Homeowner Meeting Minutes for Nov. 16, 2015- Approved

                                                                                                               Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes

                                                                                                                           Monday, November 16, 2015                                      


10:00 a.m.   Please turn off cell phones                                                                                          

Are there any non-homeowners present – No

Do we have a quorum:   105

Call to order:

Pledge of allegiance

Moment of silence for sick and departed

Introduction of Board members and Officers:

Section l – Ormal Guinn (absent); Paul Hood (absent), Paul Puck+ (substitute)

Section II/III – Gary Montgomery+, LeRoy Gustafson (absent), Robert Gotter+, Kenneth Heyn+

Section RV – Marty RicKard (absent); Marlene Thorson+

Treasurer – Robert Stamm+

Vice President- Mary Pruett+

President –Edwin Adams+

Secretary – Anne Glatt+

Parliamentarian – David Nickols+

Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell (absent)

Any New Homeowners – None

Secretary reads minutes of last Homeowner meeting dated March 16, 2015.  Ed Adams got homeowner approval of minutes after they were summarized.

Treasurers Reports – General Fund   Total funds available $259,612, encumbered funds available $68,533 leaving net operating funds available of $191,079.   Bob Stamm said the $26,000 (encumbered funds) for Maintenance Shed Blacktop was spent and $1,700 had to be added to cover the cost.  The income statement shows 97% of homeowner dues have been collected, and we received an interest payment of $2,600 from our CD account.  Expenditures trending above budget are Maintenance Eqpt. (120%) Wertz Hall Air-conditioning and Maintenance Building (184%) Bathroom Renovations Wertz Hall.

Activity Fund    Briefly covered and treasurer reports went to file.

Discussion on summer projects:  

  1. Daffodil project – Ed Adams said several of us worked with the city as they made their decision about Daffodil road construction. After presenting facts/cost and how they would have to deal with all of the homeowners at Adobe Wells, the city decided
  2. To reduce the property they would take on the North Side from 20 feet down to 4 feet. They plan to take up to our white fence to run a sidewalk along our property when they widen Daffodil.
  3. Wertz restroom maintenance repair – There have been requests to improve the appearance of the ladies restroom. Ed indicated that when the work was started, mold was found in the walls behind the toilets and asbestos under the flooring.  To abate asbestos is very expensive and the mold had to be dealt with so Roman Spagnolo and Bob Gotter worked to remove the mold and purchased a flooring that could be glued over the asbestos which contains it.  Hallway water issues and the men’s bathroom were also improved.  The cost of repair was $5,000 and Howie Harmon suggested where to get the money to cover this expense.
  4. 19th Hole repairs – the 19th Hole has been painted and looks a lot better.
  5. Bingo Machine – Dave Nichols reported the new machine is up and running. He asked if anyone would be interested in learning to call bingo, if so see him.
  6. Information office maintenance repair (Sharon Puck memorial donation of Logo shelf). Ed suggested people take a peek at the Info Office changed up with paint, pictures and the shelf in honor of Sharon Puck.
  7. Black top at maintenance shop area – Ed asked if anyone had looked at the shop area and everyone agreed the blacktopping and other changes have improved both working conditions and appearance of area. Ed said how about the far north alleyway and several homeowners agreed the alleyway was in much better condition.  We used crushed asphalt to recover that area.  Ed said the park is responsible for all the alleyways, and the Board should again look at and decide to specify one product be used for resurfacing alleyways, and Ed said he believed it should be crushed asphalt
  8. Ed Adams wants the Board to look at the possibility of selling two properties. We have a $5,000 offer for the “bird house lot”.  Also, a relative of Dave Calley wants to buy the “bird house lot” and the rental property.  He is willing to pay $17,000 for both and move the rental over to the birdhouse lot.  The rental hass never been a money making venture and the park will still own the land the rental is currently sitting on.  Anyone wanting to make a counter-offer can do so and that is why this information is being shared.  The Board has to decide what offer/s will be accepted.
  9. Another thing the city is working on is changing the zoning of the property on the northeast corner of Taylor and Daffodil. There is a business office there but the zoning was never changed when it was established.  Ed said they have also included some of our property in pending change.  We are asking the city not to rezone this property and will represent the park as needed.

