Homeowner Minutes Meeting December 19, 2016- Approved

Homeowners  Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2016                                                  DRAFT

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer led by Roy Williams.

Introduction of Board and Officers:

President:  Gary Montgomery

Vice-President:  Mike Manning

Treasurer:  Bob Stamm

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Section I Directors:  Paul Hood;  Mary Hittner (absent)

Section II and III Directors:  Bob Gotter; Ken Heyn; Darrell Olson (absent); Dave Nickols (absent)

RV Section Directors:  Marlene Thorson; Marty RicKard


Parliamentarian:  Jim McGuire (absent)

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell (absent)


New Homeowner Present:  Jim Stevens


Secretary’s Report: A synopsis of minutes from the November 21, 2016 meeting was given by Laurie Sullivan.  The Minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Stamm

General:  Net Operating Funds available:  182,774

Total YTD Income: $370,226 ; YTD Expenditure $339,860; Capitalized Items $21,850; Net Income  YTD before Capitalized Items $52,216

Total Activity Funds available:  $35,724 (includes $33,000 in CDs)

Rental Property Balance:  $5,778

Memorial Fund Balance:  $3,751

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:


  1. Storage Area Inventory: All residents storing items in the storage lot must complete a registration form with Veronica so we know what belongs to whom.
  2. Voting Procedures: A change has been made in the voting procedure in that all nominees are posted as soon as possible after the name has been submitted to the Nomination Committee.  Nominations may be made from the floor or phoned in to a member of the Nomination Committee at this meeting. Therefore Committee members will have their cell phones turned on today.

Nominees as of this meeting:  President:  Mike Manning; Vice President: Harry DeBoer; Treasurer: Arnie Dejoode; Section I director: Glenda Peterson; RV Section director: Cindy Karels, Dave VonArx; Section II and II directors:  Harry Dellinger, Connie Harmon, Greg Hansen

  1. President Montgomery thanked Diane Carr and Donna Hinz for attending a meeting at the City of McAllen regarding native plantings.
  2. President Montgomery requested that Veronica attend the meeting briefly so the homeowners could acknowledge her birthday!!
  3. Nomination Committee: President Montgomery introduced and thanked those members of the Nomination Committee in attendance – Chairman Ron Glatt and Joanne Parrott.
  4. Ceiling Projector: At the November meeting a hand vote was taken approving the purchase and installation of a ceiling projector. Due to the amount in question, this was not a legal vote and was on the agenda for a paper vote at this meeting. However, since that time it was brought to the attention of the Board that a projector had been donated to the park last year.  A call was put in to Randy Ulmer, the donor, to verify that this projector was given to the park, not just to the Super Bowl party group. The results of the vote were:  Yes – 52; No – 137.


New Business & Announcements:

  1. Budget: Bob Stamm and Gary Montgomery gave a synopsis of the budget for 2017.  This will be posted in full on the Wertz Hall bulletin board and will be voted on by the homeowners at the January Homeowners Meeting.
  2. There will be an item added for $20,000 of Capital Expenses. There are several projects that need attention and on which the Board is currently obtaining estimates. These include a new deck over the north side irrigation pond, with an option for no deck and just fencing; repair or rebuilding of north side cart path; trimming large branches over north side and 50th Street alleys; enlargement of tee boxes; sealing of maintenance area asphalt; maintenance of tee houses and pool surrounds.
  3. Several budget options will be presented to homeowners for a vote, including no maintenance fee increase and a couple of different maintenance fee increases.
  4. There will be an informational budget meeting held in January before the Homeowners meeting date.
  5. Election: There were no nominations from the floor and nominations were declared closed.
  6. Annual Maintenance Fees: Bills for 2017 Maintenance Fees are available at the back of Wertz Hall.
  7. Trash Removal: Due to the upcoming holidays, trash removal for the next two Fridays – December 23 and December 30, will begin at 8 a.m.
  8. Meet the Candidates: A Meet the Candidates forum will be held Friday, January 6, 2017, at Wertz Hall at 1 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.