Homeowners Meeting Minutes-March 16, 2015- Approved

Adobe Wells Homeowners Meeting Minutes

                               Monday, March 16, 2015               


Please turn off cell phones     Meeting started at 10:00 a.m.

Are there any non-homeowners present – no

Do we have a quorum – yes

Call to order

Pledge of allegiance

Prayer and moment of silence for sick and departed

Introduction of Board members and Officers:

Section l – Ormal Guinn; Paul Hood

Section II/III – Gary Montgomery, Gus Gustafson, Robert Gotter, Kenneth Heyn

Section RV – Mark O’Shea – absent; Marlene Thorson

Treasurer – Robert Stamm – absent

Vice President- Mary Pruett

President –Edwin Adams

Secretary – Anne Glatt

Parliamentarian – David Nickols – absent

Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell

Any New Homeowners – No

Secretary’s report of the February 16, 2015 Homeowners Meeting were read. Lee Dugas made a motion to approve, seconded by Mary Pruett and homeowners approved.

Treasurers Reports – General Fund   Since Bob Stamm was not there (family illness), Ed Adams asked all homeowners present to look over the treasury reports and ask questions if they had any. There were no questions so the Treasurer Reports will go to file.   Activity Fund was not discussed.

Old Business:

  1. Northside alley way

Ed said today, if the rain stops, an individual will be leveling the alleyway so the asphalt can be applied.

  1. Bingo machine – Bob Gotter reported a representative from the bingo machine supplier will be in on Tuesday to firm up how and where it will be set up. Lois Nickols asked Bob to not have it installed until after 3/18 bingo.
  2. New Liaison – as everyone is probably aware, Jerry Becker will be the volunteer to work with Beto. Briefly Ed A. explained how this interface will work. We will have a suggestion/concerns box in Wertz Hall for homeowners to submit any written, signed ideas they may have. Jerry B. will discuss items submitted with Beto and help him decide what action should be taken. Beto will continue to report to the President and manage the golf course. A monthly report will be submitted to the Board indicating current status of equipment needed, maintenance schedule being used, answers to homeowner concerns, etc.
  3. 1st responders, red envelopes – Ken H. said we are going to get 1000 “red envelopes” and every homeowner will get one.   Cost is $132 (plain envelop) or $152 (printed envelop). The homeowner’s part is to provide all the information asked for so emergency personnel will know how to proceed with first aid. Information requested – medical condition/s, Doctor’s name in Texas and home state, medications in used, etc. and post it on their refrigerator. You can even provide your pet’s name and care needed on a daily basis. Ken then asked for a straw vote and the majority of homeowners wanted this program to be set up. Ken H. said he has more information which he will provide to the Board during April’s meeting. Ken also mentioned that 4 First Aid Kits have been ordered, 1 for each pool and 1 for the #19th Hole and 1 for Wertz Hall. A suggestion was made that we put a First Aid Kit in the maintenance building (one will be ordered).
  4. Erin Porter and Cheryl VonArx – Erin Porter handed out the document and read as follows a) I was told by our Director, Marlene Thorson, that Mark O’Shea has property up for sale and he will not be returning. Will he remain as our Director until the end of his term? If not, who is our second Director?     b) It seems the decision to grant permission for a double wide home in the RV section has been made with insufficient information. Therefore many of us in this section would ask the Board to correct that; by rescinding, or other means.   c) There are many of us who would like to see action taken by the board to avoid confusion in the future by stating that, for our section, there will not be a home any larger than what can fit on a single lot, and only placed upon one lot.   d) A significant number of residents would like to be informed of how the Board will determine what Lots 39 and 40 will be sold as; one lot or two? (5108 and 5112 Bluebonnet).   e) In reading the recent Board minutes, it became clear that as residents we were not informed of Feb. 2nd Board Meeting that some of us now must request a variance to park a unit on our lot, every year. We thereby request timely written notification of decisions that affect our community and our lots.   f) As a voting body, and for the sake of all of Adobe Wells, we want our Directors to receive, at a minimum 3 days ahead of the meeting, the agenda for the upcoming meeting. The Director’s position is to represent their area, and can only do so if informed before the meeting in which discussion/decisions are made.

At this point, Gary Montgomery asked to address some of Erin and Cheryl’s concerns.   a) Mark O’Shea has not resigned in writing. We need his letter of resignation or his house to be sold. Then we can go through the election process to find another Director for the RV Section. b) When the Board approve the placement of a doublewide on O’Shea’s property, Mark had met all requirement of Adobe Wells and the city of McAllen. Before approval Gary had received a letter of complaint signed by 5 RV homeowners which is not a majority of the RV Section.   c) At the next Board Meeting Gary plans to make a motion to only allow one living unit on one lot. d) As for how lots 39 and 40 will be sold, that is up to the current owner, Mark O’Shea.         Gary M. said he plans to make a motion that every lot in the RV Section pay a maintenance fee of $100/lot. Those lots were all plotted individually, they were improved; therefore, they should be paying the whole fee of $100/lot. A previous Board granted a variance to allow them to pay $110 for two lots.     Gary also mentioned it is up to homeowners to go to their director with issues, not the director coming to them.

At that point, several directors talked about their reason for approving the doublewide on O’Shea’s property and more discussion continued.   Gus G. added he was concerned about a doublewide being put up on the property in question during the summer and that is why people are interested in rescinding the Board approval. Directors and Homeowners went back and forth discussing how the doublewide approval was made. It was suggested the Board was not dealing openly when granting the variance.  After the approval, Ed Adams asked directors to forgive and forget and move on but that is just not happening.   Candy Maxwell suggested if we don’t like our procedure for granting a variance, we should work to change it. Gary M. said homeowners cannot expect the Board to take care of everything for them. Personally speaking, Gary was appalled at how the O’Sheas were treated before they left.

New Business: No New Business

At this point, Gary Montgomery brought up the issue of physical and verbal abuse that has been going on in the park.   There was a mixed reaction from the homeowners in attendance. Ed A. said we need to back off physical and verbal abuse, and tolerate each other’s opinion even if they are different than our own.


George Truster asked everyone to come to celebrate St. Patrick’s day at the Beer/Brat party which will be held this afternoon at Ebony Circle at 4:00 p.m., if raining at 5:00 p.m. in Wertz Hall.

Sharon Merfeld wants something to be done with the Ladies Restroom in Wertz Hall. It is a disgrace and the flooring needs to be replaced.

Shirley Heyn thanked everyone for their donations of food. Just a reminder as Winter Texans from Adobe Wells head home, please donate extra food by dropping it off at Wertz Hall in the Food Cart

Candy Maxwell talked briefly about the Welcoming Committtee. Remember there is a packet to give new owners and renters to help them adjust to Adobe Wells.

Roy Williams said we are in need of bath towels and hand towels so “His Hands Miinister” can continue its outreach..

Gigi needs help folding the Divot, tomorrow morning at 9:40 a.m.


Adjourn Meeting   Motion to adjourn made by Dee Murphy, seconded by Roy Williams and approved by homeowners.