Homeowner’s Meeting Minutes- February 17th 2020

Adobe Wells Homeowners’ Meeting

Monday, February 17, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Arnie DeJoode at 10:00 A.M.

A quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Moment of silence for the sick and departed.

Introduction of the Board Members and Officers:

  • President – Arnie DeJoode
  • Vice President – Mike Manning
  • Treasurer -Howard Harmon
  • Section I -Jim Stevens, Greg Weekley
  • Section II/III – Harry Dellinger, Anna Hartwig, Pat Mulvaney, Joyce Venker,
  • Section II-RV – Pat Fladeland, Margie Glaesemann (absent)
  • Secretary – Sonya Bush
  • Parliamentarian – Carole Buwalda
  • Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell (absent)


New Homeowners present: Richard and Debbie Strozyk, 4824 Azalea

Historical Minute:

The first part of the 19th Hole was built in the summer of 1975, which is now the kitchen and pool room; originally it was equipment storage and laundry with no door in-between.  The door was added around 1976-77. The 19th Hole was enlarged in 1985. The north side pool was added in 1975. It belonged to the McClendon’s house on the corner, but was used by the park residents. The maintenance fees were paid out of the club fund (now called Activity Fund).


Secretary’s Report:

A synopsis of the minutes from the January 20, 2020, Homeowners’ meeting was given. The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Howard Harmon reviewed the report.

  • General Fund
    • Net Operating Funds Available: $301,300
    • Total YTD Income: $245,123
    • Total YTD Expenditure: $63,725
    • Net Income YTD: $181,398
  • Total Activity Funds Available: $56,789
  • Rental Property Balance: $10,676
  • Memorial Fund Balance: $2,391

The reports were approved and put to file for future audit.

Old Business:

  1. Harvey-Azalea Park

A report from the Harvey-Azalea Park committee at the Board of Directors’ meeting was that the consensus was to not do anything at this time. A motion was passed to cease the investigation of future modifications of Harvey-Azalea Park at this time.


  1. Concerns From Audit Report

Concerns expressed in the Audit Report about Current and Fixed Assets are being addressed. The work on reconciling Quick Books asset accounts has been completed. An inventory of assets is in progress and the development of documentation regarding our assets has begun.


  1. Bank Change Status

Two CDs have been opened at the NavyArmy Credit Union (NACU).

Five accounts have been opened at Lone Star National Bank (LSNB).

A CD at IBC will mature in October, 2020, and will be switched at that time so we won’t have to take a 90 day loss on interest.  The Business Office has a lot of IBC check blanks from the general fund remaining, so to not waste money on new check blanks, that account will be switched over to Lone Star National Bank when the check blanks are used.

  1. Bench and Table Orders

Mike Manning is ready to put in an order for benches and tables.  He has the list here of who wants benches and tables at this time. After the meeting, please stop and check the list to make sure that what he has is correct. Also he can still take more orders if anyone else is interested.

New Business:

  1. Adobe Wells Donations to the Auction

The Board of Directors has approved donating approximately 55 brown chairs to the auction. There will still be 50 brown chairs kept in Wertz Hall storage for homeowners to borrow. The extra new red folding chairs in the shed behind the rental unit will be kept for replacement.

  1. Robot Pool Cleaner

A C4 robot pool cleaner was purchased and is currently being used in both pools two days a week. Please do not swim with the robot.

  1. Rental Unit Maintenance Management

Harry Dellinger has agreed to manage the rental unit with respect to maintenance. There was unanimous approval for Harry to bid at the AW auction on any items needed in the rental.

  1. Storage Organization at Wertz Hall and the Shed Behind the Rental Unit

A committee to survey, remove unneeded items, and manage the storage used in Wertz Hall including the storage shed behind the rental unit has been formed Members are: from the Board of Directors (Mike Manning & Pat Fladeland), Wertz Hall Decoration (Gloria Cruz), Dances (Connie Harmon), Breakfast (John Fjelsta), Crafts (Phyllis Becker), and Kitchen (Sue Monopoli).

  1. Taylor Road/Daffodil Ave Project Update


A request was made to the lawyer representing Adobe Wells to inquire about progress on an offer from the City of Mission concerning the effect on Adobe Wells. We have made this request before, however, this time we did receive a response from L&G Engineering (City of Mission consultant for the project) that they had inspected the property a “few months ago” (actually 14 months), but there are some issues regarding hole #8 on the golf course. They are trying to get estimates because the hole will have to be modified. Other than the swimming pool pump area, they maintain the swimming pool will NOT be affected. We need to see the final proposal before proceeding.


