Homeowner Meeting December 15, 2014 – Approved


Monday, December 15, 2015


Please turn off cell phones

Are there any non-homeowners present?

Quorum   Yes

Call to order

Pledge of allegiance

Moment of silence for sick and departed

Introduction of Board members and Officers

Section l – Paul Puck; Ormal Guinn

Section II/III – Pat Mulvaney; Harold DeBoer; Gary Montgomery; Gus Gustafson

Section RV – Judy Milan; Mark O’Shea

Treasurer – Marcia Lundberg

VP –

President –Ed Adams

Secretary – Anne Glatt

Parliamentarian – Carole Buwalda

New Homeowners – No

Secretary’s report of the November 17, 2014 Meeting, read and okay after name clarification.

Treasurers Reports – General Fund    H. Harmon said since homeowners had voted to build a maintenance building for $35,000 and that plan had been rescinded by the Board, shouldn’t that money again show up in the encumbered funds making that total a lot higher than $58,033.00. B.Stamm said it looked like the association cash of $220,000 made interest of $14.00. Can we manage our cash money to get more growth? Ed stated an audit of our funds had just been completed and results will be reported at our next HOM. As far as the proposed budget goes, we are having a special meeting on Dec. 30 at 10:00 a.m. to review budget and answer any question homeowners may have.

Activity Fund   Ending balance as of 10/31/14 was 35,610.09 and balance as of 12/15/14 is $36,762.30. Treasurer reports put to file.

Before discussing old business, Ed said his job as president is making sure that the Covenant, By-laws and Rules/Regulations are followed by all association members. Any time you ask me a question concerning issues in the Park as President, Ed uses these documents to find out how it should be handled. A couple weeks ago an issue was brought up and to this date it has not been corrected. Covenant 4, Section 10 paraphrased says “Any owner of a lot agrees to abide by rules and prohibitions. Any owner who allows tenant to violate any of these covenants will be liable. Owners are responsible to tell tenants of rules and regulations they have to abide by”. Article 2, Section 3 – “No structure of a temporary character shall be used on any lot at any time as a residence, either temporary or permanently. No motor home or recreational vehicle shall be stored on a lot or used as an additional residence, temporary or permanent.” The individual violating this covenant is aware of this situation, and has 5 days to come into compliance. Ed indicated after that time he would research and put into action the next steps.

Old Business

  1. Black top Maintenance Area – Ed again told the sequence of events leading to the building of a new Maintenance Shed, checking with Beto and finding out he did not want this building but wanted the surface area to be blacktopped. Ed then referenced to the map which had been posted on the bulletin boards for a month and represents the area to be blacktopped. We also listened to experts and are following the idea that when we blacktop we build a cement base with footings for any future building that is planned. All homeowners will have a chance to vote on this proposal at election time.  This means $26,000 of $34,000 will be spent for blacktopping and the remaining $8,000 will be put aside for future building. There was a question and answer period for clarification.
  2. Put properties 4909 Bluebonnet (Baird) & 2909 N. 50th St. (Bird) on Auction. Ed asked by a show of hands how many homeowners were interested in selling these properties quickly, the majority raised hands in favor of selling at our auction. Pat M. said people have shown interest in the Baird property, and she suggested we continue to try to sell these two properties with a minimum bid through the Information Office. When auction day rolls around if they are still available we can sell them during the auction. More discussion followed. It was decided that since the Board had not settled on a minimum bid for both these properties, they would meet right after this meeting and decide on the two figures to be used and post that information on the bulletin boards.
  3. Garden Issue   Ed read a letter from Dick Rush regarding the location of the roto-tilled area which could be used for a garden and all the work it takes to grow a productive garden. Pearl Snyder said some people find gardening relaxing and do not have space on their lots to have one. Ed Adams asked for a straw vote from the homeowners. By a show of hands how many are for or against the garden and the majority of people there were against it. There was still more discussion about whether this garden had official approval. Ed said the Board had an executive session and a vote after that session denied payment of work to prepare this garden  because official approval had not been substantiated. Pearl Snyder said she had heard from Ed Adams several times that he had gotten attorney help in dealing with this garden issue. Shouldn’t this information be provided to the homeowners in black and white? Ed said whenever he dealt with the association attorney he made sure he got an answer in writing. When he talks personally to an attorney (who may be an acquaintance) on issues he has to deal with as president, and he want guidance on how to handle he does not feel it is official information that homeowners need to have in writing.
  4. A decision was made to post a sign on each post office indicating by name the only AW homeowners who can gain entry because of the work they do inside.
  5. Ed read the names of candidates running for office in 2015 election. President – Ed Adams, Paul Puck,     JJ Garza; Vice President – Mary Hittner, Rolly Nelson, Mary Pruett, Pat Mulvaney; Treasurer – Marcia Lundberg, Bob Stamm; Section I – Paul Hood, Mike Higgins; Section II/III – Bob Gotter, Ken Heyn, Lee Dugas; and RV – Marlene Thorson. Ed thanked Carol Hood and all those on her committee for their work in gathering candidates.

New Business

  1. WIFI – Ed said several people have researched the possibility of the whole park becoming WIFI capable, and we have had even had several visits from a vendor.   Bob Gotter said his enthusiasm for WIFI kept growing the more information he got. However, Roman Spagnolo said he and Bob kept coming up with unanswered questions. They realized they did not have the expertise to answer all the questions and felt the best way to go forward was to get a consultant to fill in more details. We could also use an attorney’s help to make sure we are getting what is promised by the vendor we chose. We don’t need to rush making this decision so let’s take our time and get all the facts.


There is a special meeting scheduled for Dec.30th @ 10 a.m. to review 2015 Proposal of Budget.

Gigi Bailey said the Divot would be ready to fold at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Pat DeJoode encouraged homeowners to sign up for Christmas Dinner. It will cost $5.00/person and will not be a potluck. Dinnerware placement can be made from 11:00 to 12:00 noon with happy hour at 4:00 p.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m.

Ruth Starr said Wellness Screening is again schedule for Jan. 20 starting at 7:00 a.m. She will post more information as she gets it.

Ken Heyn again reminded everyone of the blood drive on Dec. 29.

Pat Mulvaney said that Mary Anne Lindborg died on Friday, Dec. 17. She will not have a funeral but be cremated just like her husband.

On Jan. 10 at 2:00 p.m. there will be a “Meet the Candidates” session moderated by Arnie DeJoode.

Remember to donate to Employee Christmas Fund.

Ed said a proposal to give our employees a $.50/hour raise has been developed. It is anticipated this would cost the park an additional $.31/day. Please consider this before we vote on January 20.
Adjournment  Dan Stevens made a motion to adjourn at 11:20 a.m., seconded by Lee Dugas, meeting adjourned.

Merry Christmas to Everyone