Homeowner Meeting Minutes, April 18, 2016 NO QUORUM



                                                                     APRIL 18, 2016                                          NO QUORUM


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.
There was not a quorum – no formal Homeowners meeting was held.  There was, however, informal discussion and questions.


President Montgomery expressed much thanks to Marty RicKard and the Advertising Committee for their fine work in completing the new brochures.  The president also expressed thanks to Mike Manning for getting the electrical work done in and around Wertz Hall.  The exterior lighting is a huge plus at night.


President Montgomery had a couple of prices for new street signs.  Locally they can be done for just under $29/sign.  A friend of Howard Harmon’s in Minnesota will make the signs for about $17 each with a 12 year guarantee.  We will need 56 signs plus a few posts to complete resignage of the entire park.


Questions were asked about updating/painting the interior of Wertz Hall.  The age of the decor is showing and various options were presented for thought. We need to have Wertz Hall present the best it can be as it is often the first facility new buyers/renters see.


We have a quote from Best Buy of about $2700 for a video system for Wertz Hall.


There are about 50 chairs which were among the original delivery which have not been picked up by the vendor. We are considering them ours and will advise the company in writing.


Storing the large mower we have just spent money to repair under the canopy will be looked at. It cannot be backed up, but must be driven into and out of the canopy area.


Beto has been doing the maintenance Bill Freeman suggested on the golf course. We will have a large aerator here next week. Our hope is we can rent or trade that out to other courses in the area.


No business was conducted at this meeting, ideas for thought were presented. Some will need to be acted upon at the first opportunity in the fall.