for Adobe Wells. Rule #11 currently reads “Ladies and Men’s Club Championship tournaments are open to only Adobe Wells Property Owners. All other tournaments are open to Owners or Renters and all are eligible to win trophies, cash, or any other award. All participants must have an established Adobe Wells handicap to enter tournaments that use handicaps. (Amended 12/11/95) The Board approved forwarding the re-write of Rule #11 to read: “Ladies and Men’s Club Championship Tournaments are open to Adobe Wells Property Owners and their Full-Time shared Resident. All other tournaments are open to Owners and their Full-Time shared Resident and Renters and all are eligible to win trophies, cash, or any other awards. All participants must have an Established Adobe Wells Handicap to enter tournaments that use handicaps in any way.


  1. Winter Texan Expo: The Board voted to end our relationship with the Winter Texan Expo as it did not provide any benefit for the cost associated with our participation. President Manning thanked Howard Harmon and all of the volunteers who participated.


  1. Rental House Lease Changes: The Board voted to raise the rent for the Rental House from $1200 a month plus utilities to $1400 a month plus utilities for a minimum of 4 months and during the off season (May thru October) $800 for a minimum of 2 weeks including utilities.


  1. 2019 Budget: Treasurer DeJoode and President Manning prepared the 2019 Operating Budget to be voted on today. A Town Hall Meeting was held Thursday January 10, 2019 to explain it and allow questions.
    1. There are a few maintenance projects to be included such as: Replacing the fence at Wertz Hall with a vinyl fence like that was installed last year for the pool heater enclosure. Building a screened-in-deck on the patio of the 19th Hole to expand the use of the building and reduce the height of the steps to the restrooms. Adobe Wells Tower maintenance which didn’t get done last year.
    2. Need to purchase a Kubota commercial 0-turning riding mower.
    3. Utilities went down due to Treasurer DeJoodie changing electric companies.
    4. Property Taxes were increased. The alleys and streets on the South Side had not been assessed correctly before. We did verify that there is 10 acres.
    5. Treasurer DeJoode reviewed the Encumbered Funds, the financial Summary and the Activity Fund Pre-Approvals.
    6. Capital Expense Projects: There is funding in the Special Projects line for deepening the South Pond. President Manning has a partial quote from Irrigation District 3 and he received another quote with options ranging from $30,000 for a 14-foot-deep pond with a top of the line liner to $8,000 for 14-foot pond with no liner. There was also a Special Project for architectural services in the event the Homeowners wanted to continue pursuing Wertz Hall improvement or replacement.
    7. Vote on 2019 Budget, Activity Fund Pre-Approvals, Rules and Regulations    Change and Wertz Hall Ballots:

     Ballots were handed out to the Homeowners.

 Results of the Ballots:


Rules and Regulations Change of Rule 11: 244 Yes, 42 No


2019 Budget Approval: 304 Yes, 9 No


Capital Expense (New Projects-General Fund):

        $15,000 South Pond Capacity Increase: 281 Yes, 35 No

        $35,000 Architect (If Wertz Hall Enlarge/Rebuild Ballot Approved): 189 Yes, 121 No


Activity Fund Pre-Approval of Annual Expenses:

        $2,000 2019-20 BMI Music Royalty: 279 Yes, 33 No

        $1,000 2020 ASCAP Music Royalty: 279 Yes, 38 No

        $2,000 2019 Sales Tax: 302 Yes, 17 No

        $1,000 2020 February Dance: 280 Yes, 38 No

        $1,000 2020 March Dance: 265 Yes, 42 No

        $1,500 2020 New Years Eve Dance: 275 Yes, 39 No

        $1,500 2021 New Years Eve Dance: 266 Yes, 40 No

        $3,000 2019 All Park Picnic: 260 Yes, 53 No

        $3,000 2019 Logo Clothing: 264 Yes, 45 No


Support For A Project To Enlarge Or Rebuild Wertz Hall: 120 Yes, 203 No

(If the majority was No, then the money comfort level was not tallied)






  1. President Manning reminded Residents that pets are not allowed on the golf course at any time. Also, this is the last day for donating funds for our neighbor on #2. Hex and Bob Trpkosh have been collecting funds to give to our neighbor for being such a good neighbor and putting up with golf balls.
  2. Gigi Bailey needs help folding divots tomorrow morning at 9:30 A.M. at Wertz Hall.
  3. Carol Fjelsta announced that there are still a few tickets left for the Sweetheart Dance on February 2nd which they will be selling on Friday.
  4. Larry Schuett thanked everyone for their concern in the accident involving his wife. He also said how well the Red Envelope worked.


The Meeting Adjourned at 11:42 A.M.


Submitted by Joyce Venker, Secretary