Homeowners Meeting Minutes-March 18th 2019 APPROVED




The Meeting was called to order by President Arnie DeJoode at 10:00 am.

A Quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Moment of silence for the sick and departed.


Introduction of the Board members and Officers

  • Section 1 – Nancy Radke, Greg Weekley
  • Section II and III – Nancy Stamm, Howard Harmon, Joyce Venker, Pat Mulvaney
  • Section RV – Darrill Burgett (absent), Pat Fladeland
  • Treasurer – Bob Stamm
  • Vice President – Mike Manning
  • President – Arnie DeJoode
  • Secretary – Laurie Lee
  • Parliamentarian – Carole Buwalda
  • Jurisprudence – Candy Maxwell


New Homeowners present:  Tammy McHaney, 4912 Azalea


Historical Minute – In 1965 Wally and Gene McClendon purchased the grove on the north side and the home at the northeast corner of Taylor and Daffodil.  Hurricane Beulah wiped out half of the grapefruit grove in 1967, so they decided to develop the land for tourism.  The Adobe Wells name comes from a combination of Well from a “sweet water” well in the area near the north side post office (which is now covered by the concrete) and Adobe from western novels to represent the southwest.


Secretary’s Report – A synopsis of minutes from the February 2019 Homeowners’ meeting was given.  The minutes were accepted as read.


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Bob Stamm reviewed the report.

  • General Fund
    • Net Operating Funds Available: $ 281,078
    • Total YTD Income: $ 254,747
    • Total YTD Expenditure $ 85,997
    • Net Income YTD $ 168,750
  • Total Activity Funds Available: $ 87,078
  • Rental Property Balance: $ 8,088
  • Memorial Fund Balance: $ 2,468

The report was approved and put to file for future audit.





Old Business

  • Vote results for Encumbered Funds for Future Wertz Hall Needs: Yes 142   No 37
  • Cornhole games have been received and are stored in the shed behind the rental unit.
  • 19th hole TV and DVD accessories have been purchased and installed.
  • Memorial benches – Several orders have been received and are ready to be submitted. The cost of freight is less the more bought at a time.  The inscriptions will be submitted this week, and will need to be approved by purchaser prior to final order placement.  If interested in purchasing, contact Mike asap.
  • Golf course update –
    • We are still waiting on estimate for fairway trees to replace those cut down after last summer’s flood.
    • Core samples will be taken from all greens and sent to Texas A&M for analysis.
    • This week, Liaisons and Mike will review all golf course needs for summer work.
    • It was noted that some of the new Cyprus trees at 11 are already dying. Mike Manning will talk to the contractor about this.


New Business

  • Security cameras: The contract allows 3 to be added:  one each at 48th gate at Daffodil, maintenance, and Wertz Hall front door (old camera there now), estimate at approximately $2800
  • Kubota Turf Tires and Wheels – The Kubota tractor that was previously purchased for $8000 had agricultural tires that leave ruts in the golf course. Turf tires will not leave ruts and are a different width so new wheels are also needed.
  • South Pond Capacity Increase Project Change Request – The HOA previously approved $15,000 from the general fund to deepen the pond and perhaps add a liner. The final cost will not be known until after digging starts.  The contractor’s estimate for digging to 14ft. without a liner is $8,000, with liner $30,000.  The Board is requesting $30,000 to come from Activity fund which currently stands at $87,000.  The previously allotted money will be returned to the General Fund.  Discussion centered around disposal of sludge, reuse of bentonite, whether the entire amount should come from the Activity Fund and how long the course would be without water once the work begins.



  • Please sign out at office when you leave.
  • Let Veronica know who will be trimming your home over the summer. Be sure there is clear understanding between the homeowner and the person doing the work as to what work is to be done.  If trimming is not done, the park will do it and bill the homeowner for $75.
  • Leave a current key to the house and shed with office. Unless an emergency arises, permission will be requested from the homeowner before entering the house or shed.
  • Update email address with Veronica.
  • Committee Chairperson list is being updated.
    • Christmas dinner: Larry and Mary Shuett.
    • Chairs needed include Thanksgiving and All-Park Picnic and Nominations Committee.
    • Alternatives to all-park picnic will be considered.
  • If taking trash out to trash area, don’t follow same path.
  • Dick Rush – Newspaper indicates fruit needs to be picked from trees and picked up from ground by April 1st.
  • Dee Murphy – Derby held tomorrow regardless. Thanks to Larry Luze for $100 to anyone who gets a Hole-in-One.
  • Gigi Bailey – Divot will be Wednesday. Folding 9:30 Wednesday.
  • George Truster – Beer and Bratz at 4:00 in Wertz today
  • Mike Manning – Thursday 2:00 Memorial Service Wayne Heusinkveld. Here at Wertz



Meeting was adjourned at 10:35

Minutes submitted by Laurie Lee, Secretary


Vote Results

  • Up to $3,200 from the general fund to install additional security cameras. Cameras will be located at the gate at 48th, the maintenance area, and Wertz Hall front door.  178 Yes   8 No
  • Up to $2,000 from the Activity Fund to purchase 4 wheels and turn tires for the Kubota tractor. 175 Yes   12 No
  • $30,000 from the Activity Fund to increase the capacity of the South Pond. If the $30,000 is approved, the $15,000 approved from the General Fund at the HOA will not be used because of the availability of Activity Funds.   172 Yes   18 No