 New Business:

  1. New Committee Chairman
  2. Nominating Committee Chair-Mary Meyhofer, members Lou Boelkes, Nadine DeBoer, Phyllis Haarstad, and Bill Weaver
  3. Audit Committee Chair- Howard Harmon
  4. Election Committee Chair- Carole Buwalda
  5. Voting – Ballets will be signed – Election coming up Jan. 11th 2016
  6. 2016 Proposed Budget- Ed indicated we will have a projected Budget in December.
  7. We are looking for chairman to lead the following:
    1. 2016 All Park Picnic
    2. City Liaison
    3. Historian
    4. Southside post office bulletins – Larry Chariton volunteered.

You may contact Veronica or Ed Adams at 956-686-8801


John Hunsicker – found the city is giving plants away as long as recipient take a picture after planting and sends picture back to them.  There are four choice native plants available until Thanksgiving.  Ed asked Laurie Sullivan (Landscape Committee Chair) to handle for park.

GiGi Bayley – Divot folding

Ken Heyn – Red envelops available.  Veronica has them in office.  You fill out paperwork, put in envelop and place on your refrigerator.  Should emergency personnel come into your home, they look for envelop and use data to establish care options.           Ken indicated he and Shirley have met with First Responders in the McAllen area.  The responders who come to our park said homeowners could contact them directly which would allow faster service.  Also, the responders are in favor of parks’ having their own defibrillators at each clubhouse.   If our defibrillator matches the responders, they will keep ours up-to-date and provide the electrical pads free of charge.  We can have our own first responders who can get free CPR, first aid and defibrillator classes at local hospitals.  When Ken asked if homeowners were interested in having defibrillators in the park, there was a majority “yes” response.

Milt Jones – are we looking at doing more advertising in local papers to convince winter Texans coming down that Adobe Well is the place they want to settle in.  Gary Montgomery said over the summer we saw a lot of locals from McAllen driving through looking for cheap housing, and the mobiles here are just what they are looking for.  If we are not careful, this park will take on a completely different tone.  Several other homeowners asked questions about houses that have been


sold and how to determine if they are resident when they do not use our Park stickers, do not plan to volunteer or follow our rules/regulations.   Howie Harmon suggested we advertise Adobe Wells in the the north where winter Texans come from.   Someone suggested if this was a gated community we would not have people cruising through checking out places for sale.  Someone else brought concerns

Gary Lundberg – the conversation about a standard product to be used when resurfacing alleyways should be in the 5-year plan.

Letty Kemp- mentioned the ladies’ restroom looks fantastic and she expressed thanks to all the year-round residents who did the work.  She also thanked Shirley Thompson for the work she and others have done with flower gardens.  We are a volunteer pack and we all should be doing our part.  Letty reminded the Board about the light needed for parking around Wertz Hall.    (RIGHT LOCATION?)

Laurie Sullivan – brought up concern she witnessed twice.  Adobe Wells resident leaving drove through our walkway red light on Daffodil while traffic in both directions obeyed the red light.   One other concern was the condition of the 19th Hole ladies room.  The Wertz’s ladies room is great but we forgot the one on the 19th Hole.

Ben Jendro – brought up the concern that realtors selling Park property are not clearly communicating park age requirements and rules/regulations.  Should they be allowed to place their signs on our property?

Cheryl Koon noticed the upkeep in the RV Section was lacking.  Aren’t homeowners supposed to hire someone to clean up their property (i.e. trim weeds, pick up fallen fruit0 when they are not here in the summer.  Ed Adams said all of you have hit on concerns that the Board needs to look at.  If we have no tools to enforce rules/regulations, how can we enforce.  Right now if owners do not maintain their property during the summer we can fine them $75.  The question is do homeowners want us To enforce the rules.

Adjourn Meeting – Ed made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mary Pruett and approved by those present at 11:17 a.m.