Homeowner Minutes for November 19, 2018 – Approve

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting

Monday, November 19, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. by President Michael Manning.

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer led by Chaplain Roy Williams.


Introduction of Board and Officers:

President: Michael Manning

Vice-President: Harold DeBoer

Treasurer: Arnold DeJoode

Secretary: Joyce Venker

Section l Directors: Glenda Peterson; Nancy Radke

Section ll and lll Directors: Connie Harmon; Harry Dellinger (Absent); Howard Harmon; Nancy Stamm (Absent)

RV Section Directors: David VonArx (Absent); Darrill Burgett (Absent)

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell (Absent)


New Homeowners Present: Mary & Larry Schuett, Roseann & Bill Venker, Tina & Skip Ruis, and Herb Calley


Secretary’s ReportA synopsis of minutes from the March 19, 2018 meeting was given by Secretary Joyce Venker. The minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurers Report: Arnie DeJoode

General: Net Operating Funds Available: $200,178

Total YTD Income: $398,752; YTD Expenditure $317,535; Net Income YTD $81,216

Total Activity Funds Available: $61,496

Rental Property Balance: $8,733

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,618

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business


   Completed Projects Update:

  1. 19th Hole Heat Pump: A heat pump was installed in the 19th hole including all new duct work in every room and the restrooms. The window units were removed.  The windows were replaced with glass block in the kitchen and pool room. The openings in the meeting room were closed.
  2. 19th Hole Conversion From Gas To Electric For: The hot water heater, stove and gas furnace were removed. The gas lines were capped off. The electric hot water heater was installed on the rear deck. An electric stove that was donated by the Garretts was installed.
  3. Street Repair: The streets were repaired where needed on both the North and South Sides. All of the bad spots were cut out and new asphalt laid prior to applying sealant. Two coats of sealant were applied to all of the roads, golf cart path, and one coat at the maintenance area.
  4. Re-plastering the South Pool: The South Pool was re-plastered, had LED lights installed, and had the electrical wiring for the lights brought up to code. Drains were installed in the concrete to eliminate ponding of water on the deck. The pool had to be drained again for the contractor to correct flaws in his plastering job. A water pipe was run to the roses and an electrical conduit was installed for future use.
  5. South Side Shuffleboard: New LED lighting for the South Side shuffleboard was installed. The courts were painted and 5 composite benches were added. The shuffleboard court storage unit was cleaned out, a new shelf was installed and the equipment racks were painted.
  6. Security Cameras: New digital security cameras for both the North (2) and South (3) Side entrances were installed. The system is WIFI enabled with one monitor and an 8-channel recorder located in the Business Office rather than the post offices. The camera reads license plates very good during the day but not very well at night. This will be worked on.
  7. Replaced the Doors for the Storage Closets on the East Patio of Wertz Hall: Six new metal doors were installed to replace the rotting wooden doors.
  8. Replaced the Pool Heater Enclosure at the South Side Pool: A metal roof and vinyl fencing was installed to protect the heater and eliminate a potential fire hazard of the wooden roof.
  9. Installed Decorative Curbing and Rocks Alongside the Hedge at the Office entrance to Wertz Hall:
  10. Installed a Sprinkler System on the South Side of Daffodil Avenue to Facilitate Growing Grass: Grass seed that was donated by Larry Loos was planted.
  11. Leveled all 4 Pool Tables and Re-Covered the 2 Brunswick Tables:
  12. Painted the Exteriors of all the Doors in Wertz Hall:
  13. Painted the Entrance Signs for the South Side: The North Side needs to be done yet.
  14. Removed the Solar System Shed at the South Pool: The shed was falling apart so it was replaced with a plastic storage unit for the pool chemicals and testing equipment. The pipes for the solar heaters were removed and the pump and motor were stored in the shop for refurbishment.

