Annual Homeowners Meeting 01/19/2015 Approved

  Adobe Wells Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes

                Monday, January 19, 2015                      


Turn off cell phones, no non-homeowners present, we do have a quorum.

Call to order at 10:00 a.m.

Pledge of allegiance

Moment of silence for sick and departed

Introduction of Board members and Officers:

Section l – Paul Puck; Ormal Guinn

Section II/III – Pat Mulvaney(absent); Harold DeBoer; Gary Montgomery; Gus Gustafson

Section RV – Judy Milan; Mark O’Shea

Treasurer – Marcia Lundberg

VP –

President –Ed Adams

Secretary – Anne Glatt

Parliamentarian – David Nickols

Newly Elected VP Mary Pruett, Treasurer Bob Stamm, Section I Director Paul Hood, Section II/III Directors Bob Gotter, Ken Heyn, and RV Section Director Marlene Thorson

New Homeowners – William McCoy introduced himself and lives at 2837 N 47th St.

Secretary read the minutes of the December 15, 2014 Meeting, no correction and approved as read.

Treasurers Reports – General Fund

Activity Fund Marcia shared the balance in the as of Jan. 18, 2015 is $38,808.41.

2014 Internal Audit Report dated Jan. 9, 2014 Ed Adams asked Howie Harmon to report recent audit results. Howie expressed thanks to audit members Audrey Kalmoe, Cindy Karels, Debra Kaye, Pete Peters, Bob Stamm. Five accounts audited were General, North Side Utility, Mobile Home Rental, Memorial Fund and Activity Fund. Howie said everything was in order. Concerns were the cost of gas to heat the two swimming pools during last year’s cold winter ($5,800) and the fact that our mobile home rental account went down from $8,417.76 to $6,696.53. This property pays homeowner fees which accounts for most of the expense and the rest was repairs made to the mobile. Activity Account we were missing the receipt/bill for the bands used for dances. Auditors need these on file. Howard also wanted to thank Veronica, Phyllis Becker and Marcia Lundberg for their help during the audit. Jack Clemes made a motion to accept this report, seconded by Ruth Starr and approved by homeowners.


Old and New Business

  1. Approval 2015 Proposed Budget Ed Adams told everyone they did not have to sign this ballot. At that point he explained the three options homeowners had to choose from.   Proposal 1 Budget w/o WIFI and w/o dues increase, Proposal 2 Budget w/WIFI and w/o dues increase, Proposal 3 Budget w/$10/month dues increase and w/WIFI.   One homeowner thought the employees were supposed to get a wage increase last year.  Ed said since he did not take part in developing that budget with Dan M. and he did not know a wage increase was approved, it did not happen. Proposal 1 gives a $.50/hr wage increase to our employees.  There was discussion about WIFI and homeowners not understanding why it was in the budget when they thought more information was needed before a WIFI decision could be made. Ed said WIFI was included so it could be approved by homeowners in case all questions were answered and a decision to go with WIFI was made. At that point we would not need to wait for a vote before proceeding with WIFI. Some owners had no knowledge of the WIFI proposal so did not feel comfortable voting to approve it. Another owner has WIFI at home and did not want to pay for it in two places. Ed suggested voting for the option you are comfortable with. There were a lot of fixes suggested and still a lot of questions about approving the budget with WIFI and a dues increase.   Bob Gotter said as far as he was concerned WIFI is a dead issue until we get expert advice and help from our attorney. He added it will probably take 6 months to get all our questions answered. Homeowner tried to make a motion to change the ballot removing WIFI wording but several people on the floor said it is against Texas law to change a ballot on the floor. Ken Heyn said if you don’t want a dues increase and do not want to approve WIFI vote for Proposal 1.
  2. Rescind the authorization previously adopted in January 2014 to fund a new maintenance shed. That $33,000 will then be available to pay for cement/blacktop work that Beto wants done. Discussion followed.
  3. Authorization the expenditure of $26,000 to blacktop and cement the area around the maintenance shed. In the future when we propose a new maintenance building the surface area of cement and blacktop will not need rework. Approximately $7,000 will be saved for the future building plans. Discussion followed.

Voting Results          Proposal 1 PASSED                        Proposal 2 FAILED              Proposal 3 FAILED                                                         

Budget w/o WIFI w/o              Budget w/WIFI and                 Budget w/$10 per mth. dues

dues increase 213                  w/o dues increase 15                    increase and w/WIFI   14

                        Rescind Authorization for Maintenance Bldg. Funds     YES 212 Passed   NO 30          

                        Authorize Expenditure $26,000 Blacktopping/Cement   YES 221 Passed   NO 20

                            Note:  This vote will have to been redone (Homeowner Meeting 2/16/2015) due to the ballots had to be signed .

Development Committee Chairman – Since Bob Gotter has been elected a Director of Section II/III, he can no longer be the chair of the Development Committee. Paul Puck has agreed to chair the Development Committee.

Special Thanks to all our park volunteers.

Announcements – Ed asked for a volunteer to chair the Park Picnic. Let Veronica know you are available to volunteer.


Adjourn Meeting     Motion made by Ken Heyn to adjourn meeting, seconded by Ruth Starr and approved by all.