Board Meeting Minutes, March 7, 2016 – Approved



MARCH 7,2016



This was an open Mic. Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President, Gary Montgomery.
Present:  Gary Montgomery, President;  Mike Manning, Vice President; Bob Stamm, Treasurer


Section I Directors:  Paul Hood;  Mary Hittner

Section II & III Directors:  Robert Gotter; Ken Heyn; David Nickols; Darrell Olson

RV Section Directors:  Marlene Thorson (absent); Marty RicKard

Parliamentarian:  Jim McGuire

Jurisprudence:  Candy Maxwell

Secretary:  Laurie Sullivan


Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Stamm

General:  Net Operating Funds available, $285,747

Total YTD Income:  $230,580; YTD Expenditures $86,012; Capitalized Items $5,900; Net Income YTD $150,468

Total Activity Funds Available: $55,087

Rental Property Balance: $7,372

Memorial Fund Balance:  $3,489

Bob reported that we have completed paper work for new credit card and the limit for the debit card has been set at $300.

The bank will not allow Bob to move money from account to account by phone and he needs someone who is in the park year round to take care of that in the summer.

There is $2700 left in the golf restoration account which is money donated by residents to upgrade the front nine a couple of years ago. The Board agreed to ask the donors how they would like the account reconciled.

Reports put to file.


The Secretary read Minutes from the February Board meeting.  They were accepted as read.


Unfinished Business:

  1. Grandma’s Closet
    No permanent building is allowed by city ordinance at the existing Grandma’s Closet site. There are several options for a new building with approximate costs: 10’x14’stick built by park residents, $1500: 24’x24′ pre-built structure, $4900: 25’x25′ metal building on concrete floor built by the contractor who erected the new canopy, $7574. This building would have a door for Grandma’s Closet and large door for auction storage access. It is likely the concrete work can be done for less, lowering this price. After much discussion it was agreed to put option 3 on the ballot for the March Homeowners meeting using a figure of $8,000 to give us a cushion and allow for electrical work at the same time if it is decided electricity is needed. Funds to come from the Activity Fund.
  2. Golf Course

Gary invited Lloyd Bratland and Milt Jones to address the Board. Lloyd and Milt, along with several other residents have been doing research on the condition of our golf course, i.e. hard tee boxes, weeds on the fairways and poor conditions on the greens, utilizing the expertise of the county agronomist.  Their goal is to make the golf course the best it can be while being financially responsible. They propose a two phase plan to include a description of maintenance to be done, schedule of that maintenance, and documentation that it is done and the results.

The Board then engaged in much discussion of the golf course. It was agreed to form a committee to write a three year plan for improvements. The President announced that the committee will consist of Gary Montgomery, Lloyd Bratland, Jerry Becker and Beto.

As part of this discussion, it was noted that it is difficult for Beto to attend to the needs of the golf course  due to the constant interruptions by residents with requests for work in the park or at their homes. Bob Gotter reminded the Board that there is a Work Order system in place and this needs to be adhered to.  There are forms in the office which can be completed by anyone. Gary will review them daily and prioritize work to be done. This needs to be explained at the upcoming Homeowners meeting.

  1. Health Insurance for Veronica and Beto

A motion to ask homowners to approve $9602.52 per year for health insurance for our key employees died. Discussion was that they should share some of the costs, 20% was suggested.  A motion to bring that option to the homeowners at the March meeting was approved.

  1. Maintenance Building

Contrator bid for completion of the maintenance building was presented. We currently have $10,000 set aside for that work. The contractor has given us a figure of an additional $7,000 to complete construction. This would be a 45’x26′ metal building to replace the current dilapidated building. The contractor will obtain all permits, the concrete work is already completed. This suggestion passed and will be on the ballot at the March Homeowners meeting.

  1. Revision of Rules & Regulations

Our attorney has the revamped changes to the Rules & Regulations for review. Hopefully we can have an opinion from him in time to get these changes on the Homeowners Meeting ballot.


New Business:

  1. 8th Hole Green

The city will need to move the 8th hole green as part of the Daffodil Ave. expansion project.  The President has suggested that we ask the homeowners to fund the difference between what the city will give us vs. building a green the correct way. The city would simply be constructing a “push-up” green, much like what we currently have. Ed will try to get a figure from the city engineer and the Board agreed to present this to the Homeowners at the March meeting if we can obtain figures by that time.

  1. Gary asked the Board to approve the members of the Advertising Committee: Marty RicKard, Chairman; Shirley Heyn, Hal Wallace, Gigi Bailey, Dave Calley.  The committee was approved.
  2. The Board had received a request from Letty Kemp to park her car in the rental unit garage for the summer as she has done in the past. The request was approved.
  3. Gary asked the Board to approve the $600 fee for Bill Freeman, golf course consultant. This was approved.
  4. The Board has been considering new street signs throughout the park. Gary had samples of two signs made of vinyl. The concern was how long the vinyl would last, as compared to painted signs. Bob Stamm had prices from a friend of Howard Harmon’s and Candy has a source for street signs. This subject was tabled while Board members collect more data.
  5. Gary had a suggestion about shortening Happy Hour during the busy winter months. This was referred to the Golf Committee.
  6. The Board is still considering a light to the back entrance to Wertz Hall. Darryl Olson also noted that the handicapped parking area is not lit. Board members agreed to hire an electrician to take care of both of those projects and while he is here to look at the electrical system in the rental unit which is inadequate and repair/replace the pool timer which is not working. Mike will arrange for the electrician.
  7. Gary wanted to express thanks to the Auction Committee for a job well done, to the folks who painted the laundry building, and to all volunteers throughout the park who do whatever is necessary to improve it’s appearance.


General Discussion by Section:


Darryl Olson:  Had a suggestion by a homeowner that when grass is not growing vigorously that the weekly mowing be skipped so park workers can take care of other projects around the park.

Ken Heyn:  Nothing to report.

Bob Gotter:  Bob made a suggestion that we remove the stairs from the tower building. They are in poor condition and invite kids to party at the top as could be noted from the beer cans and garbage accumulated up there. This motion passed unanimously.

Mary Hittner:  Mary mentioned that the water had gone off, without notice, in the past week or 10 days.  Gary advised this was not our doing and must have been a city shut down. The city rarely notifies residents when this will happen.

Paul Hood:  Nothing to report.

Marty RicKard:  Nothing to report.

Bob Stamm:  Bob  noted that the camera in the office is not working. Bob Gotter will look at that. Bob Stamm also noted the water stained tiles in Wertz Hall, weeds growing in pathways, gutters around Wertz Hall that need sweeping, and other general maintenance issues and wondered how we can get our workers to take more ownership of these types of matters.  He also asked about the weeds now growing on our fairways. We have a new sprayer which is being adjusted for use from one of our tractors and spraying should begin soon.

Bob Gotter:  Bob made note that from time to time volunteers ask Beto to use park equipment to tend to a job, i.e. power washing around pools.  Beto has refused that use at times and it was agreed by the Board that this equipment should be available to volunteers doing park work.

Dave Nickols:  A resident had made mention about nearly hitting a rider on a recumbent bicycle and asked if those low vehicles can carry flags to make them more visible. He is exploring turning the rarely used shuffleboard court into a multi-purpose court for shuffleboard, pickle ball and bocci ball. A resident had asked about additional privacy screening around the south side pool. Although this has been denied several times in the past, the proposal passed.


The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.