Golf Course

  1. The sprinkler system was expanded on the South side to cover the fairways.
  2. Water and sprinklers were installed to the practice tee and green on the South Side. The practice tee was re-built and enlarged.
  3. Cypress Trees: The Italian Cypress trees along the golf course were surveyed. There are 18 trees that are dead or dying. The nursery has been notified and will replace them when it is a good time to plant new trees. This will probably happen this month.
  4. Memorial Benches: Eight memorial benches were installed on the golf course. Damaged concrete benches were removed. Any plaques that were on the concrete benches were saved to be displayed elsewhere.
  5. President Manning recognized and thanked all the individuals who helped complete these projects:


  • Harry Dellinger was instrumental in overseeing our road maintenance and sealing. He kept the contractor on schedule and worked daily with the contractor to identify areas needing repair prior to applying the seal coat. This project could not have happened without him.
  • Gus Gustafson provided contract documents allowing us to reach agreements with our contractors and document any change orders. It’s great to have these documents as a template for future use.
  • Ed Blinks and Linda Bowers for all of their hard work in sprucing up the Park by painting the South Side entrances, all the exterior doors in Wertz Hall, the poles and courts for the South side shuffleboard.
  • Greg Weekly for installing the doors on the south patio and assisting in painting the shuffleboard.
  • Harry Dellinger, Mike Venker and Ralph King for helping President Manning assemble the 15 benches that were purchased for use in the Park.
  • Russ and Twila Garrett for documenting the flood damage and making it available for the residents who were not here to view their property.
  • Jerry Oden who kept the pumps on the golf course operational for 16 hours a day trying to preserve our greens and tees.
  • Bob Gotter for his expertise and assistance in procuring and installing the new security camera system.
  • To all of the residents who took their time to assist their neighbors during the flood.
  • A special thanks to Arnie DeJoode for relieving President Manning during the flood so he could travel to attend a wedding. And another special thanks to Harry DeBoer for taking charge while President Manning took time off to relax.









New Business:

