Homeowner Meeting Minutes- February 19th, 2018 Approved

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting

Monday, February 19, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. by President Mike Manning.

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer led by Chaplain Roy Williams.


Introduction of Board and Officers:

President: Mike Manning

Vice-President: Harry DeBoer

Treasurer: Arnie DeJoode

Secretary: Joyce Venker (New)

Section l Directors: Glenda Peterson; Nancy Radke

Section ll and lll Directors: Connie Harmon (Absent); Harry Dellinger; Howard Harmon; Nancy Stamm

RV Section Directors: David VonArx; Darrill Burgett

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda (New)

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell


President Manning acknowledged the great job that Laurie Sullivan did as secretary. She was unable to attend the meeting as she has sold her home.


New Homeowners Present: Leslie Lorenzo; Dennis Hahn


Secretary’s Report:  A synopsis of minutes from the January 15, 2018 meeting was given by Secretary Joyce Venker. The minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurers Report: Arnie DeJoode

General: Net Operating Funds Available: $317,029

Total YTD Income: $231,000; YTD Expenditure $51,306; Net Income YTD $179,694

Total Activity Funds Available: $47,105 (includes $39,945 in CD)

Rental Property Balance: $5,345

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,744

The Treasurer reported that IBC Bank has agreed to refund the $172.60 transfer fee from December 2017 and also the $55.48 CD transfer fee accessed in December 2017.

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:

  1. AED Batteries and Pads: Ken Heyn has received the replacement batteries and pads for the AED’s. He will replace the batteries and pads when the expiration date is reached on the batteries.
  2. Operating Budget, Special Projects and Activity Fund Pre-Paids:

The Operating budget, Special Projects, and the Pre-Paid Activity Fund Items were all approved at the January Homeowners meeting. Additionally, the Homeowners approved dues increase of $10/mo.

  1. Business Office and Information Office Signs: The new signs for the Business Office and Information Office have been ordered and should arrive within a couple of weeks.
  2. Winter Texan Expo: Howard Harmon reported that approximately 9000 people came thru the Expo. About 1000 koozies that were stuffed with an Adobe Wells Pamphlet and a bag of several golf tees and pencil were given away. The koozies cost $700 and the tees and pencil were $350. There were fifteen to twenty people that signed up showing interest in our park. A booth was reserved for next year’s Expo. A $150 discount for signing up early was received.

New Business:

  1. Committee Chairs: Harry DeBoer is working on confirming Committee Chairs for the 2018/19 season. The Golf Chair for the 2018/19 season will be Lisa Guinn. A co-chair is needed to assist Russ and Twila Garrett for the “All Park Picnic”. The board voted to move this years’ “All Park Picnic” to Monday March 26, 2018 with the chairman’s approval. This was done to accommodate Saturday Breakfast. Moving the picnic to Monday in future years will be looked at next month’s meeting when calendars for the next couple of years are present.
  2. Maintenance Projects: Most of the projects are relatively easily completed and have not been scheduled yet.
  3. Shop Fan, Post Office Lights and Fans: These projects are relatively easily completed and have not been scheduled yet.
  4. Wertz Hall Window Sun Shades: The shades have been ordered and are scheduled for installation at the end of this week.
  5. Wertz Hall Patio Wooden Door Replacement: These are the cabinet doors on the patio which are rotting. President Manning would like to use volunteers to replace the doors. If you are interested please contact your board representative.
  6. South Side Pool Heater Enclosure Replacement: A new roof is needed and it needs to be raised. Also, new vinyl fencing is needed. Other estimates may be obtained as the contractor providing the current estimate of $3200 cannot work us in for 4-6 weeks.
  7. Adobe Wells Tower Maintenance: This is a small project that will be scheduled later this spring.
  8. Special Projects:
  9. 19th Hole HVAC Replacement: President Manning has received additional quotes for replacement of the HVAC at the 19th The quotes ranged from $9250 to $6700. The $6700 quote was chosen as it is the Action Air contractor that we currently use for our Wertz Hall AC maintenance. We are getting a heat pump. Moving the hot water heater and removing the old gas heater which will no longer be needed is being considered, to free up space for additional counter space. President Manning will get a plumber to give an estimate as we also have a gas leak in the gas line feeding the stove.

Security Camera Upgrade: Howard Harmon and Bob Gotter are gathering information concerning our needs and the costs associated with upgrading our security cameras. They have talked to three firms and requested quotes.

  1. Spectrum Upgrade: We recently bundled our services with Spectrum for the same price we were paying. WIFI speed was increased from 10MB to 100MB. We also got basic cable, a new modem and 3 telephone lines. Installation was $99. President Manning thanked Russ Garrett for his efforts to get us upgraded. Russ also put a “parental guidance” password on the TV and our service so that we “technically challenged” folks don’t accidently order movies or games that the Park has to pay for.
  2. Street Repairs and Sealing: An assessment was performed last year on our streets to determine their overall condition. The City of McAllen identified areas in need of repair and recommended all streets be re-sealed. The two quotes received were $30K apart. President Manning has asked Harry Dellinger to get more quotes. He had also asked Darrill Burgett to assist Harry as Darrill has expertise in this area. Quotes are needed before the March meeting so that homeowners can approve the expenditure and allow the work to be done this summer.
  3. Kitchen Exhaust Fan: A new exhaust fan for the kitchen has been ordered and is to be installed in the next couple of weeks by a restaurant equipment firm. President Manning thanked Bob Gotter for finding a firm to replace the current exhaust fan. HVAC firms were contacted for quotes but they all declined.
  4. Wertz hall survey: Board members distributed a “Opinion Survey” for “What Homeowners Want To Do With Community Center (Wertz Hall)”. Survey is to be completed and returned to the Community Center in the mailbox provided by Monday, February 26, 2018. President Manning had asked the “5 Year Plan Committee” to address Wertz Hall in their report. President Manning has hired Sam Garcia, a local architect to help develop a process to identify options and provide rough estimates. We need someone who knows the City of McAllen authorities, ordinances, and existing building regulations. The architect will cost $150 per hour for a workshop and report. Total cost should be $900 to $1200 for his initial services. President Manning explained that this is a early exploration of different options.


  1. President Manning announced that the backflow preventer testing this year will be performed by Green Thumb for $20.
  2. Gigi Bailey needs help folding divots on Tuesday morning at Wertz Hall.
  3. Volunteers are needed for gate duty for April.
  4. Potluck dinner and entertainment Tuesday night.
  5. Roy Williams announced Bible Study tonight at 7:15 at 19th
  6. Donna Woodward announced that the final total of donations for the Walkathon for Comfort House was $1889.00.

The meeting adjourned at 10:46 A.M.

Approved Minutes at the March 19th 2018 Homeowners Meeting