  1. Updating Committee Chairs for 2020-2021


We will be working on this in the next several weeks. If you are currently a chairperson and are willing to continue, contact Mike or Arnie. We hope to have this completed by the March Homeowners’ Meeting. Wertz Hall Decorations Committee will need a chairperson for the next season, as Gloria Cruz is going to retire. Lisa Guinn is going to retire from being golf chairman. Mike Venker volunteered to be golf chairman.


  1. Section I Utilities, Pond and City Water Usage

There is only one city water meter and one gas meter for Section I.

There are 43 units connected to the gas meter and they share the cost equally. Section I units share any maintenance costs from the city meter to their property, and then an individual unit is responsible from property line to their house.

There are 60 units and three AW water meters ( maintenance shop, 19th Hole, and the swimming pool) connected to the city water meter. The AW usage is subtracted from the total Section I usage and paid for by the AW General Fund;  the remainder of the cost is shared equally between Section I units using city water in any way. Section I units share any maintenance costs from the city meter to their property, and then an individual unit is responsible from property line to their house.

There was a system using pond water that could be used for resident irrigation systems and other outside watering. Problems with maintaining this system has made it prohibitive to continue supporting this system.

  1. Rules & Regulations Amendment Vote – Feeding Waterfowl on Adobe Wells Common Areas

Currently there is no policy in the Rules and Regulations (R&R) about feeding waterfowl on Common Areas and the Golf Course. An amendment to the R&R has to be approved by a majority vote at a Homeowners’ Meeting. At the February Board of Directors meeting a motion was passed to bring the following amendment to the Homeowners for a vote:

The feeding of waterfowl on Adobe Wells Homeowners’ Association common property is prohibited. Violators will be fined $100 for each occurrence.

Voting Results

            124 Yes         38 No



  • Homeowner’s irrigation backflow assemblies are due for the required annual testing by a contractor certified by the City of McAllen to do the test and paperwork. Green Thumb Landscaping of Edinburg will do the test for $20 (volume discount) for the one day that they are here for those who register and prepay with Veronica. If you are not prepaid they will not do the test that day and it will cost $50 for them to come back.


  • Maintenance fees are due by the 10th of each month. There is a $5 late fee.


Article IX, Section 3: Payment of the applicable Developed Lot Maintenance Fee (and Assessment, if pertinent) entitles lot owner or tenant the use of the various recreational facilities. Such privileges are transferred to tenants only if lot owner is in full compliance with these Covenants.


This means if fees are not paid up, the Homeowner loses their use of recreational facilities until paid up; this also includes renters of a unit where the fee is not current. This has not been enforced on a month by month basis, but there are a few that have become habitually late. If you have a problem, contact the office and explain your difficulties.


  • Texas law says that political signs can be put up on your property 90 days before the election and 10 days after. Use only one sign.


  • Diane Carr is looking for pictures from the original south pond construction.


  • In the trash area, the blue bins are for recycling glass, plastic, and cans. Do not put papers and cardboard in those containers. Leave your papers and cardboard out by the curb on Mondays.


  • Please use the scoop to take even a little ice out of the ice machine, NOT your fingers.


  • Before leaving Adobe Wells for the season, sign out in the office and give Veronica the name of the person taking care of your property while you are gone (trimming, picking up fruit, etc).


  • Donna Hinz is looking for volunteers to paint the fence by the North entrance this afternoon, February 17th .


  • Shirley Heyn thanked Jean Elsenbast for the breakfast & Sandy & Hex for their party. Five SUVs were loaded with non-perishable food. Thank you to all who brought food items.


  • Ima Cheney is looking for more recipes for the new Adobe Wells cookbook.


  • Gigi needs help to fold the Divot at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.


  • The last CPR – AED class for the season will be held on March 7th. Also, make sure that the information in the red envelopes is up to date.


  • Lois Williams asking for donations for His Hands Ministry for the Easter Give Away. Items needed are: cloth shopping bags, towels, washcloths, and cosmetics.


  • A memorial service will be held on February 28th for Bud Baker. Cookies needed.


  • Bible study is on Mondays at 7:40 pm.





A motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 10:55 a.m.


Submitted by Sonya Bush, Secretary