  1. Flood Damage: The June 21, 2018 flood was quite an event. President Manning highlighted damage to the Adobe Wells property.
  • Golf Course: The South golf course was flooded for several days. A 3” discharge gasoline pump was purchased to remove water from the course. A 2” discharge pump that was purchased to facilitate pumping out the pool earlier in the summer wasn’t draining the course quick enough. The pumps were running 16 hours each day in an attempt to save the greens and tees. Fortunately, it worked and the greens survived with little damage. Several mesquite trees were lost on the golf course. Six stumps have already been removed from the golf course and one on Azalea Avenue.
  • Rental House: The rental house sustained damage to the garage and storage unit. The damages were covered by the insurance company and have been repaired. The garage and storage unit were painted last week, which completes all repairs. There was some damage from termites which was repaired, but no active termites were found. Decorations need to be surveyed that are being stored there to determine what to keep. Also, a decision needs to be made on what to do with old chairs that are stored in the shed.
  • Wertz Hall: Wertz Hall did not flood, but did sustain damage from all of the rain. Versico, the company who warranted the roof when it was installed was contacted. They had a local company, TADCO, inspect the roof. Four areas that leaked were found. Two leaks were covered by the warranty and the other two were man made holes. Total cost to Adobe Wells was minimal ($120). Unfortunately, there was another big rain and the roof leaked again after the ceiling tiles were replaced. TADCO again performed an inspection and determined the roof was not leaking. It was the stucco that is deteriorating on the exterior roof walls. President Manning has recommended to have an inspection by another company to help determine whether the leaks are in the roofing material or the stucco.
  1. Daffodil/Taylor Road Project Update: President Manning had received a registered letter from the city of Mission requesting a meeting with their appraisers. It was forwarded to our attorney who provided advice for the meeting. The meeting with the appraisers from Leonel Garza and Associates took place last week. They explained the project and the purpose of the appraisal report. They took pictures of the areas affected by the project. They counted the number of trees and shrubs that will need to be replaced. The Adobe Wells signs for the North Side will have to be replaced along with #8 Green. It appears that we will get a new pool on the North Side as it will be too close to the new road. A completed appraisal report should be received in 4-6 weeks. Our attorney has been informed of the meeting with the appraisers. When the report is received it will be discussed with our attorney and turned over to our appraiser to negotiate with the City of Mission and the State of Texas.
  2. Wertz Hall Study Update: A Commercial Property Inspection was performed on Wertz Hall by Accurate Inspections this summer. A copy was provided to the Board. Also, President Manning provided a spreadsheet identifying actions needed to correct deficient items in the report. Decisions will need to be made whether to continue to correct the remaining items or hold off on a determination on the future of Wertz Hall. President Manning had also asked Sam Garcia, our architect, to contact the City of McAllen to determine if there are any obstacles preventing us from building a new community center or adding to the existing. Parking is the major obstacle. One parking space is required for each 100 sq. foot of building. But it is possible to try to get a lifetime waiver to waive that requirement through the Planning Board. Mr. Garcia provided an estimate of $150/s.f. as the cost of new construction. An estimation of $2 million would be for a new building and approximately $6-700,000 for a renovation of Wertz Hall which is 47 years old. A committee has been formed. The purpose of the committee is to decide how to move forward in approaching the homeowners as what to do about Wertz Hall. Volunteering for the committee are Connie Harmon, Howard Harmon, Joyce Venker, Russ Garrett, and Robin Feltman.
  3. Nominations Committee: Mike and Mary Higgins have been appointed as our Elections Chairs. Their committee members are: Lois Williams, Joanne Hansel, Rita DuBovich, Roseann Venker, Jean Peters, and Robin Feltman.
  4. Audit Committee: President Manning had asked Bob Stamm to chair the Audit Committee this year, but he may not be here in time this year. As such, President Manning is looking for a volunteer to chair the Audit Committee and other volunteers to assist with the audit.
  5. South Pond: Prior to the flood, the South pond was dry. Irrigation District 16 had a broken line and added new customers. We received a letter from them stating that due to the increased demand, we would only be able to receive water every ten days. The south pond is only eight-foot-deep and will not hold enough water to meet our demands. Alternatives need to be looked at if we intend to maintain our course at its current condition. Irrigation District 3 can dredge our pond for us, but it may be cost prohibitive with an estimate of at least around $7000. A suggestion was also made to possibly build a berm around the pond. President Manning had a discussion with Mr. Mike Worshack, the manager of Irrigation District 16 to determine if the letter was still in effect. It is in effect, but it will particularly affect us when the temperatures exceed 100 degrees with little rainfall and the months of March thru May when the citrus groves and vegetable fields are given priority for irrigation. He is going to provide us with contacts to get estimates for deepening the south pond and exploring options such as liners, concrete, bentonite, and etc. so that it can be included in the upcoming budget.
  6. South Side Post Office: The South side post office is in dire need of repair. While there are contingency funds that would have been available for building maintenance, it could not be used as it would have exceeded the building maintenance line item. The board recommends repairing the post office by removing the stucco, replacing the rotten wood, and move to a maintenance free building with vinyl siding. A vote from the membership is needed to approve or disapprove expending additional funds, up to $5,000, for repair of the South Side Post Office. Ballots were handed out. Results of the Votes were: YES – 154, NO – 5.



  1. President Manning announced that recycling began today and that he is looking for volunteers to assist with the cardboard and newspaper recycling. He needs individuals who have vehicles with trailer hitches and volunteers to pick up the newspapers and cardboard. In the past, he had allowed volunteers to use his vehicle to pull the trailer, but he had to replace his vehicle. If we do not get volunteers, we may have to discontinue the paper and cardboard recycling. We generate about $500 per year for the Activity Fund from this recycling. What’s more important is that we collect approximately 15,000 pounds of cardboard and newspaper from November thru March. If we did not recycle, we would have to rent another 4 cubic yard dumpster from McAllen. This would cost us an additional $205 per month.
  2. President Manning also announced that at the end of last season, the Board instituted the policy of requiring background checks for renters to comply with the Covenants. (Article II Section 1 and Article 10 Section 5 and 7)
  3. Gigi Bailey needs help folding divots tomorrow morning at 9:45 A.M. at Wertz Hall.
  4. Shirley Heyn reminded everyone to update their Red Envelopes for 1st Also, to update the weekly bulletin board and they may call her or Nancy Radke for help. Shirley also asked for food donations for the Food Pantry which is badly needed.
  5. Roy Williams announced that Bible Study starts tonight at the 19th Hole at 7:00 P.M. and to bring your Bible and a friend.
  6. Glenda Garza announced that Bell Ringers are needed at Walgreens from 4-6 P.M. yet. The schedule is on the bulletin board.

The meeting adjourned at 11:43 A.M.

Submitted by Joyce Venker, Secretary