Homeowner Meeting Minutes-December 21, 2015 Approved


Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Monday, December 21, 2015

Please turn off cell phones

Are there any non-homeowners present?    no

Do we have a quorum?  197

Call to order:

Pledge of allegiance

Moment of silence for sick and departed

Introduction of Board members and Officers:

Section l – Ormal Guinn (absent); Paul Hood

Section II/III – Gary Montgomery, LeRoy Gustafson (absent), Robert Gotter, Kenneth Heyn

Section RV – Marty RicKard; Marlene Thorson

Treasurer – Robert Stamm

Vice President- Mary Pruett (absent)

President –Edwin Adams

Secretary – Anne Glatt

Parliamentarian – David Nickols

Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell (absent)

Any New Homeowners – Stan and Cheryle Perry at 2929 N. 50th, Larry and Nancy Baufield at 2705 N. 50th , and Mike and Julie McCann at 2840 N. 48th

Secretary’s report of the November 16, 2015 Homeowners minutes were summarized and Ed Adams made a motion they be approved, seconded by Dan Stevens and approved by Homeowners.

Treasurers Reports – Bob Stamm said we have a total of $243,991 minus $68,533 encumbered funds leaving net operating funds available of $175,458.   Activity Fund – available $43,081   There were no questions so Bob Stamm indicated anyone was welcome to see him with their question.    Rental Income balance $6,756 and Memorial balance of $3,494.  Treasure reports moved to file for future audit.

New Business:

  1. Today’s Ballot and its importance – The fairway mower needs five gang replacements. Since the golf course is our main activity, Ed said he wanted homeowners to vote and approve spending $10,128.80 from our Activity Fund to do these repairs that are needed right now.  The other expenditure homeowners will vote on is purchasing two defibrillators for $3,600.  Homeowners had expressed interest in purchasing these and again we are looking at the fund coming out of the Activity Fund.  After some discussion a vote was taken.  Carole Buwalda conducted the vote, telling everyone to sign their ballots.   Results –  Gang Mower Repairs $10,128.80   187 Yes, 9 No  and two Defibrillators  for $3,600     172 Yes, 20 No.   Ed A. reported both items on ballot approved and coming out of the Activity Fund.  
  2. Board decision to use Law to create more harmony in our community. Our covenants require homeowners to enforce our rules and regulations. When that happens it gets personal and sometimes a homeowner will get angry and/or aggression dealing with the person who confronted him/her. Our past history was to ignore the situation.  However, our current Board unanimously decided that any activities chargeable by law will be handled by the police department.  That means a homeowner could be responsible for court costs and our Association has to set aside money for legal costs.  We met with our attorney once and will continue to pursue charges.  How can this park make important decisions about our future without harmony.
  3. Marty RicKard – Ed said our valued employees do not have health insurance. Marty RicKard checked on 10 different insurance carriers.  Blue Cross Blue Shield had the best option.  We can provide coverage for Beto and Veronica and it will cost $2.66 for every occupied housing unit per month.  You could equate that to the cost of one cup of coffee per month.  Last year Veronica checked into purchasing insurance and she and Beto were the only ones interested.   The rest of our workers were not interested in paying premium and some are on Medicade.  A discussion followed (i.e..have we checked on catastrophic coverage, would employees pay part of the premium, etc). Ed asked if homeowners wanted more information and they agreed that our employees should have insurance.  Marty RicKard will do more research and we will talk again next month.
  4. Office & Director Election coming up- Jan. 11, 2016 @ Wertz Hall from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Also absentee ballots can be obtained from Veronica if you will not be available on January 11.
  5. Nominees for Officers and Directors – Big thank you to Nominating Chairman, Mary Meyhofer and committee members Phyllis Haarstad, Nadine DeBoer, Bill Weaver and Lou Boelkes. Candidates running for President – Gigi Bailey, JJ Garza andGary Montgomery.  Vice President – Mike Manning.  Treasurer – Bob Stamm.  Section I Director (1 vacancy) – candidates Mary Hittner and  Glenda Peterson.  Section II/III Directors (2 vacancies) – candidates Bill Barnes, Dave Nickols, Larry Baufield, Terri Mead, Darrell Olson and Ray Parrot.  There will be a meet and greet session on Friday, January 8, Wertz Hall, 1:00 p.m.
  6. The 2016 proposed budget will be posted in Wertz Hall on bulletin board for a vote at the Jan. 18th 2016 Annual Meeting.
  7. All Park Picnic – Duane & Shirley Theil and Jim & BJ Anderson chairs.



Gigi Bailey need help folding Divot Tuesday morning 9:40 a.m.

Ken Heyn will post signup sheets for volunteers to take classes and be part of our first responder program.

Gene Lawrence – One club golf tournament January 13, please sign up

Gary Montgomery – need to advertise Adobe Wells in Iowa, Minneapolis papers, etc. to let Winter Texas know about Adobe Wells and property availability in our park.


Adjourn Meeting –  Motion to adjourn made by Dan Stevens, seconded by Yvonne Blush and approved by homeowners at 11:10 a.m.