Homeowner Meeting- April 17, 2017 NO QUORUM

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes


Monday, April 17, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning

There was not a quorum and thus no meeting could be held.

President Manning did relate some information to the attendees.


  1. The 50th Street gate will be locked from May 1 to October 15, 2017.
  2. Trimming of trees on the 50th Street alley will begin shortly.
  3. Beto will be plugging the greens on April 24 into the 25th if necessary. The golf course will be closed.
  4. Mike will be preparing a monthly calendar to track golf course maintenance.
  5. The following projects will commence in May. Monies have already been approved by the homeowners:
    1. Replacement of north side deck over irrigation pond, including steel beams
    2. Repair of north side cart path.
    3. Sealing of asphalt lot around maintenance buildings
    4. Replacement of concrete entry way at the laundry building.
  6. The President and possibly some board members will be meeting with the water irrigation district. For the past two weeks the water to our ponds has not been turned off and flooding of the golf course and Daffodil were the result. We do not want to be billed for this water.  Also, the Irrigation District owns two large trees along our southern border which need attention before they fall.
  7. Very Important that winter Texans let Veronica know when they are leaving and who will be doing the trimming around their property.
  8. No news on the Daffodil Ave. expansion project.
  9. The members of the Golf Committee were announced:

Chair – Dale Lee

Low HDCP Male – Gary Lundberg

Low HDCP Female – Lisa Guinn

Med HDCP Male – Larry Baufield

Med HDCP Female – Anna Hartwig

High HDCP Male – Ted Wills

High HDCP Female – Marlene Hettinger

Summer Chair – Ed Plue

HDCP Chair – Orin Petersoon

Med’s Chair – Milt Jones

Women’s Chair – Vicki Westereng

Maintenance Liasons – Stan Shook, John Westereng

Women’s Birdies – Sharon Peterson