Homeowners Meeting Minutes for March 19, 2018- Approved

                              Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes

               Monday, March 19, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M. by President Mike Manning.

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer led by Chaplain Roy Williams.


Introduction of Board and Officers:

President: Mike Manning

Vice-President: Harry DeBoer (Absent)

Treasurer: Arnie DeJoode

Secretary: Joyce Venker

Section l Directors: Glenda Peterson (Absent); Nancy Radke

Section ll and lll Directors: Connie Harmon; Harry Dellinger; Howard Harmon; Nancy Stamm (Absent)

RV Section Directors: David VonArx; Darrill Burgett

Parliamentarian: Carole Buwalda

Jurisprudence: Candy Maxwell


New Homeowners Present: None


Secretary’s Report:  A synopsis of minutes from the February 19, 2018 meeting was given by Secretary Joyce Venker. The minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurers Report: Arnie DeJoode

General: Net Operating Funds Available: $312,088

Total YTD Income: $264,213; YTD Expenditure $82,861; Net Income YTD $179,353

Total Activity Funds Available: $76,137

Rental Property Balance: $6,522

Memorial Fund Balance: $2,644

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:

  1. Committee Chairs: At the March 5th Board Meeting a drawing was held for the 2018/19 Golf Committee. The results were:
  2. Low Handicap Women: Pat Mulvaney
  3. Low Handicap Men: Dee Murphy
  4. Mid Handicap Women: Gigi Bailey
  5. High Handicap Women: Twila Garrett
  6. High Handicap Men: Dwight Porter


President Manning has established a new golf course advisory committee headed up by John Westereng, Lloyd Bratland and Milt Jones. The function of the committee is to meet with him in November and provide input into the needs of the golf course from a golfer’s standpoint. This will provide another input into the development of the general budget. The committee will also provide an assessment of the golf course in March to help focus on the maintenance required over the summer. President Manning has asked Mike Venker to be the golf liaison during the summer and he has accepted. He will perform the same functions as John Westereng and Stan Shook who are the golf liaisons during the normal golf season, which is to serve as the individuals who informs Beto of any concerns about the course.


Harry DeBoer has updated the list of Committee Chairs for the 2018-2019 season. President Manning thanked all who helped this past year and to all who volunteered for the next year. There are a couple of areas where volunteers are needed. Volunteers are needed for the Quilting Project or who have an idea for a replacement project for a fundraiser. Also, volunteers are needed to be Co-Chairs of next years “All Park Picnic”. The Co-Chair would become the Chair the following year the same as we do the auction. The board set the date for the “All Park Picnic” as the 2nd Sunday in March each year.

  1. Maintenance Projects:

Special Projects:

  1. 19th Hole HVAC Replacement: The new Heat Pump has been installed at the 19th Hole. The final cost was $6700 to the contractor Action Aire. The next closest bid was $9200.
  2. Security Camera Upgrade: Howard Harmon and Bob Gotter have been working on the Security Camera Project. They have received two estimates. Howard Harmon met with the Director from Pine to Palm. Frontline Smart Security installed their cameras. The estimate was a total of $7000. An estimate from Texas Security Systems was $4100. A third company Xtreme Security was contacted but wasn’t returning calls. Howard and Bob are arranging for a demonstration and updated quote from Texas Security Systems.
  3. Spectrum Upgrade: Safeguards have been added to prevent charges to the Association for costs of movies, sporting events and other pay events.
  4. Street Repairs and Sealing: The Board accepted the Badillo Paving and Construction bid to perform the street repairs and sealing. The board voted for the contract to not exceed $70,000 of which we have $64,000 put away to reseal and repair our streets. This is an item being voted on today. The work would start April 30th.
  5. Kitchen Exhaust Fan: The new exhaust fan for the kitchen should be installed this week.
  6. Wertz hall Survey: President Manning compiled the results of the survey. There were only 180 responses. 54 (30%) of the respondents thought nothing should be done with Wertz Hall; 83 (46%) of the respondents wanted to remodel and/or enlarge Wertz Hall and 44 (24%) of the respondents wanted Wertz Hall to be demolished and have a new Community Center built. The primary function of the survey was to get everyone thinking about the future of Wertz Hall. Mr. Sam Garcia, an architect addressed the Board in a special meeting last Thursday. Some of the highlights of the discussions between the Board and Mr. Garcia are:
    • Any renovations performed to Wertz Hall would require us to bring the building into compliance with existing codes and ordinances.
    • Restrooms, the kitchen, and insulation would have to be brought up to current code as well as a sprinkler system would have to be installed.
    • Garcia recommends performing a commercial property assessment to ascertain the true condition of Wertz Hall.
    • He provided some very rough estimates.
    • Wertz Hall is approximately 6300 Sq. Ft., it would be a minimum of $50 a Sq. Ft. to renovate ($315,000.) to get it up to speed.
    • To add another 2000 Sq. Ft. the cost would be $150 a Sq. Ft. ($300,000.) for a total of $615,000.
    • To build a brand-new building, 8000 Sq. Ft. at $135 a Sq. Ft. cost would be $1,080,000. Cost to demolish existing building is estimated at $25-30,000.

