Homeowners’ Meeting Minutes-February 17, 2016 Approved

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 15, 2016                                          DRAFT


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.
There was a quorum

Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer by Roy Williams


Introduction of  Board and Officers.

President:  Gary Montgomery

Vice-President:  Mike Manning

Treasurer:  Bob Stamm

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan


Section I Directors:  Paul Hood;  Mary Hittner

Second II & III Directors:  Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; Darrell Olson; Dave Nickols

RV Section Directors:  Marlene Thorson; Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: Jim McGuire

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell


New Homeowners Present:  Carol Gill


Laurie Sullivan gave a synopsis of Minutes from the January  18, 2016 Homeowners meeting.  They were accepted.


Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Stamm

General:  Net Operating Funds available, $284,786

Total YTD Income:  $203,215; YTD Expenditures $50,855; Net Income YTD $152,360

Total Activity Funds Available: $31,507

Rental Property Balance: $5,778

Memorial Fund Balance:  $3,489

Report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:

  1. Golf Course update. Gary Montgomery advised he has invited Bill Freeman, retired greenskeeper from Cimarron, to visit our park on March 2 to inspect the golf course and offer his opinion as to how to improve it.  He has been here before and given us his opinion, this would be a follow up.  Bill will also meet with homeowners for questions at 1:00 p.m. in Wertz Hall that same day.

Gary advised that Beto will be redoing the watering system on the golf course. The necessary funds are in his budget already. The goal is to water tees and greens separately.

The front nine will be closed on Tuesday, February 16 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. High Handicap golf will be on the back nine.

Gary advised that Jim McGuire has volunteered to rebuild and paint the tee houses and north side tower. He estimates materials at $100 and asked for input by homeowners as to whether to repair or replace.

  1. Rules & Regulations: The revisions proposed by the Board to the Rules & Regulations are currently being reviewed by our attorney.  They will be ready to vote on at the March meeting.
  2. Beto has requested of Gary that homeowners try not to stop him to talk about jobs to be done. All requests for work should go through Jerry Becker or Gary Montgomery.
  3. Gary requested that homeowners not hang around the shop area. This is distracting to our workers and insurance will not cover if someone is injured there.


New Business:

  1. President Montgomery presented information on an Adobe Wells brochure. Currently we do not have any material to pass out to folks interested in our park, whether they walk into the Information Office, meet us at trade shows, or visit DonWest Flea Market where some Adobe Wells homeowners man an information booth. Gary has price to print 10,000 color, 2 sided, glossy brochures of $1,236, plus $150 set up fee.  There was discussion on this issue and homeowners were asked to vote to appropriate the funds.  The proposal passed.
  2. The President asked for volunteers to work on an Advertizing Committee to put this brochure together. Marty RicKard and Gigi Bailey have already done some work on that.  Shirley Heyn and Dave Calley volunteered to help as well.  Marty has already arranged for a drone operator to come to Adobe Wells to take photos of the park, at his own expense.
  3. Candy Maxwell is working to get the park a title to the rental unit. Currently that mobile home has no title which will make it difficult to sell should we want to.
  4. President Montgomery has a request to replace the current Grandma’s Closet building which is in disrepair. Purchasing a pre-built shed would run about $5,100.  Jim McGuire and Ray Parrott worked up costs for us to built a shed from scratch. This would run about $3,100.

Other suggestions on this issue were to purchase a shipping container either for Grandma’s Closet alone or with a partition so it could also serve as auction storage. It was also pointed out that there is a shed at the rental unit which is usable for Grandma’s Closet. The Board will discuss this at the March meeting and  have further information at the March Homeowners meeting.

  1. Voting procedures are being reviewed. Gary took a straw poll as to whether, if the law allows, homeowners would be in favor of nominations from the floor and having nominee names made public immediately. This informal vote showed that homeowners are in favor of both proposals.
  2. Bob Gotter reported that the new canopy will be installed at the maintenance area this week. He also had that contractor give us a proposal for a new metal maintenance garage – $6,000-$7,000  to complete a 45’x26′ building. Further information at the March Homeowners meeting.
  3. The association is in the process of obtaining a credit card. This card will be used for purchases, primarily by Beto. We were able to obtain a card that will give us 1% cash back.  We will hold onto the debit card, with a $300 spending limit, for one year to see if it is necessary.
  4. President Montgomery introduced the new Golf Committee members: Gary Lundberg, Anna Hartwig, J.J. Garza and Donna Hinz.  He also announced that next year’s golf chairperson will be Nancy Stamm.
  5. A reminder that any contractor doing work at anyone’s unit is responsible to remove and haul away any construction debris. This may not go in the alley nor to our dumpsters.
  6. The Stop sign at 50th Street and Harvey has been moved to 50th Street and Azalea.
  7. Gary Montgomery has been doing research on our golf course and the cost to maintain it, which is far less than any of the courses in our area. He suggested the possibility of hiring someone whose sole responsibility would be the golf course. There was a lot of discussion on this proposal, including a free assessment from the county agronomist, deep slicing by the Cimarron greenskeeper, and adopting a slower approach after we see the impact of Beto’s revamp of the watering system.  Gary also noted that the city engineers have advised they will have to move our #8 green as part of the Daffodil widening project. He suggests maybe we get the money they would spend and do it ourselves.
  8. Vice-President Mike Manning has been updating the list of chairpersons for various groups and committees. He advised that there are a few openings and invited interested homeowners to contact him after the meeting.
  9. A reminder by the President that if you use the pool at night, be sure the hot tub and lights are off and the gate locked.


The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.