Homeowner Meeting Minutes- November 20, 2017 Approved

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting

Monday, November 20, 2017



The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer led by Roy Williams.

Introduction of Board and Officers:

President:  Mike Manning

Vice-President:  Harry DeBoer

Treasurer:  Arnie DeJoode

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Section I Directors:  Glenda Peterson;  Mary Hittner (absent)

Section II and III Directors:  Darrell Olson (absent); Dave Nickols ;

Connie  Harmon; Harry Dellinger

RV Section Directors:  Dave VonArx (absent); Marty RicKard (absent)

Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell (absent)


New Homeownesr Present:  Sonja Bush; Sylvia & Dwayne Stillwell; Mike & Joyce Venker; Dick & Margie Glaesemann; Wayne & Robin Feltman

Secretary’s Report: A synopsis of minutes from the March 20, 2017 meeting was given by Laurie Sullivan.  The Minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Arnie DeJoode

General:  Net Operating Funds available:  $203,993

Total YTD Income: $367,729 ; YTD Expenditure $315,359; Net Income  YTD $52,370

Total Activity Funds available:  $58,538 (includes $55,000 in CDs)

Rental Property Balance:  $6,195

Memorial Fund Balance:  $2,844

The Treasurer gave a synopsis of the summer finances of the park. Reports are available in the office.

The October report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:


  1. Golf Course Update: President Manning reported on golf course improvements over the summer. The north side greens were lowered, leveled and sodded, with the exception of #4 and #8. South side greens were scraped and sodded. Two dead palm trees along 47th Street were removed and replaced. Thanks to the Bailey family for purchase of the new trees.

Mike noted that Beto has followed the maintenance plan implemented last spring and the results are obvious.

  1. North Side Deck: The north side deck has been rebuilt at a cost of $6,800, $2,400 of that being offset with donations by homeowners.  Mike and Jerry Mead will be working on a design for honoring those donors.
  2. Texas A&M report: The Board received a report from Texas A&M regarding soil conditions of our various gardens as well as analysis of the east border cypress trees. Thanks to Dave Calley for contacting the local agricultural agent for assistance interpreting that report.


  1. Winter Texan Expo and Health Fair: Mike advised that the Board has approved money to purchase a booth at the Expo. He turned the program over to Howard Harmon who has agreed to chair this venture.  Howard reported that the cost is $500 for the booth plus $75 for electricity. Set up is January 15, 2018, the Expo is open January 16 & 17 with approximately 7,000 attendees expected. Howard will be asking for volunteers to man our booth in shifts. We will show our video and hand out pamphlets and some “freebies” and generally sell our park.
  2. Governing Documents: All Adobe Wells governing documents are now filed with the County.
  3. North Side Fence: At the April Board meeting Donna Hinz presented a proposal on behalf of the Beautification Committee for a fence on our northwest border.  The committee preferred a wooden fence. The Board, however, favored a chain link fence with vinyl slats, as we have on our other borders.  Quotes are being obtained now for a decision at the December Board meeting.
  4. Infrastructure Committee: Chairman Harry Dellinger reported that his committee has completed assessment of park property.  The Committee’s report is nearly complete and will be presented at the December Board meeting.
  5. Advertising Committee: This committee is a bit over budget, but Marty RicKard has put ads in various midwestern newspapers which have run all summer and are currently running.


New Business:

  1. Daffodil Road/Taylor Road Project: President Manning reported on what we have previously called the Daffodil Road project.  This has now been joined with the City of Mission’s Taylor Road project, with the City of Mission in charge.  This project will widen Taylor Road – the 1st Phase covering Expressway 83 to Business 83, scheduled to begin June, 2019. Phase 2 covers Business 83 to Daffodil. The entire project is to be completed by 2026. The impact on Adobe Wells is less than the previous project. The Daffodil/Taylor Rd. intersection will be widened, extending 500’ down Daffodil. This will impact our pool, the #8 green and our Taylor Road fence.  Our attorney and appraiser have this information to be ready when we finally are approached about compensation.
  2. Cypress Trees: The Texas A&M report indicated that the major problems with the cypress trees on our east border stem from improper planting. The Board has received two quotes to replace these trees – we will need 100.  The lowest quote comes from a nursery in Weslaco through Greg Weekley’s daughter at a cost of $45/tree, planted and mulched by the nursery, with a 1 year guarantee.  The President indicated we have a commitment of $1,000 from the family of Larry “The Lip” Chariton and asked in a non-binding vote if others would be interested in purchasing a tree.  This received overwhelming support.
  3. Budget Development:  President  Manning indicated that he, Arnie DeJoode and Harry DeBoer will begin work on the budget to be ready to present to the homeowners in January. There will be opportunities for homeowners questions and input.
  4. Previous Board Decisions: The President advised the homeowners that any decisions made by previous Boards will not be revisited unless circumstances have changed.
  5. Nominations Committee:   The President has asked Jan and Dave Calley to chair the Nominating Committee and they have filled in their committee:  Kay Shaw, north side; Mary Pruett and Marlene Thorson, RV Section; Lyle Kneeskern, Ted & Aileen Wills, Section II and III.  Any homeowners interested in running for any office should contact a committee member.
  6. Audit Committee: Howard Harmon has agreed to again chair the Audit Committee.
  7. 2019 Adobe Wells Auction Quilt: President Manning has received a letter from Donna Hinz advising that she and Patricia King will not chair the 2019 Auction Quilt committee.  The 2018 quilt is complete and they will be certain tickets are sold.  The President is looking for volunteers to fill the quilt committee if there is interest, or ideas for other fund raising projects.
  8. Five Year Plan Committee: Chairperson Connie Harmon gave a brief report on the Five Year Plan Committee’s work.  At this point they are asking for input from homeowners and to that end have prepared a questionnaire. They are asking for ideas and input to be returned by Friday, December 1st so they can complete their report.  See Connie or any member of the committee with questions:  Russ Garrett, Ron Glatt, Pat Mulvaney, Lloyd Bratland.


  1. Shirley Heyn: Christmas lights and chile at Waterford Gardens December 14th. Please sign up.
  2. Key Heyn:  Reminded homeowners to keep info in the red envelope up to date.
  3. Denny Roberts: Denny’s motorcycle group is again collecting toys. Toy wrapping at Wertz Hall, Saturday, December 9, 8 a.m.  All are welcome – please bring scissors.
  4. Nadine DeBoer: The Information Office needs help again to call homeowners about delivery of Christmas packages. Please see Nadine if you are able to help.
  5. Dave Nickols: Winter pot lucks have started – the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, 4:30 happy hour, 5:00 dinner, 6:00 entertainment.
  6. Rita Jensen: Gigi Bailey is doing the Divot from home.  Folders should come to Wertz Hall Tuesday, November 21 at 10 a.m.
  7. Linda Roberts: Reminder of Thanksgiving Dinner. Wertz Hall open at 10 a.m. to bring dishes and silverware. 4:00 happy hour, 5:00 dinner.  $5/pp
  8. Gene Lawrence: Ice Breaker Golf Tournament December 6.  One club and a putter. Sign up in card room.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.