Notice to homeowner’s on right to be nominated

Dear Homeowner,                                                                                                           October 18, 2016

Adobe Wells Nominating Committee is soliciting candidates interested in   running for a position of the Board. Positions available are:

President, Vice  President, Treasurer, 1 Director Section I, 1 Director Section II/RV, 2 Directors Section II/III.

If you want to place your name on the Ballot, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee, or you may reply to this email.

The Office Manager will notify the Nominating Committee. You may also nominate a fellow Homeowner. If they accept, their name will be placed on the ballot.

Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the December Homeowners meeting.

The Nominee must be present at the meeting to accept the nomination.

Deadlines for nominations: December 16, 2016

Telephone call and email- Friday, prior to the December Homeowner

In person and nominations from the floor-December Homeowner meeting
prior to Close of nominations.

Nominating Committee:

Ron Glatt (Chairman)               Cell. 920-619-2985

Donna Ross (Sect. I)                 Cell. 417-257-8225

Mary Pruett (Sect. II/RV)        Cell. 309-335-2261

Anna Hartwig (Sect. II/III)       Cell. 515-460-4831

Joanne Parrott (Sect. II/III)     Cell. 607-731-1667