After much discussion, the Board authorized Sam Garcia to do a Feasibility Assessment to include determining city and county ordinances that may affect our decisions and a commercial property assessment. This should provide data and information for a future committee to utilize in developing our options to consider.


New Business:

  1. South Side Pool: Recently a hole developed in the South Side Pool. The water was shut off for a couple of days to determine if there was a leak. No leak was discovered. Beto applied underwater patching material to the edges to prevent people from getting cut by any jagged edges. Three quotes have been received to re-plaster the pool. The board voted to ask the homeowners to spend $6000.00 that is set aside for the pool and up to $2000.00 more if needed out of the Activity Fund for re-plastering the South Side Pool. That is one of the votes today. The pool would be shut down for one week this summer when re-plastering is done.
  2. Shuffle Board Courts: The Shuffle Board Courts on both the South Side and the North Side are badly in need of repairs. With the South Side being visible from Daffodil, we need to spruce it up.
  3. The board voted to ask the Homeowners to vote to replace 6 benches with composite benches, put up new lights and paint light poles at the South Side Shuffle Board Courts. The total cost is not to exceed $3500.00 from the Activity fund.
  4. The board also voted to ask the Homeowners to vote to turn the North Side Shuffle Board Court into a concrete sitting area with a couple of benches, lights and flowers. The Board voted to spend up to $2000.00 out of the Activity Fund to be for the North Side Patio.
  5. 19th Hole Conversion to Electric: The Board voted to ask the Homeowners to authorize $2000.00 from the Activity Fund to remove the gas heater and gas range and replace the hot water heater and range with electric appliances. The hot water heater would be placed on the patio with water and electric being supplied to it. It would be under a covered and protected space and comes with a 10-year warranty. This would free up space in the kitchen for future cabinets and counter space. The $2000.00 would buy a new hot water heater and range and pay for the electrical and plumbing work. Leroy and Carla Beitlespacher offered to donate an electric stove and Twila and Russ Garrett offered to donate an electric stove and a dishwasher.
  6. North Side Windmill: President Manning is considering installing the windmill on the North Side, but a smaller version. He has asked the North Side Directors to survey the residents for suggestions for where to replace it. An estimate of $100.00 was received last year to pour the concrete for it to sit on.
  7. Voting to Approve Expenditure of Funds: Ballots were passed out to each Homeowner.

The results of the vote were as follows:

  1. Spend up to $70,000 from the General Fund to reseal the roads (2 coats). $64,000 is currently set aside in Encumbered Funds.
  2. Yes – 218 No – 3
  3. Spend up to $6,000 from the General Fund which is currently set aside in Encumbered Funds and up to $2000 from the Activity Fund to repair and re-plaster the South Side Pool.
  4. Yes – 211 No – 6
  5. Spend up to $2,000 from the Activity Fund to change the North Side Shuffleboard Court to a sitting area with lights, 2 benches and flowers.
  • Yes – 51  No – 145
  1. Spend up to $3,500 from the Activity Fund for the South Side Shuffleboard Area to fix and/or replace lights, paint light poles and replace 6 benches.
  2. Yes – 178 No – 33
  3. Spend up to $2,000 from the Activity Fund at the 19th Hole to convert from gas to all electric service. Move and replace gas water heater with electric water heater, replace gas stove with an electric stove, associated plumber and electrician costs and patch holes left when old AC Units are removed.
  4. Yes – 212 No – 7



  1. President Manning had several announcements:
  2. The Information Office will be going to three days a week in the mornings beginning in April. As we are getting many packages, they are asking that you check the packages if you are expecting anything. There are too many packages for the staff to call everyone.
  3. Remember to check out when you leave and identify who is maintaining your lot while you are gone.
  4. When you have visitors ensure that they get a guest pass from the Business Office and display it on their windshield.
  5. Turn off AC in Wertz Hall when you leave or use timers.
  6. Gigi Bailey needs help folding divots on Tuesday morning 9:30-9:45 A.M.
  7. Patricia King announced that she still has Adobe Wells Directories for sale at $10.00 each.
  8. John Fjeista announced that the last breakfast for the season is this Saturday.
  9. George Truster reminded about the party at 4:00 today.
  10. Twila Garrett reminded about the meeting for volunteers for the All Park Picnic at 1:00 today.
  11. Candy Maxwell announced that if a New Homeowner didn’t get a New Homeowners Packet to contact her and that Dorothy Schaffer would be doing it next year.
  12. Audrey Kalmoe announced that she is still collecting pop can rings.
  13. Lydia Curtis announced that she is collecting old eyeglasses for the Lions Club.


The meeting adjourned at 11:11 A.M.