Homeowner’s Meeting Minutes- February 20, 2017 Approved



February 20, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Vice-President, Harry DeBoer

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer led by Roy Williams.

Introduction of Board and Officers:

President:  Mike Manning (absent)

Vice-President:  Harry DeBoer

Treasurer:  Arnie DeJoode

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Section I Directors:  Glenda Peterson;  Mary Hittner

Section II and III Directors:  Darrell Olson (absent); Dave Nickols ; Connie Harmon (absent); Harry Dellinger

RV Section Directors:  Dave VonArx; Marty RicKard


Parliamentarian:  Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell (absent)


New Homeowner Present:  Rebecca Sander


Secretary’s Report: A synopsis of minutes from the January 16, 2017 meeting was given by Laurie Sullivan.  The Minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Arnie DeJoode

General:  Net Operating Funds available:  $307,860

Total YTD Income: $208,559 ; YTD Expenditure $52,140; Net Income  YTD $156,419

Total Activity Funds available:  $37,605 (includes $35,000 in CDs)

Rental Property Balance:  $4,768

Memorial Fund Balance:  $2,416

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:


  1. Ceiling Projector Project: The Board is seeking quotes for installation and evaluation of the donated ceiling projector.  Those are expected by the next Homeowners meeting.
  2. Revised Rule #8: Homeowners were advised that the Board has agreed on a change to Rule #8 to comply with the Association Covenants.  Rule #8 will now read:  Guests staying longer than 24 hours must be registered in the office by the home resident.  There is a $2.00 per day fee per guest for golfing privileges.  Owner is responsible for paying all applicable fees.
  3. Capital Improvement Bids: The Board has received and approved the following bids for capital improvement projects.

.  Sealing asphalt at the maintenance shed – $3,750

.  North side golf cart path – $4,595

.  Replace concrete at the Laundry building – $3,000

.  North side deck replacement – $6,400


At the vote in January, the homeowners approved a budget which included $20,000 for capital improvements to include these items.  The Board will have the City of McAllen and the contractor who is doing the asphalt work inspect and assess the condition of our roads so any necessary repairs can be done at the same time. There is money for repairs in the road fund.

  1. 2017 Budget: In January the Homeowners approved a budget for 2017 which did not include any increase in monthly maintenance fees.
  2. Park Directory: Marty RicKard reported that work on the new park directory is progressing with many residents having had their photos taken.  He has some appointments left and homeowners wishing to have a photo taken should contact Marty immediately.


New Business:

  1. North Side Aeration pump and fountain: At the February meeting the Board agreed to provide $2,000 from the Capital Improvement funds toward purchase of a lighted fountain for the north side irrigation pond. A number of homeowners are chipping in the balance of the purchase price.
  2. Wertz Hall Blinds: Connie Harmon is arranging for a professional to come to Wertz Hall to inspect our blinds and make recommendations for replacements.  The current vertical blinds are broken, discolored and many are inoperable.
  3. Revenue Committee:  The Revenue Committee has submitted a report to the Board with a number of ideas and suggestions for increasing revenues, other than an increase in maintenance fees.  The Board will be reviewing and debating the various items beginning at the March board meeting.
  4. Five Year Plan Committee: The Board is looking to establish a committee of homeowners to come up with a new Five Year plan.  Interested homeowners should contact their section board members.
  5. Infrastructure Committee:  The Board is also looking to establish a committee of homeowners to study the park infrastructure, roads, buildings, etc. and the future needs for repairs, replacement or improvement.  Their findings will feed into the Five Year Plan.  Homeowners interested in helping with this should contact their section board members.
  6. Daffodil Ave. Project: President Manning was contacted by L&G Engineering who has drawn up the proposal for the Daffodil Ave. project. They want to set up an informational neighborhood meeting at Adobe Wells.  Mike was in touch with Attorney Barkhurst and asked him to follow through with this.  Our attorney suggests we host such a meeting once he has received and reviewed design plans. Mike asked that the attorney as well as the appraiser we hired be at that meeting. We have given several possible dates.  Time is of the essence for Adobe Wells as so many homeowners begin leaving mid-March.
  7. All Park Picnic: Originally Chairmen for the All Park Picnic were going to ask for additional funds to allow them to purchase prime rib for the picnic.  Chairman Russ Garrett spoke to the homeowners and advised he is withdrawing that request and will be featuring more picnic-appropriate fare.
  8. North Side Deck: At the January Homeowners meeting, homeowners voted to allow an expenditure of up to $6,400 for demolition and re-building of the existing deck over the north side irrigation pond. The current deck is in poor condition and must be removed. The north side board representatives asked that this question be visited again as they felt that the cost was too high.  There was much discussion about the deck and an indication that a number of park residents have volunteered to handle demolition and construction.  As the ballot question stated an amount “up to $6,400” the ballots were completed.  The question passed by a vote of 147 to 88.


  1. The donation jar is at the homeowners meeting for donations to assist Veronica with medical expenses for her daughter’s eye injury.
  2. The Board would like to thank the Landscape Committee for organizing the Clean Up day on January 21.
  3. The Board would like to thank the Revenue Committee for their work coming up with ideas to increase revenues.
  4. Thanks to golfers who are tending the tee boxes while Beto gets caught up.
  5. There has been a solicitor seen in the park. If a solicitor knocks on your door, contact the office immediately. They will be tracked down and asked to leave.
  6. A request from the board to use the cross walk and light to cross Daffodil. The light is a counter and the more it is used, the better ammunition we have with the City to continue the light.
  7. Back Flow testing is due. Homeowners who have sprinkler systems must have their back flow meter tested each year. Letters will be forthcoming from the City to that effect. Adobe Wells has an arrangement with Green Thumb Landscaping to come one time to the park and test all the meters for a charge of $25 each. This is payable in advance. Homeowners must see Veronica and take her a check to be on the list to be done.
  8. High Handicap Golf Tournament will be Monday, February 27. The time has been moved from the afternoon to 9:00 a.m. to avoid the severe heat predicted for that date.
  9. Patricia King noted that the new maroon chairs which are only a few years old are being used as step stools and she has had to discard a number of them. They are not constructed for such use and break. Please DO NOT use the chairs to step on. There is a step stool in the kitchen cabinet.
  10. The park Auction is Wednesday, February 22. Pick up of large items can be made on Tuesday, the 21st.  Homeowners should call one of the Auction chairpeople.


The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.