Homeowners Meeting Minutes Feb. 18, 2019-Approved

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Adobe Wells Homeowners’ Meeting

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Meeting was called to order by President Arnie DeJoode at  10:00  am.

A Quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Moment of silence for the sick and departed.

Introduction of the Board members and Officers (all present)

  • Section 1 – Nancy Radke, Greg Weekley
  • Section II and III – Nancy Stamm, Howard Harmon, Joyce Venker, Pat Mulvaney
  • Section RV – Darrill Burgett, Pat Fladeland
  • Treasurer – Bob Stamm
  • Vice President – Mike Manning
  • President – Arnie DeJoode
  • Secretary – Laurie Lee
  • Parliamentarian – Carole Buwalda
  • Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell

New Homeowners present:  Maria Elma Ortiz  3104 Aspen

Historical Minute – 1938 John Shary bought 16,000 acres of land for first commercial citrus and part of that land is now Adobe Wells.  The north side pond was originally used for irrigation for a 20-acre strawberry patch.  The tower housed an irrigation pump and is dated Jan. 11, 1938.   The strawberry market was a major industry in the 60s and when the market declined, the Kruger family bought it and lived in the house at the northeast corner of Taylor and Daffodil.

Secretary’s Report – A synopsis of minutes from the January 21, 2019 Homeowners’ meeting was given.  The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report – President Arnie DeJoode reviewed the report as it had been developed during Treasurer Bob Stamm’s absence due to family illness.

  • General Fund
    • Net Operating Funds Available: $300,981
    • Total YTD Income: $230,554;
    • Total YTD Expenditure $58,383;
    • Net Income YTD $172,172
  • Total Activity Funds Available: $57,380
  • Rental Property Balance: $7,388
  • Memorial Fund Balance: $2,468

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.

Old Business

  • Review Voting Result from January 21, 2019 Homeowners’ Meeting
  • Workforce Update
    • Vice President Mike Manning explained Adobe Wells now has a full maintenance workforce whose work hours have been changed to 6:30 am to 3:00 pm with 30 min. for lunch. Additionally, all outside jobs are to be completed only after hours, not at lunch time. Mike reminded residents to complete a work order ticket in office for needed park maintenance.
  • South Pond Expansion Update
    • Vice President Mike Manning reviewed information about deepening the south pond to 14 ft. The budget includes an allotment of $15,000.  Outside contractors will help Adobe Wells determine if a liner is needed.  The work is to be completed this summer.
  • Golf Course Update provided by Vice President Mike Manning
    • Core samples were taken for analysis from #8 and #10 greens. The resulting report indicated more sulfur was needed and appropriate fertilizer has been purchased and spread.
    • Last week 20 of the Cyprus trees were replaced, 23 were needed and the 3 additional are to be received soon. We were advised not to add fertilizer tablets as these used last year have a 2-year lifespan.  At least 3 trees had spider mites so all trees will be checked and sprayed if the need arises.
    • Last year 8 mesquite trees were removed due to the flood. The contractor from whom the Cyprus trees were purchased will send estimates of possible replacement trees.  One mentioned was a Little Gem Magnolia tree which is a medium grower used in golf courses in the area.  Residents were encouraged to contact the golf committee if interested in helping with this decision.

New Business

  • Activity Fund purchases approved by the Board of Directors.
    • TV, DVD and mounting accessories for the 19th Hole – up to $550
    • 3 cornhole games – up to $650
  • Benches
    • In order to reduce freight costs, requests for benches are held and bundled into a single order. Residents interested in purchasing a memorial bench (for the golf course or elsewhere in the park), were encouraged to contact Mike Manning. Pricing: 4 ft deluxe – $430 including freight, 6ft – $550 with freight, hexagonal picnic table – $700, 6 ft rectangular picnic table – $800
  • Vote on addition of Encumbered Funds line item “Wertz Hall Future Needs”
    • Due to Wertz Hall project being voted down, the Board has recommended starting an encumbered fund line item of $20,000 similar to those for streets and pools, to cover major project needs for Wertz Hall.


  • If changes have been made to a deed, for example moved to a trust, please notify the office.
  • The All park picnic is cancelled due to lack of interest. Next year’s picnic is scheduled for March 8 2020.  Chairpersons are needed.
  • “Only you can prevent speed bumps.”
  • 48th and Daffodil is not an exit. It is only to be used by maintenance.
  • The space between the south side of 19th Hole and the Beckers’ property is not an alley.
  • Electricity salesmen has been making the rounds in the park. No soliciting is allowed. Residents should feel free to ask him to leave or call police.
  • Welcome Committee will be headed up by Candy Maxwell and Phylis Becker.
  • Lisa Guinn has been asked to be golf chair again next year and she has accepted.
  • Arnie DeJoode will be out of town from Feb. 20th to 27th. Contact Mike Manning.
  • Divot folding 9:30 tomorrow.
  • Dick Rush asked residents to please not park in front of bike rack. He has asked Beto to anchor the rack to the parking lot.
  • Roy Williams – Bible study 19th hole 7 pm.
  • Joyce Venker – March 2nd CPR training will be held at Edinberg Regional Medical Center 8:00 and 12:30. Additionally, red envelopes are available on the counter.
  • Candy Maxwell – The Welcome Handbook will be given to renters as well as homeowners.
  • Kay Shaw questioned if carts were allowed to drive in front of 13th green to go to dump or practice area. Mike Manning indicated the Board would review this item.
  • Laurie Lee – auction pick up Feb. 26th. Quilt to be auctioned in honor of Ginny Shook.  Thanks were expressed for ticket sales for Craftsmen’s Raffle.
  • Pond Water for irrigation on the north side went down over a year ago. Mike Manning indicated the pump and valve are in good working order and the tank was taken out to see if there is a bad bladder.  This is still be investigated.

Encumbered funds for Wertz Hall Future Needs vote passed with Yes: 142      No:  37

Adjourn meeting at 10:49