Homeowners Meeting Minutes January 15, 2018- Approved

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting

Monday, January 15, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President, Mike Manning

There was a quorum.

Pledge of Allegiance.



Introduction of Board and Officers:

President:  Mike Manning

Vice-President:  Harry DeBoer

Treasurer:  Arnie DeJoode

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan

Section I Directors:  Glenda Peterson (absent); Mary Hittner

Section II and II Directors:  Darrell Olson: Dave Nickols; Connie Harmon, Harry Dellinger

RV Section Directors:  Dave VonArx (absent); Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian: Howard Harmon

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell


New Homeowners Present:  Patricia Fladeland; Pat & Cindy Flaherty; June Davisson; Dean & Margaret Sorensen


Secretary’s Report:  A synopsis of minutes from the December 18, 2017 meeting was given by Secretary Laurie Sullivan.

The Minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Arnie DeJoode

General:  Net Operating Funds available:  $174,715

Total YTD Income:  $382,090; YTD Expenditure $376,978; Net Income YTD $5,112

Total Activity Funds available:  $58,079 (includes 39,945 in CD)

Rental Property Balance:  $6,686

Memorial Fund Balance:  $2,744

The Treasurer advised there is a new bank president who has implemented a transfer fee when we move money from our CDs into checking accounts.  A meeting with that president is scheduled to discuss this matter.

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.


Old Business:

  1. Cypress Trees Project:  President Manning gave a final report on the project to replace the cypress trees on the east border of the south side golf course.  All 253 trees were removed and replaced. The removal and planting work was done by Dyer Nursery and our own crew. Total cost was $13,223. To date we have collected $9450 from homeowner donations.  It is still possible to donate to this project.
  2. Election Results: The results of elections for officers:  North Side Director:  Nancy Radke; RV Section Director, Darrill Burgett; Sections II & III Directors:  Howard Harmon, Nancy Stamm.  President Mike Manning, Vice-President Harry DeBoer and Treasurer Arnie DeJoode ran unopposed.

President Manning expressed thanks to outgoing Directors:  Darrell Olson, Dave Nickols, Marty RicKard, Mary Hittner.

  1. Wertz Hall TV: The Garretts have purchased a new flat screen smart TV which will be installed in Wertz Hall soon.  This was paid for with Activity Fund monies. The Garretts donated money for an extended service contract.
  2. Tee Box Mower and Greens Mower: The new mowers were delivered January 4th. Total cost was $12,333.75 which was paid for with funds from the Activity Fund.  A couple of questions were posed by homeowners at the last meeting to which the President did not have answers.  In researching these questions he found the following:

Leasing equipment would be cost prohibitive. Besides the rental costs we would bear repair costs. Also the equipment has to be returned in good condition.  Mike also found that trading in our old equipment would bring little.  The dealer suggested a better idea is to keep our old equipment for repair parts.


New Business:

  1. Audit Report: Howard Harmon, Chairman of the Audit Committee, read the Committee’s report.  All Adobe Wells accounts were looked at and all were found to be in good order.
  2. Auction Storage Building: President Manning reported that power has now been brought to the Auction Storage building.  The electrician installed a new breaker box, GFI outlets, LED lights in the building and a LED light on the outside pole. Total cost was $749.
  3. Park Rules:  President Manning reminded homeowners about some of the park rules about which he receives complaints most often:
    1. Dogs are to be kept leashed and homeowners are to pick up after them, even in the owner’s own yard.
    2. Speed limits are 15 mph South side, 10 mph North side.
    3. Use the walk light to cross Daffodil.
    4. No overnight parking on streets or alleys.
    5. The large brown paper bags are for yard waste only – per the city of McAllen.
    6. Furniture or other large items may be taken to our dumpsters by owners, but are to be left next to the dumpsters – not inside them.
  4. Storage Lot: The storage lot is very full this winter and will be rearranged to keep items in order.  Owners of items may be contacted to move vehicles or trailers.
  5. Winter Texan Expo: The Winter Texan Expo will be held in the McAllen Convention Center Tuesday and Wednesday, January 16 & 17, with set up the afternoon of the 15th.  Howard Harmon will lead the team of volunteers to talk with visitors to the Expo to sell Adobe Wells as a great place in which to live.
  6. Budget Discussion and Vote:
    1. Treasurer Arnie DeJoode explained the 8 items homeowners will be asked to vote on which represent regular annual expenses that come up during the year. These are things such as music royalties and money to secure bands for the dances. Money comes from the Activity Fund. The Board asks that these items be voted on early in the winter so they can be paid as they come due without additional homeowner votes which would be needed as each item is over $800.
    2. President Manning explained two large Capital Expense items homeowners will be asked to vote on. One is $7,000 to install central HVAC system at the 19th hole to eliminate the 5 window air conditioners and the antiquated heating system. The other item is an expenditure of up to $5,000 for new HD security cameras. The Board will bring in an expert to help determine what we need.
    3. The Operating Budget was explained line by line by President Manning and Treasurer DeJoode. The voters will be given two options, a budget with no increase in fees which will leave the park in the red, or an optional budget with a $10/month increase in fees. Both budgets have a number of maintenance items built into them as recommended by the Infrastructure Committee.

There was some discussion and a few questions regarding the proposed Budget and homeowners were then asked to vote.

Results of Vote:

All eight recurring expenses from the Activity Fund passed.

$5,000 for security cameras passed, 227/25

$7,000 for HVAC at 19th hole passed, 225/27

The budget with the $10/month fee increase passed, 155/89


  1. Sign ups for the Putting Contests are in the card room
  2. Gigi Bailey needs help folding Divots on Tuesday morning in Wertz Hall
  3. Dick Seifert announced that the Men’s Over 70 & 80 Tournaments have been postponed to Saturday, January 20.
  4. Jerry Joneses Jam Session is cancelled this week, will be held Thursday, January 25.


The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.